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  1. Hi, I would like to upgrade the firmware of my sas 9210-8i card. It is running since I buit my first Unraid (already some years ago). Firmware is: First thing I would like to make sure is if the latest available firmware will work with unraid without problems. Here is the link to the latest FW: https://www.broadcom.com/products/storage/host-bus-adapters/sas-9210-8i#downloads Also, since I am running my mobo with legacy BIOS, which FW should I use to upgrade ... this: 9210-8i_Package_P20_IR_IT_Firmware_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows ? I am following this guide https://forums.unraid.net/topic/80972-multiple-lsi-sas-controllers/, specifically the link inside to upgrade only 1 card. I dont know if there is a newest guide or I should take care of anything else while upgrading?
  2. luca2

    smart report

    After a new preclear cycle it showed no errors. I must have moved the case while preclear and theft disk was affected. Will keep an eye on the statistics as nyway. Thx! Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Thx mate. This is what I was looking for. Will try it later. Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  4. OK. I love krusader. Wanted to check if there may be a script to do that. Thx anyway. Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Hi, running latest version. Just upgraded my parity to 8Tb. How should I move the data from 3 drives to 1 bigger size disk? Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  6. My 2 cents: as stated before if you need fps you need BM. It depends what games you play. And if you need high fps or not. I do have tested BM VS vm on Un raid in Sim racing games and no VR (4k TV). It depends on the game but some do suffer and not provide smooth gameplay. You notice it more if you are playing online. Once I switched back to BM everything is fine again. Of course if I would run a 2080ti instead of a vega64 I would get better fps. Also WC is a must. I even recommend you place you rads out of the case! Ii naked a huge difference. I placed them outside the window! Enviado desde mi HMA-L29 mediante Tapatalk
  7. luca2

    smart report

    ok, thx for your help. I will re-run a preclear cycle to check again for those 2 parameters.
  8. Hi!, I need to upgrade my actual parity drive (3TB) to this new ST8000DM004 8TB drive. I would appreciate if anyone can check this smart report and confirm to me the disk is ok. It seems obvious since the report I think does not show any error, but the new disk did not finish 1 full preclear cycle. I am still waiting to get some feedback on the preclear plugin support forum, but if the disk is ok then I would proceed to upgrade my parity now. Rgds ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT2AX56-20200208-1107.txt
  9. Hi! Sorry for posting in the general support section. Just got an error while preclearing a new 8TB drive. Can someone suggest me what to do? I dont see any explicit error. It just could not finish reading it and exited. EDIT: I ran a smart test and it shows the disk is ok. Since I want to replace the parity disk with this new disk, can I do that or should I run any further test to check the health of the disk? Rgds preclear round 1 ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT2AX56-20200208-1107.txt
  10. Thx for support! Had to do some manual editing though. The gpu audio was not erased by the gui. Rgds
  11. Hi! Just got an error while preclearing a new 8TB drive. Can someone suggest me what to do? Maybe try another time again. I dont see any explicit error. It just could not finish reading it and exited. Rgds preclear round 1
  12. Hi, I do have a vm with my gpu passthroughed succesfully. But I need to temporaly put the gpu out. How should I proceed (change) in my xml to revert the gpu passthrough to a normal vm with just the kvm graphics? I took the gpu off the MB, and now the xml GUI does not show it (obviously). I guess I need to make a minor change in my xml to back my vm back to life without the gpu. Just dont want to makle a bad move. Any help is appreciated. I attach my xml with passthrough. vm Guille with r9290
  13. Hi, I installed my dad (user with no expertise in IT) unraid. He has been transferring all his files (pics, docs, etc) to several shares in unraid. Recently he called me and I had a look and found one of his disks was showing errors. At this moment I upgraded his version from 6.5.X to the latest one. No errors showed up. So then I replaced disk2 with another one and let it rebuild. After that his array shows no info in any share and also some weird info on the general tab of the GUI. In the pic "array" you can see disk 1 and disk2(both are 1TB drives) are half full. But if you look at the pic "shares" all of them show 2.02TB free space. Fix common problems (als I attach a pic) shows read errors on all disks! Myself do have unraid running for years and never saw this. Also, I cannot access or peform a smart anaylisis of any disk (I attach a report). There must happened something but I can´t tell since I am not next to dad´s server. Maybe someone can help me out to try to recover the data in the shares. Thx in advance. Rgds. towerpapa-diagnostics-20200114-1957.zip towerpapa-smart-20200114-2002.zip
  14. Thx a lot! Sorry for late replay but you solved one of my doubts about vm vs baremetal on ryzen. As you can see in my pic (it is my baremetal) the latency I achieve is 66.2ns, so not that far from yours. Memory reads is similar, you have way better WRITES, and similar copy results. Great info thx!
  15. Hi, wondering if you compared it to your actual barebone setup? I tried it myself with a 3600 and baremetal is more powerful...I guess it depends on the cpu raw power. Can you run an aida64 ram bench (win 10 VM)? Rgds