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  1. There was a script running around to reset the card, but I'm not sure that is 100% needed anymore. Still getting an NVidia card to pass through is easier. You just need the right vBIOS. Can you not boot the system with the two cards installed and pull the vBIOS from the NVidia one? Maybe ask if someone from the fourm here can supply a working NVidia vBIOS for a 2080? I bet there are a few of them here using one.
  2. This is getting a bit technical, but if you want to get more info on these settings, here is NO_HZ. It is around stopping clock tickets for idle CPUs. https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/timers/NO_HZ.txt And the other. Read Copy Update Ryzen fix... https://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/linux/KernelRcuNocbsMeaning I gamed (streaming using Moonlight) last night for hours, and had a constant 60 FPS with no drops. This is with Fallout 4 (yes it's a little old) and the frame rate is limited to 60, but up to now I was getting some studdering off and on. Not constant, but annoying. I still find the game studders a little when you first start it up, but after a few mins of game play it's gone. I'll test out The Witcher 3 a little over the next few days to see if the studdering is gone in that game as well, but I think this has helped.
  3. If you are considering doing GPU pass through for a VM, really consider an Nvidia card. Getting Nvidia to work is easier, and people seem to have a lot of trouble with AMD cards.
  4. Are you booting with both cards? Which card is unraid booting to? If you can run both cards, dump the vBIOS from the Nvidia. This is what I had to do to get the Nvidia to work at all. I've not tried an AMD card, so can't really help there. But I believe they don't need a vBIOS, but some of them have issues called the AMD reset bug.
  5. You have an AMD card in and the Nvidia one in too? If so, dump the vBIOS from your Nvidia one with the AMD card in as boot. I never was able to get a techpowerup vBIOS to work after editing. Nvidia seems to always need a vBIOS, unless I'm mistaken.
  6. If you can mount them in unraid you could use midnight commander to move the data over to the new shares. It would be the fastest, if unraid supports the file systems on the disks. What OSes are these disk coming from, and are you using any type of raid on them?
  7. Nice! Yea, I've pretty much watched everyone of his videos many times over. He really knows his stuff. Anytime you have any other questions, well, you know where to find me.
  8. You can't really break anything here by doing it. Worst case maybe hang unraid, but more than likely all you'll get is the black screen again.
  9. I'd suggest from here starting a new thread for the macOS VM issue, as you'll pull in people that have more experience with that. Also look at setting up a syslog server from inside unraid under system syslog server, to see if it can capture any errors right before it freezes. That will help with troubleshooting.
  10. Glad you go it working! I was surprised by that issue when I first saw it, but a quick search in google sent me in the right direction. Thanks for the link. I'll update my ISO as well with the above one.
  11. If you have a second video card to boot from you can just dump the vBIOS from the card. If not, yes that is the other way to do it. That is how I did it, but I had a spare PCIe video card to boot from.
  12. Hmmmm... I think I did pull out a second cheap PCIe card to pull my VBIOS. However there is another way to do it, just that it never worked for me. See below. What card are you using? Maybe someone can send you a vBIOS to work, or you can used the video below to edit one from the web.
  13. Nvidia seems to need the vBIOS passed through to get them to work. Take a look at SpaceInvaders ONE youtube video below to dump the vBIOS from your card from inside of unraid.
  14. I don't see the vBIOS in your xml. Are you passing a vBIOS though to the VM when you add the GPU to your vm?
  15. Are you passing through the vBIOS to the VM as well? If you are, pull a new vBIOS from the card and try that. I had a lot of issue getting a working vBIOS for my 1070, but once I got it the black screen issue went away.