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  1. I thought I always had to format the new drive. It was 10/10 an operator error on my part, and the warning was referencing not formatting an old drive. How any changes (such as a format) could impact a drive that was removed from the system didn't really "click" in my head.
  2. I think I definitely misunderstood that part then and thinking it was referencing the old drive. This is very good to know for the future. Thank's for the photo as well - I 100% remember seeing that.
  3. I'm not 10000% percent sure the drive had failed (I might have panicked). I'll review it externally when I get home from work today. Out of curiosity was there a section in the FAQ that says "DON'T FORMAT THE *NEW* DRIVE" before assigning to the old slot that I missed? If not, I think it might be beneficial to have it there so no one else makes the same stupid mistake I will never make again.
  4. So even though I took the old drive out, and clicked format on the new disk in the slot, that's what destroyed all the data? Shit, I wish I knew that or read more carefully. Lesson learned. Luckily I may still be able to access the XFS system on the old disk and copy data manually back to the new disk if it's not totally borked. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. The only format I did was on the new disk assigned into that slot after the old disk was removed. Did that totally screw me? The disk was throwing errors like crazy, I hadn't been in UNRAID for a few days, and had about 94 errors pertaining to that disk.
  6. Hey everyone, I recently had my first disk fail ever in UNRAID (shocker, as a long time user!). I removed the drive which was a 5TB Toshiba X300 drive, and replaced Disk 5 with another 5TB Toshiba X300 (different model number). I put assigned the new disk to the failed drive slot, however once parity rebuilt (~13 hrs or so), I am missing all of the data that was on the drive. Now I can try to hook up the old drive externally and copy the data back, but I was under the impression that when parity rebuilt, all of the data would have been restored to the new disk. Did I miss a step somewhere? Thanks for any/all help!
  7. I'm sadly unable to use this docker. I'd love to port my existing NGINX setup over for the ease/simplicity. When I configure it with a custom IP I can't access the page, nor can I access it with bridge/host? Is there anything special needed to initially deploy the container? From the log it looks like everything starts ok. What information would be relevant to get the best assistance?
  8. @tmoran000 out of curiosity, what rails did you use for the Rosewill Chasis? It looks like it sits about a quarter to half inch off of the standard "U"
  9. Genius. I dropped the save every "x" minute from the default 60 to 20, and it appears to be working. Odd that the container had been running for days without a restart so the 60 should have been working. Maybe the value needs manipulated to start working? Thank you for the quick fix!
  10. @realiesevery time my container restarts Soulseek's configuration resets even though my configuration directory is on persistent storage. Any thoughts or has anyone else reported a similar issue?
  11. Turns out I was able to isolate and resolve the problem with the help of a fellow UNRAID user. The torrents I was trying to move were active in a docker container. Once I stopped the rTorrent docker and invoked Mover all files processed as intended. I'd love for there to be a way to have the active files moved, but that most likely is not possible for all sorts of reasons. Thank you for the interest in my issue @trurl
  12. Hello all, I've seen various posts around this issue before, but my issue isn't able to be resolved with what I have found. My main share "plexroot" is setup to use a cache disk, and it is set to "YES" and not "prefer." What's happening is I go to manually run the mover and this what my log is showing. move: move: skip /mnt/cache/plexroot/plexroot/TV/<file>.mkv Each time I try to copy of the cache every file is skipped. I have no idea what I could be missing but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!