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  1. Hi, I am succesfully running several windows vm´s with the provided templates. I recently found a problem running a called Valorant, that uses an anti- cheat-engine that makes a lot of trouble. It is not an Unraid problem, but I would like to find a solution for this, since I saw a video of someone solving it running kmv+amd He mentions he enabled this: options kvm ignore_msrs=1 options kvm report_ignored_msrs=0 options kvm_amd npt=1 avic=1 I was wondering if this can be implemented without any impact on the other vm´s? Where should this be placed .. in the Flash>Syslinux configuration? Anything I should change in my actual xml (I attach the one this guy in YT posted and my xml)? In case you need any other data pls let me know. I am running on 6.10.0-rc2. Rgds myXML youtubeXML
  2. Hi, sorry for delay, but could not test it till yesterday. You are right, this is exactly what happened. I ran a third parity check and it showed no errors. I don´t know why I had an unclean shutdown. Sometimes the server just cannot shutdown, so I have to do a hard reset. Usually it has to when I have been messing up editing the xml of the vm´s. Thx another time for support! Have a nice day.
  3. OK here we go. Atttached are my diagnostics. Pls, let me know what could be happening.
  4. I do have the check box marked to perform corrections to parity. How can I check for this to perform the needed corrections?
  5. I am running latest stable. I did a parity check (30 January) and 696 errors showed up. Then I did next day another one and the same 696 errors were found. Is there a way I can check what errors did parity check find? Anything I should to look into? Rgds.
  6. ok thx. I found the problem. I had a duplicated mount point. thx for support.
  7. yep, I already did set it up as RW slave. still no files show up. my external hdd is formatted as ntfs...maybe this is the cause of files not showing up?
  8. Thx for support. I still get this, basically no single folder/file is shown in krusader. Any idea how to solve it?
  9. Hi, is it possible to access files from an external hard drive mounted using UD in binhex-krusader docker? I read about ntfs-3g here: but I would like to manage transfer of files using binhex-krusader´s docker. If it is not supported, what is the best way to achieve transfer of files between ext.hdd nounted with UD and unraid share?
  10. Hi, invitation has expired. Can anyone confirm this is the official discord server: UnraidOfficial? Rgds
  11. I am on 6.9.2. Will wait for stable. No addblocker. I installed "custom tab" and created several custom tabs for the plugins I most use. Temporary fix till next stable comes out. Thx for support!
  12. Hi, My plugins tab is not loading, it stays loading forever. Any other tab does load inmediatly, also the apps tab. Any docker can be updated, so I do have connectivity to WAN. I attach my Hope you can suggest a solution fot this. Rgds
  13. Thx dlandon! ... that did the trick. Just curious: -what is then maximum length accepted for the password ? -where does UD store the keyfile? Rgds
  14. Hi, i am trying to add an 8TB hdd and use it to backup my critical data and store it in a separate physical location. I added it using xfs encrypted (my array is not encrypted). First time using this encryption option. After formatting it I try to mount it and I cannot. Before I did put in UD Settings> Set Encrypted Disk Password the encryption passwordI used while formatting. Any ideas?
  15. thx for support!!! I had some trouble due to some missing packages in XFCE. After I installed them the SMB shares were visible.
  16. I responf to myself: 1) yes, creating a virbr1 can be done 2) virbr1 is completely isolated from the host + shares + dockers & vms (running in br0 and any other virbr)
  17. Hi, After reading the wiki: I need to confim if it is possible to do this: -create a virbr1 that is isolated from virbr0? -setup virbr1 so that it is completely isolated from the host? What would I need for this scenario: a second nic that could be isolated from the host? How should I approach this setup? Rgds
  18. advanced view> extra parameters
  19. Hi, thx for the docker! I tri3ed -after install- to add: --max-scansize=4000N --max-filesize=4000N but as soon as I press save, the docker disappears. Anyone expiriencieng the same? Rgds
  20. Hi, I have been reading about how to setup whonix vms (gateway+ws) on kvm on top of a linux host. Since we do have kvm already in unraid, it should be possible to setup gateway+ws directly using our gui to create vm´s. How it works: Specific KVM instructions: Regarding the KVM setup on top of a linux machine, there is one aspect I am not sure if it can be done in our environment, I mean defining the networks that should be setup. There should be added 2 virtual networks: sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-define Whonix_external*.xml sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-define Whonix_internal*.xml they should be activated: sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-autostart Whonix-External sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-start Whonix-External sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-autostart Whonix-Internal sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-start Whonix-Internal and then the avtual vm´s could be imported: sudo virsh -c qemu:///system define Whonix-Gateway*.xml sudo virsh -c qemu:///system define Whonix-Workstation*.xml. Since I am not a network/linux expert, I wanted to ask if setting up the network part can be done in Unraid. I assume that the virtual network should be isolated from the rest of the unraid host/guests networks. I think it can be done but would appreciate if anyone can help me out or at least point me in the right direction. Hope to hear some answers or maybe even some experiences from someone that already have tried this before. Rgds
  21. Hi, I am running on latest stable. I am reviewing security in general of my setup(unraid). I am running a linux vm and from there I am accesing an unraid share(called ISOS). I did this to access ISOS: -within the xml: -within the vm: sudo -s nano /etc/fstab isos /home/ws1/isos 9p trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,rw 0 0 Now, I realised I do not need to create a user equivalent to my vm user to access this share. So I guess it means if I get ransomware infected it has direct access to my ISOS share. Can I setup the same I do have in my windows vm where my share is only accesible if I enter a user/password matching the windows user/password? In this scenario I can setup in the USER tab the following: SMB Security Settings> "export": yes + "security": private SMB User Access> "user"=read only Rgds
  22. Hi Anyone can suggest which options I can look for to buy a UPS (around 1000W) that works out of the box with unraid and NUT? I have seen there are home and soho ones,but also more professional ones.I guess the latter will employ better electronics,but I am not an expert. Anyone can suggest a professional grade one? I dont care if it is tobe mounted in a rack or not. I guess I should look forward to get one with pure sine wave out,right? It should be online too. Anything else I should look at? Rgds