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  1. Hi, I successfully managed to passthrough several vm´s for the last years using unraid. Now it is so much more easy than before. Last week I passthroughed 2 gtx1660 in my server. No problems at all. In my dad´s server I tried to passthrough a vega 64 I had laying aroud with no use. I have spent so much time but it is impossible. Before I post any diagnostics I wanted to ask if anyone is running succesfully such a gpu -as only primay gpu- passthroughed in a windows vm in 6.9.1 ? Let´s see if I am lucky and I can find someone. Could not find any recent posts regarding un
  2. I will refresh that to him. Thx for quick support!
  3. Hi, I did install dad an unraid server not long ago. He did not check for parity since he got the server. Yesterday I wanted to setup a vm and noticed it was not running fine. So I decided to run today some tests and a parity check. The parity check finished with 3895 errors. During the run there were a lot of disk1 errors. After the run I did a smart test and errors showed up again. The drive is making a strange noise so I think it is next to die. I attach the diagnostics. I never faced such a situation before in all my years using unraid. Now I don´t know how to proc
  4. Hi, I am runnig 6.9.0 and do have a doubt regarding the new cache pool functionality. I actually do have 1 cache ssd which is only used to run from it my vm´s. I actually want to add a second ssd to do the same (host vdisks). Is it possible to do that using the new added functionality in 6.9.0 (pool creation)? If yes how should I proceed? Rgds
  5. Hi Marc, in case I want to backup my data to an encrypted external disk using your script how would you proceed? Rgds
  6. Here is my diagnostics. I had to do a hard reset since webui became unresponsive. Before that my server was doing a parity check which usually takes for +-24 hours. When I did run diagnostics today, it starts at Jan 5 15:26:00, which does not reflect the time the server was already actually running before. So I don´t know if it really helps at all. You can check the attached logs. After the hard reset my usb flash was partially wiped out, so nothing (log) could be recovered! Just want to make sure now my hardware is ok. Rgds logs.7z
  7. ok, thx for this info. didn´t know that it will be deprecated in a future.
  8. Hi, thx for pointing this out. It does not apply to me since I do not use cache for my shares. I only use cache for storing the vdisks.
  9. Since it does not include system/appdata/domains shares I choosed user0. I don't want those system shares to be shared to the vm. I access them only with krusader's plugin. Anything I may be missing?
  10. ok, after some research I found some info and this is what I did to solve it... edit vm xml and add in the GUI**: "unraid share"=/mnt/user0/movies/ "unraid mount tag"=movies then in the vm do this (or any folder you want): mkdir /home/ws1/movies then: sudo -s nano /etc/fstab and add at the end this line: movies /home/ws1/movies 9p trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,rw 0 0 Reboot and that's it. **the edit of the xml does this: <filesystem type='mount' accessmode='passthrough'> <source dir='/mnt/user0/movie
  11. Hi, how can I find the version of openvpn-as running in this dockker?
  12. In windows/linux I executed the script from the browser connection to Unraid, using the Andrew Zawadzki´s "scripts plugin". I checked the ram usage with window´s task manager and linux´s equivalent. Now I did run a backup again, running the script as I did before, but now I did select the option "run in background" and added 2 more cores to unraid. I checked the cpu and ram usage with the commands you provided. As you posted the cpu usage is around 12%-18% and ram usage is 0.2%. The backup did run without any problems. Great! I gues if I start the script
  13. Hi, How should I do that to obtain best performance. I want to play a movie located in one of my shares from my debian vm. Rgds