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  1. I know you're busy answering all sorts of questions and I've honestly stared at this for a good 10 minutes and still just dont' get it. I was going to backup my 'worlds' since my original friends have lost interest in the game and start fresh and then restore the world at a later point once more content drops. Then I thought why do that when I can just create another world/container so decided to come here and check before I tried to do something stupid. Someone already asked the question how to run two instances of a dedicated Valheim server and you referenced this
  2. Ok, thanks for trying to help. I can't even find the certs to copy over to DS anywhere from the NGINX proxy/appdata - oh well. Every Google search for NGINX + OnlyOffice + Docker + DocumentServer doesn't really return much so this was the last hope.. LoL
  3. You just confused me. So you're saying I should be using THAT SSL cert for both the office.mydomain and the documentserver.mydomain or the other SSL cert for both office.mydomain & documentserver.mydomain? I'll uncheck the HSTS EDIT: Still the same error: Error when trying to connect (cURL error 60: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name '' (see for Using the SSL for the Nextcloud r
  4. Found it! I thought it was "gone" since I removed it and placed the CERT from the Nextcloud SSL into the DocumentServer Proxy to try and fix this whole mess but it's still present on the system since I never deleted it, just selected the "" SSL # ------------------------------------------------------------ # # ------------------------------------------------------------ server { set $forward_scheme http; set $server ""; set $port 9090; listen 8080; listen [::]:8080; listen 4443 ssl http2; list
  5. I see no way to edit the cert that NGINX assigns to the subdomain. You just add a new certificate for the subdomain you're trying to forward and it assigns the cert. There are no options or configurations for the cert. I can only renew now or delete the cert. The only option to do anything at all is under the proxy host: Nginx variables available to you are: $server # Host/IP $port # Port Number $forward_scheme # http or https I went into appdata/NginxProxyManager/letsencrypt/keys and that directory is blank. I then took a look into NginxProxyManager/nginx
  6. When I check the box that says Disable Certificate verification I get this message (When using the CERT from the nextcloud proxy): Error when trying to connect (Error occurred in the document service: Error while downloading the document file to be converted.) (version
  7. I just tried to assign the same CERT that nextcloud uses to the document server and now I've gotten a new error message: Error when trying to connect (cURL error 60: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name '' (see for so I don't think that's going to work that way either.
  8. Not that I'm aware of having a server block for onlyoffice. I've no idea how to copy certificates or, if it's even possible since they are both using different SSL certs that were assigned to them by NGINX. Unless maybe I can try to assign the certificate to the I've got even more issues now with Nextcloud, I've grenaded and wiped my install so many times, I'm running out of 'fake admin/user names' to try. I've wiped the appdata/nextcloud folder from the SSD and I've cleared out my mnt/nextcloud folder share but f
  9. @Siwat2545 ok sorry for the delay, tried as fast as I could. This screenshot shows the Nextcloud NPM reverse proxy settings. This screenshot shows your DocumentServer reverse proxy settings. I'm able to connect to without any issue, I get the ONLYOFFICE Docs™ Community Edition – Welcome! without issue - either connecting to it internally from my local IP or externally from I'm also able to connect to my Nextcloud install either through or, internally using my IP
  10. Give me a few. I'm going to screenshot the heck out of them all so you can "see"
  11. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking but I will do my best to try and answer it. Externally if I use my domain, it's an https://office.mydomain*com and it connects to Nextcloud. As far as the certs, there isn't a need to do that using NPM (as far as I know, that is, because I haven't had to copy any certs from anywhere into anything else). The certs are installed "in" the docker container for NPM. Might be the same for SWAG as well since NPM changed from NPM to SWAG (but I haven't made the move over to it as of yet).
  12. I have the same exact issue and the same exact problem using NPM. I'm able to connect to withouth issue and I can see the 'Congratulations' webpage from OnlyOffice. So I'm 99.9% sure my Reverse proxy is working correctly or else I wouldn't even be able to reach that webpage. As soon as I put the address into the OnlyOffice settings page from within NextCloud I also get the "Bad Healthcheck" error. I've nuked, removed, destroyed, exploded both Docker containers over and over a few hundred times now (saw a few posts mentioning that it just started work
  13. I was going to attempt to do that myself. Instead of having to type in the IP address, just type in the Domain I purchased for my unraid server. Decided against that since I am not too familiar on how setting that all up would work and didn't want to break the server trying to get it. Should have done that from the start but now everyone is used to typing in my WAN IP address at this point.
  14. Yup. That's for running OnlyOffice in a separate docker container and pointing it back to NextCloud - which kind of defeats the purpose of having NextCloud built in with Only Office.
  15. Kind of an "off topic" question since it's not really UnRaid specific. Concerning the Valheim docker, is there some sort of Windows Program or something that can hook into the server to manage it? I know you can do admin commands from in game but is there some sort of 3rd party server admin control panel type of thing out there?