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  1. Hi, I am running 6.8.3 and want to passthrough a whole ssd to a vm. Before I proceed acording spaceinvader´s video, I want to make sure the precedure is: -enable the option PASS THRU in UD? -then put this line in my vm xml: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-TOSHIBA-TL100_X6PYTUYTUKEU It´s a while since I don´t have a look a UD and can´t remember if this option was already there long ago. But yesterday I noticed that after I enabled pass thru in UD I loose the option to mount the disk in UD. I guess this is what is intended to pass through ths disk properly. Hope someone can confirm this to me. Thx in advance.
  2. Hi, I am running 6.8.3 and want to passthrough a whole ssd to a vm. Do I need to enable this option (PASS THRU) in unassigned devices? I already will put this in my vm xml hdd: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-TOSHIBA-TL100_X6PYTUYTUKEU I noticed that after I enable this option (pass thru) in UD I loose the option to mount the disk in UD. Just want to make sure the function of this option. Rgds.
  3. Thx for the info. I finally did setup a whitelist. Have been testing it and it works fine. Also, I was testing assigning different op. Just to be able to execute commands ingame. Also tested if a new player can access any commands without being op. Finally, I thought about using let's encrypt to allow friends to access my minecraft server. Haven't got time yet to study it. Anyone has tried this? Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Solved: natted 443 was set to udp and not tcp. Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Pls can you tell us how to do that? Also, since my son is "experimenting" with the ingame console commands and I have clue what can be altered there, what should I remark to him not to change in order to avoid any possible security holes if the server is opened to the outside world? Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Hi saarg, first thing thx for your support. I finally had to spend some time to learn about the basic concepts to setup a domain (host, subdomain, A record, Ddns, Cname,...). I know now the problem was due to a wrong config in my domain at namecheap. Now it is working. Anyway I managed to implement a script in my router so that my IP is updated even with unraid powered off. In case anyone is interested in it let me know.
  7. Hi again, Have been really busy trying to setup Jitsi. I realised the first thing I had to do is learn about host, subdomain, A record, Ddns, Cname, ... So finally I deleted everything and started from scratch. I also bought a domain and heve been setting it up. Now I can ping my unraid from the wan and I get the right IP. Also, Letsencryt is finally working again. I managed to connect to my jitsi docker from a laptop in the wan by typing http://meet.mydomain.com. But When I try https://meet.mydomain.com it is not working. I checked that I can connect to any https web with my browser. Also that my NAT rule is active for unraid_ip ports 443(wan)>1443(lan) . But if I use a web portal to check for open ports, I get "Port 443 is closed". I looked at the logs and found in Portainer this: 2020/05/19 19:37:00 http error: Invalid JWT token (err=Invalid JWT token) (code=401) Any idea what is causing this?
  8. Ok. I understand that about ports. But dont understand how it is assigned instead of ddclient network_type=bridge, so it should have this ip Also, I get this error in ddclient log: WARNING: cannot connect to dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com:80 socket: IO::Socket::INET: Bad hostname 'dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com' ddclient updates (as I can confirm in the docker log) the right wan IP, but how can I check it is connecting to namecheap and sends it to namecheap?
  9. If I look at the docker tab you see this: And if you select "edit" in the docker ddclient > look at "docker allocation" and you see this: daemon=300 # check every 300 seconds syslog=yes # log update msgs to syslog pid=/var/run/ddclient/ddclient.pid # record PID in file. ssl=yes # use ssl-support. Works with ## NameCheap (namecheap.com) ## use=web, web=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip protocol=namecheap, \ server=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com, \ login=mydomain.xxx, \ password=mydomainpassword \ @
  10. Hi, just curious...I checked for the Network_type this docker uses and it shows: ddclientbridge172.17.0.2??? ddclient bridge ??? If I selected bridge why is it using not my actual unraid ip and instead uses (which belongs to docker0)?
  11. HI, anyone using namecheap? I did buy a domain and would be great to check with someone the config of subdomains.
  12. Yep, I already discovered that, but it is still not working. Just to confirm, how does Jitsi recognize that the original wan packet sent to 443 goes through letsencrypt´s docker to 1443 and then to 443 in jitsi docker? As seen below, I do not see a connection between port 1443 and the active ports portainer shows me for meet.jitsi / video.neet.jitsi: wan letsencript meet.jitsi / video.neet.jitsi ----> tcp 443 -----> 1443 -------> 8443:443 8000:80 / 10000:10000 4443:4443 Shouldn´t I change here 443 with 1443: listen 443 ssl http2; listen [::]:443 ssl http2;
  13. Not yet. Wil try to describe what I have tried so far. I can ping my meet.subdomain.duckdns.org from my mobile or my lan. But when I look at my router NAT rules for letsencrypt, both for tcp port 80 and udp port 443, no traffic is coming in. Neither on NAT rule for Jitsi on port 10000. My letsencrypt log is ok. In portainer if I look at docker-jitsi-meet published ports, I can access Jitsi welcome page for starting a meeting in: 8443:443 and 8000:80. In :443 I need to type in my browser https://ip_unraidserver:8443. Then I can start a meeting (test10). But If I type in my mobile meet.subdomain.duckdns.org I cant reach that meeting. When I am in the created meeting(at home), I can obtain a link for this meeting to share it, but it is: ip_unraidserver:8443/test10
  14. Hi, I have one doubt and I think it is the key to make it work. I am assuming the subdomain I created in duckdns (magmajitsi.duckdns.org) will allow any user to access from a browser in my Jitsi-server by typing https://meet.magmajitsi.duckdns.org. Is it true or do I need a domain so that the user types https://meet.mydomain.com?