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  1. Solved - an Nvidia driver autoupdate and reboot appear to have resolved this
  2. Both fail with: 'Execution error - bad parameter' When the server boots, there is an error message about Nvidia module not found, but the driver appears to be installed correctly. Both Tdarr and Jellyfin use the Nvidia graphics card. Should I reinstall the Nvidia driver? Diagnostics attached
  3. When I enter /app/logs in Krusader's address bar, I get "Error: The folder /app/logs does not exist"
  4. Tdarr logs states that logs are "Stored in: /app/server/Tdarr/Logs". I cannot find this location using binhex-krusader. Can someone please tell me where I should be looking? Could that log location be made a hyperlink?
  5. Hi - I'm getting a warning about an invalid certificate from Fix Common Problems (screenshots attached). Do I simply change the Local TLD on the Management Settings page to "Tower.local" instead of just "local"?
  6. I've had no more unRaid server freezes, but there are numerous files on the cache drive that should have moved - they have dates of 27th and 28th December (screenshot attached). Should I move them manually?
  7. Hi - I installed the latest Tdarr on unRaid 6.9.2 with all docker and plugin updates per Spaceinvader1's instructions on unRaid. I also installed Tdarr server and node on a Win10 Pro PC to work on the same media file repositry (on the unRaid server). I went to bed with everything working fine, but woke up to find a frozen unRaid server, and obviously a failed Tdarr operation. I had to do a hard reset of the unRaid server, and restarted Tdarr on both unRaid and the PC. After doing a fresh rescan everything appears to be running ok again. I have attached the log files and I would be very grateful if someone could check them and let me know if there is something I should be doing differently. Cheers Steve Tdarr_Updater_Log.txt Unraid Node log for Tdarr.txt Unraid Server log for tdarr.txt Win10_Tdarr_Node_Log.txt Win10_Tdarr_Server_Log.txt
  8. Thanks JorgeB - is there any indication in the diagnostics why they died?
  9. I changed the topic to a more accurate one. Diagnostics are attached to the previous reply. Any help greatly appreciated, including advice on how to introduce new parity drives.
  10. After removing the CMOS battery for about 15 minutes I was, much to my surprise, able to boot to unRaid - but both parity drives were missing. They appear to have both died at the same time. I have tried them on different data and power cables, and in a Windows PC, but they do not spin up and appear to be dead. As I outlined in my previous post, all this happened after a clean shutdown. I have included my diagnostics files although I don't know if they will be any use. I would greatly appreciate any advice regarding what might have happened, as I am worried that the same thing might happen after replacing the parity drives. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi - I performed a clean shutdown of my unRaid media server yesterday so my sparky could install a dedicated circuit for my home theatre/listening room. When the new circuit was in place and everything else had been powered on, I attempted to boot the unRaid server but it was dead as a dodo. Initial troubleshooting finds no problem with the psu (the same psu and cables booted another pc, and multimeter readings are good). When I first tried to boot it, I thought the power switch felt different, so I decided to do a long overdue case upgrade - hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone. I hoped that the power switch in the old case was faulty, but no. I have reseated all cables, RAM and CPU. I have done a hard reset, and replaced the CMOS battery. I have tried removing the GPU and NIC, but it is looking like I am up for a new cpu and motherboard. What is the procedure for introducing new hardware into my unRaid server? Cheers Steve
  12. Hi - if I change network settings (e.g. change from static to dhcp-supplied IP address) my unRaid server shuts down without warning. When I start it there is no video from monitor(s) connected to the video card, and no web access. After waiting 20 mins I shut it down again by pressing the power button (which seems to initiate an orderly shutdown). When I restart it everything is as normal - I have video access to the command line and web access to the GUI from my network. No parity check is started, so unRaid doesn't see it as an unclean shutdown. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  13. Hi - I want to change my home network address scheme from /24 to /24 (or similar) in order to avoid IP address conflicts when making VPN connections. What is the recommended sequence? I have a WIN 10 network of 3 PC's, printers, etc., an unRaid media server, and a Pfsense router/gateway/firewall. All devices (except phones) have static IP addresses. and I would like to maintain this with the new addresses. Are there any particular 'gotcha's' I need to beware of? Cheers, Steve
  14. Upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9 with no issues - thank you very much! The upgrade resolved an issue where disk temperature settings made under 'Settings/Disk settings' did not get applied to some disks when viewing them under 'Main'.
  15. I already have it set to 'Remote access to LAN' - what should I set it to?
  16. One more question that google has not been friendly for - what setting do I need to change to access my LAN? Should I add to my 'Peer allowed IP's' ?
  17. Yep that did it thanks very much!!! - I was under the impression that I had to use the duckdns address to circumvent problems with dynamically assigned ip addresses?