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  1. Hi - if I change network settings (e.g. change from static to dhcp-supplied IP address) my unRaid server shuts down without warning. When I start it there is no video from monitor(s) connected to the video card, and no web access. After waiting 20 mins I shut it down again by pressing the power button (which seems to initiate an orderly shutdown). When I restart it everything is as normal - I have video access to the command line and web access to the GUI from my network. No parity check is started, so unRaid doesn't see it as an unclean shutdown. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  2. Hi - I want to change my home network address scheme from /24 to /24 (or similar) in order to avoid IP address conflicts when making VPN connections. What is the recommended sequence? I have a WIN 10 network of 3 PC's, printers, etc., an unRaid media server, and a Pfsense router/gateway/firewall. All devices (except phones) have static IP addresses. and I would like to maintain this with the new addresses. Are there any particular 'gotcha's' I need to beware of? Cheers, Steve
  3. Upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9 with no issues - thank you very much! The upgrade resolved an issue where disk temperature settings made under 'Settings/Disk settings' did not get applied to some disks when viewing them under 'Main'.
  4. I already have it set to 'Remote access to LAN' - what should I set it to?
  5. One more question that google has not been friendly for - what setting do I need to change to access my LAN? Should I add to my 'Peer allowed IP's' ?
  6. Yep that did it thanks very much!!! - I was under the impression that I had to use the duckdns address to circumvent problems with dynamically assigned ip addresses?
  7. Hi - I would appreciate any help to troubleshoot my Wireguard connection via Pfsense to Unraid. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps on page 1 with no success. I have been trying to connect using my Samsung Galaxy S9 with wifi disabled (data comms only). My pfsense ability is limited - I have not been able to detect any attempts to access the router by Wireguard using packet capture, but I may not have set this up correctly. Screenshots attached - please ask if more are needed
  8. Fixed by disabling the unused ethernet adapters
  9. Hi all - my boot process stops for about 2 minutes with the following lines: "Starting haveged entropy daemon: /sbin/haveged br0: failed to request information" Can anyone advise how to deal with this? Diagnostics attached Cheers, Steve
  10. Hi - I received this error message during yesterday's monthly parity check - 'udma crc error count is 1' But at the end of the parity check I got the following - 'Parity check finished (0 errors)' Do I need to worry about this? Cheers Steve