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  1. I've had this same APU work for transcoding in Windows 10 for PLEX, as I had this setup running PLEX until I swapped it into my unraid box to reduce power usage and consolidate my systems. So far no luck getting PLEX docker to run with hardware transcoding.
  2. Thank you for the reply @John_M Yeah I did upgrade to RC2, and guess I should have posted this on that thread. Sorry. My plan was to see if I can get a PLEX docker to use the APU for transcoding. I run PLEX on another system, and would love to bring it back onto unraid vs another box running. Now that I see that it is running I'm going to see if I can test it.
  3. Anyone get either AMD driver to work on a 2200G or know of a way to test it or confirm that the driver is actually loaded for the APU? Been working on this for a few days off and on but so far no success.
  4. Trying to use the linuxserver/calibre docker, but when I install it I seem to get an APACHE GUACAMOLE docker image. Yes, I do have a guac docker image installed, but even if I turn that off I still get a guac web page pop up. I checked on the linuxserver page and it looks like they linked calibre to a guac image, but I'm not 100% sure. Docker Hub linuxserver/calibre Build Time01 Dec 2020 10:33:20 Base Imagelsiobase/guacgui
  5. Same CPU as me. It's a beast for the momey. I had a devil of a time getting my Nvidia 1070 to passthrough until I used a second video card in the system to dump the BIOS from my card. I downloaded about a dozen BIOSes from the web, but could never make them work. After I used my own BIOS I was able to pull out the other card and run with just the one video card passed through to my VM.
  6. Easy to miss. For now stick to beta 25, looks like they have asked to see if the driver can be updated.
  7. Ah, where you using and AMD CPU by any chance? beta 25 did have a bug that had to be worked around to allow any vm with passed through CPUs to work. but it only affected AMD 3XXX CPUs.
  8. What storaage card are you using? See above below: KNOWN ISSUE: with this release we have moved to the latest Linux 5.8 stable kernel. However, we have discovered that a regression has been introduced in the mtp3sas driver used by many LSI chipsets, e.g., LSI 9201-16e. Typically looks like this on System Devices page: Serial Attached SCSI controller: Broadcom / LSI SAS2116 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Meteor] (rev 02)
  9. Hello @Dava2k7 are we talking about passing through a video card to a VM and then attaching the vm to a TV for video output or something else? Sorry a little confused, but passing through a video card to turn a vm into a virtual gaming system is possible, I'm trying on mine right now, but it can be a finicky process. If this is it and you have a thread that you started maybe I can help.
  10. It did for me. It was the first thing I tested
  11. Not sure what you are asking here, but VMs always worked, but there was an issue on AMD cpus with the last beta however there was a workaround to get them to work.
  12. Running beta 29 as of about an hour ago, so wanted to follow up for anyone still reading this thread. The new beta no longer needs the edits to the XML file to allow proper cpu passthrough to work and with the vm mostly idle I'm seeing about 13% usage in the VM and very similar CPU usage on the unRaid dashboard. Also, the unRaid dashboard must be pretty CPU intensive. CPU usage jumps to about 18% on the VM with it open in Chrome
  13. Odd, but this was a pinned core, with nothing using it Unpinned it and rebooted, now it's ~15% usage with jumps up to 40ish. Kind of odd for a pinned core to have that much usage on it with nothing assigned to it, but it's all good now. Good job on this version @limetech
  14. Just upgraded my AMD 9300X system, and can now use Host passthrough for the CPUs again without having to make changes to the XML. noVNC error here on any of my VMs. Only thing I see is HT thread 12 is being loaded up to 100%, but I doubt that has anything to do with the beta.
  15. This is not what you want to hear, but alas no. I still get spikes, but I no longer notice them and games don't studder on me. Let me see if I can find the thread(s) that I used to get here. I also noticed that being on the 6.9 betas made it better, but if you read the second thread you will see that unRaid is not 100% leaving the isolated cores alone, even when the VM is powered down. I'm on the VM right now and in task manager it says that my CPU usage is around 10%, but unRaid is showing all of the VMs used cores around 20 to 25% usage. The 3900x has enough power with some of the fixes in the below threads to "power" through the extra load, but older CPUs might not be able to. It's also worse on Ryzen 2 CPUs at the moment due to a bug in version of quem that the current beta is using and I can't do host pass-through at the moment. I suspect your CPU has Hyper Threading, correct? Hyper Threading can make the issue worse, so while I don't want to say turn off HT, but maybe run a test with it off and see if that improves the situation. The VM is not aware of HT and treats all cores as full CPUs and does not schedule threads properly. I believe you can tell the VM the actual CPU topology (X Cores X Threads) but I never dug too deep into it. I suspect if I did it :right" I'd see some improvement in DPI latency, but I'm at a point that works for me. Below are a few of the threads that helped me get to a playable state. Before doing all this games would studder very badly and was unplayable and for me this system was indented for game streaming, PLEX, backing up physical systems and a number of other minor functions.