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  1. Hi - I want to use hardlinks to minimize disk activity when using Radarr, Sonarr, etc. I plan to follow the Trash guide for Unraid ( ) I noticed that when I created a sub-folder under the top-level share (data), the owner was 'root' and the default permissions were 'drwxr-xr-x'. However my existing "Movies, TVShows, etc' shares are owned by 'nobody' and permissions are 'drwxrwxrwx'. Who and what should the owner and permissions be? In fact, ALL my other shares are owned by 'nobody', and permissions are 'drwxrwxrwx' (I am not concerned about security) My second question concerns moving my existing movie, tv and music files from their current shares to the new sub-folders. Can I simply use rsync or Krusader to move them? I have setup Krusader per Spaceinvaderone's video to allow instant copy/move from share to share, but does this apply to copy/move from share to subfolder under a share?
  2. Memtest ran for 20 hours with no errors, so I replaced the config folder with an earlier one, and all appears good - even Prowlarr configuration which was done after the backup used, and which I expected to lose. SMB networking is working as it should - many thanks to all!
  3. Hi @dlandon - Frank1940 and JorgeB suggested that you might be able to help with my problem. Frank's last suggestion (via PM) was to run memtest which is 3 hours in with no errors so far. If you scroll up you will see my diagnostics attachment, and the section that Frank thinks may pinpoint the problem. I have a Flash drive backup from before the problem started, if that's any help? Hoping you can help, Steve.
  4. Hi Frank1940 - I can open all 3 files in Notepad++. Should I PM them to you? Or supply screenshots?
  5. Thanks guys..I'll hold off on the screenshots until this is sorted
  6. I have followed the Unraid & Windows 10 SMB Setup.pdf you recommended, but I still cannot access this Unraid server via SMB. I have followed the guide to a tee, but still get the failures shown in the accompanying attachments. I can access it by web browser, but I need SMB access for my Windows 11 media player. No problem accessing the other Windows (10 and 11) and Unraid computers by web browser or Windows File Explorer. I have also included another diagnostics file.
  7. I t has occurred to me that I could restore the flash drive to a config that existed before I had to reboot and lost SMB connectivity. My other Unraid server has no SMB connectivity problems, so I assume that flash drive corruption could be ruled out by by restoring an earlier saved flash config. Does this sound reasonable?
  8. Can anyone help with this please? I have followed Frank1940's SMB guide ( ) but I still don't have access to all my media needing SMB access in order to play. Any help appreciated.
  9. Hi - I had a problem with my main Unraid server (TOWER) yesterday - the readout on the 'Main' webpage was constantly changing - no array, no Flash drive, no cache pool, all disks unassigned, etc. I tried to download diagnostics, but got a '404 - not found'. So the diagnostics attached are from after a reboot. After rebooting the array, cache pool, and Flash drive came back, and I can access TOWER from the web gui, but not from Windows File Explorer (see attachments). Disk read/write counters were reset. My backup Unraid server (Tower2) has no such problems, so I presume it is a configuration problem with TOWER. I haven't followed Frank1940's SMB troubleshooting guide yet - I thought I would post my diagnostics and see if someone could see something obvious Cheers, Steve
  10. Hi - does it make any difference whether disk shares are enabled or not? I have had them enabled, but I have read that I am less likely to screw up when moving data around if I disable disk shares, and work only with user shares. Does Dupeguru care whether disk shares are disabled or not?
  11. Solved - I deleted and re-created the 'Movies' share on Tower2. I also changed the Split level to 'Automatically split any directory as required'. I don't know if this was necessary, but the 'Movies' share is now on Disk 4, as I wanted.
  12. I have setup Tower2 as a backup for my main Tower server, using rsync to backup user shares from Tower to Tower2. The 'Music' share on Tower2 honours the Disk settings in the Share properties (included Disks=1), but the 'Movies' share does not (included Disks=4). Instead of Disk 4, the 'Movies' share is on Disk 2. Do I need to exclude Disks 1, 2, and 3 as well as including Disk 4 for the 'Movies' share? I thought that including Disk 4 had the same effect as excluding the other disks. I have attached screenshots of share settings, and diagnostics Cheers, Steve
  13. I recently lost data using Unbalance, even after a successful dry run, so I'm a little wary. Can I simply use Krusader or File Manager to copy/move files that remain on the 'old' disk after allocating a different disk to that share?
  14. If I change disk allocation in a share's properties, will Unraid automatically move existing data to the newly allocated disk?
  15. I have since updated the firmware on the H240 controller and tried a Windows 10 install (same as Unraid - drives not detected) and an Ubuntu 22.10 install - which DID detect controller and drives, and I was able to format and use the drives in Ubuntu. But I want to use Unraid, so I will sell the SAS drives and replace them with SATA drives - do you know if 20 TB SATA drives would be compatible with the onboard controller in my HP z840? Or the HP H240 controller?
  16. Hi - I added 3 new 20TB Western Digital SAS drives (Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC650 WSH722020AL4204 20TB 7.2K RPM SAS 12Gb/s 4Kn) to my HP Z840 workstation, but they don't show in Unassigned Devices or Preclear Disks. The original 1TB SAS drive shows OK. The onboard Serial Attached SCSI controller is a Broadcom / LSI SAS2308 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 (rev 05). I have also tried attaching the drives to a HBA-enabled HP H240 SAS controller card with the same results. The log file shows that Unraid sees the drives, but the 20TB WD drives are all listed as "Unsupported ZBC host-managed device". Diagnostics attached. Any advice gratefully received Cheers, Steve
  17. No I followed SpaceinvaderOne's instructions very carefully
  18. So 500GB of music files have gone? Fool that I was, I was consolidating my shares to make backup to another Unraid server easier - the successful dry runs convinced me that it was safe to run Unbalance. As always, it pays to backup before making changes. Unfortunately, I could never trust that Unbalance was going to perform correctly again.
  19. Thanks - rebooting sorted it, as you said. Cheers!