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  1. On 6.9.2, experiencing the same issue. Need to "force update" the container for the changes to take effect. It is weird though, this does not seem to apply to all containers - about two weeks ago, I successfully changed the icon of my first and only dockerhub container. And yes, I tried different browser, incognito mode, etc - so no browser caching issue. Thanks for all the good work so far, I really like unraid!
  2. Same issue here. Unfortunately, I can not even map ports (at least not through the GUI). I have some port mappings set, but when hitting "apply" they are not even included in the command being executed to start the container. As soon as I use bridge networking, everything works. I need to listen for multicast packets on a specific interface though, so I need to use br2 (in my case). Unless anyone has another solution?
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. In "New Config" I only have the option to "Preserve current assignments" for Parity Slots, Data Slots and Cache Slots. There is no "Parity is already valid" option. Can you elaborate? My cache disks are fine and correctly mounted btw, so I do not need to worry about those but of course do not want to lose data on them either.
  4. Hey everyone, I tried finding something on this and I am a bit confused if this is even possible. I moved my drives to a different usb enclosure and the drive IDs changed because of that (for example "ST4000VN008-2DR166_ZGY2YXTV" is now "008-2DR166_152D00539000-0:2"). As a consequence, unRaid does not know the drives anymore, and simply assigning them to the correct slots (I know which drive is which) does not work, since there are "too many wrong or missing drives". Is there any way to force unRaid to accept the assignments and keep the data? What
  5. +1 I really would like a proper login page. I started using UnRaid a few months ago and was really suprised that there isn't one. I know it's a petty thing, but as far as first impressions go, it made UnRaid look really outdated to me - which is not true, UnRaid is awesome. But I'm sharing the hassle that others mentioned regarding password managers. The only other appliance I have that uses this kind of login is my Netgear Orbi, and it irks me. Just to add to the list of inconveniences: if I open a browser which has multiple tabs to open on startup, these kinds of logi