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  1. Hi Anyone can suggest which options I can look for to buy a UPS (around 1000W) that works out of the box with unraid and NUT? I have seen there are home and soho ones,but also more professional ones.I guess the latter will employ better electronics,but I am not an expert. Anyone can suggest a professional grade one? I dont care if it is tobe mounted in a rack or not. I guess I should look forward to get one with pure sine wave out,right? It should be online too. Anything else I should look at? Rgds
  2. Hi, anyonehas tried this:
  3. I was playing with the motherboard and I did passthrough this IOMMU group: And then I assigned to the vm: Now it works as baremetal. You can plug in/out any devices while vm is running. Still trying to map this usb port because they cannot be easily isolated from the others.
  4. Hi, back in 2016 I got a Riello UPS working with the old version of NUT. Now I want to buy a new UPS, but I do not want to go through the trial and error way to make it work again. Could anyone confirm which Trademarks are working out of the box? Rgds
  5. Unraid is using both vendor product and bus dev, not me. This happens when I select keyboard/mouse in the tick boxes. I tried to manually add to the xml either vendor id or product id, but it is not accepted. Any other ideas how to passthrough keyboard/mouse that allows them to survive a reboot? I do not have any free accesible pci-express connectors in my MB, otherwise I would have tried to passthrough a pci-express usb card.
  6. Hi, I am running a w10 vm on the latest stable unraid. I do assign those marked in red (except "Genesys Logic, Inc Hub") using the "Hotplug USB" hostdev option. And they do work. But if I perform a reboot they need to be assigned again manually which is not optimal for running a headless vm booting at array-start. The "Genesys Logic, Inc Hub" cannot be assigned using the "Hotplug USB" option because it is not shown to be assigned. I have checked and it is a part of the amd chipset (I think) and is placed in a non "breakable" IOMMU group: Is there a way to solve
  7. Hi, I successfully managed to passthrough several vm´s for the last years using unraid. Now it is so much more easy than before. Last week I passthroughed 2 gtx1660 in my server. No problems at all. In my dad´s server I tried to passthrough a vega 64 I had laying aroud with no use. I have spent so much time but it is impossible. Before I post any diagnostics I wanted to ask if anyone is running succesfully such a gpu -as only primay gpu- passthroughed in a windows vm in 6.9.1 ? Let´s see if I am lucky and I can find someone. Could not find any recent posts regarding un
  8. I will refresh that to him. Thx for quick support!
  9. Hi, I did install dad an unraid server not long ago. He did not check for parity since he got the server. Yesterday I wanted to setup a vm and noticed it was not running fine. So I decided to run today some tests and a parity check. The parity check finished with 3895 errors. During the run there were a lot of disk1 errors. After the run I did a smart test and errors showed up again. The drive is making a strange noise so I think it is next to die. I attach the diagnostics. I never faced such a situation before in all my years using unraid. Now I don´t know how to proc
  10. Hi, I am runnig 6.9.0 and do have a doubt regarding the new cache pool functionality. I actually do have 1 cache ssd which is only used to run from it my vm´s. I actually want to add a second ssd to do the same (host vdisks). Is it possible to do that using the new added functionality in 6.9.0 (pool creation)? If yes how should I proceed? Rgds
  11. Hi Marc, in case I want to backup my data to an encrypted external disk using your script how would you proceed? Rgds
  12. Here is my diagnostics. I had to do a hard reset since webui became unresponsive. Before that my server was doing a parity check which usually takes for +-24 hours. When I did run diagnostics today, it starts at Jan 5 15:26:00, which does not reflect the time the server was already actually running before. So I don´t know if it really helps at all. You can check the attached logs. After the hard reset my usb flash was partially wiped out, so nothing (log) could be recovered! Just want to make sure now my hardware is ok. Rgds logs.7z
  13. Hi, I got this error in the system log. Just want to check if anyone can confirm if it is severe or not: Jan 5 15:26:00 shogun kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged Jan 5 15:26:00 shogun kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 9: Machine Check: 0 Bank 5: bea0000000000108 Jan 5 15:26:00 shogun kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: TSC 0 ADDR 1ffff8168b436 MISC d012000100000000 SYND 4d000000 IPID 500b000000000 Jan 5 15:26:00 shogun kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 2:870f10 TIME 1609860261 SOCKET 0 APIC 9 microcode 8701021 Jan 5 15:26:00 shogun kernel: ata6.00: HPA
  14. ok, thx for this info. didn´t know that it will be deprecated in a future.