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  1. luca2


    Hi, Is there an equivalent command in linux to this: ipconfig /flushdns. Also, where does unraid store the dns? Rgds.
  2. Excellent!. Thx for the info. This is what I was looking for. Rgds
  3. Hi, sorry for late replay, but I wanted to confirm Unraid works as it should. I recreated the scenario and could not log in. I guess I have added the share while installing the vm, and at this moment I must have used my admin password. Accidentally I let windows save it. Although I desconnected the share later, when the other user tried to connect the share later I guess my password was still there. I forgot to ask if there is a way to hide the complete published shares that are visible when you try to add a network share? Although you cannot access them you can see them. Rgds
  4. luca2

    check for open ports

    Thx for your help. I tried last one and it keeps it simple to do a quick scan. I investigated further and found Nmap. It has a steeper learning curve. But definitely worth a try. Rgds
  5. luca2

    check for open ports

    Any test I can perform myself. For example running a test battery from a friend's house or something similar?
  6. Hi, Can anyone let me know how can I check for open ports of my dockers/vms from outside my lan? Rgds
  7. luca2

    DNS services

    Has anyone tried this new option: nextDNS? Here is the Reddit link I wrote about: The user Brodie7838 mentions some problems of his pihole sometimes. Also, how can I check if my DNS ports are closed effectively by the router firewall?
  8. Hi, in a VM (windows10) that I only granted read/write privileges to access only one share I accidentally find out this. The share created acts as a data hdd for this VM only. It works as it should, but if for example I do a screenshot and then try to save it, at the beginning the share is not shown, but I can do a "create an access to a network share". At this moment I can access any share!!!! What should I check to avoid this? Rgds
  9. Hi, I only opened tcp 445 and it works. Do I need to open also the other ports. I want to avoid as many open ports as possible, Rgds
  10. luca2

    DNS services

    Hi, thx for all the input. Really interesting stuff. The more I look into it the more info comes out. Will definitely have a look at the test. Didn't know about it. Yesterday I installed opendns free (no registration) and setup my router to do DNS caching and avoid any clients to change their DNS. I did ping opendns and compare the results quickly vs pinging Google DNS. Google ones are faster but it's ok for me. But will run the test you provided. Regarding pihole this morning read an article posted on Reddit that mentioned pihole did not have a DNS list updated as it had before. Tbh I have no idea if it is like this or not. I started reading about DNS and since everything is new I can't really judge anything. I can't tell if opennic is trustfully, etc..... Only thing I tested and I can speak about is blocking porn with opendns. It works! It was one of my goals. Will try further the registration option opendns offers since you can add more filtering. But will also look at pihole. Thx for your opinions!
  11. luca2

    DNS services

    Hi, just wanted to ask what DNS services (free) you are using and why did you choose it. I am new to DNS and have read about opendns, opennic,etc... But tbh don't know which should I choose. My aim is using it in a subnet for filtering any king of rubbish. Rgds
  12. Thx for support! Will try what you suggested. Rgds
  13. Hi! Thx for replay. I intentionally wanted to avoid connection between both subnets, that is why I implemented the following firewall rule (Microtik): add action=drop chain=forward comment="drop traffic from lan2 to lan1" dst-address= src-address= Now that I dropped all communication between both I only need the vm access the unraid share. I was asking just to make sure that the only option to make it work is modifiying the rule I posted in the firewall or maybe adding a new rule before that one "opening" a specific port and specifying mac addresses of both vm and unraid ethernet adapter. Maybe you can confirm this is the way to go. Rgds EDIT: which port should I use? vm is accessing the web and the unraid share. no ftp,etc.
  14. Hi, My unraid is in subnet My vm is in subnet Traffic between both is dropped by the router. I want to create a share and make it accesible by the vm. How should I proceed? Rgds