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  1. I've had Plex running for a few years now with an open port and so far no issues. Some people use a reverse proxy to safeguard against any malicious attacks but I haven't had any issues. I forget the name of the docker... NG-something or other. I tried to set it up but wasn't successful. I look at Google music as a backup for my music. Once you get this up and running it will automatically upload any new music to the Google servers.
  2. This is how I've got mine setup. I had to change the default port from 5900 to 5920 as I've got something running on the same port and it caused a conflict. The Host Path1 should point to the location of your music files that live on your unRaid Array. The default password is GoogleMusic. So leave it as is or, change it to whatever you want. The rest of the settings, leave as is. Once it's pulled the required data and you have the docker up and running, you're going to need a VNC Viewer to connect to the docker. I am using TightVNC Viewer because it's freeware. I'm sure there are others out there. For Remote host, you want the IP address that your unRaid NAS is followed by the port. If you left the default port it's 5900, if you changed it to some other port, enter it after the IP Address. After you hit Connect, the password dialogue box will show up. Enter your password and, if all went well, you should be looking at a Google UI asking you for your Gmail address and password. WORD OF CAUTION/ADVICE: I had music already uploaded to my Google Music library previously. I then had since discovered the Docker Beets and used that to tag my MP3/FLAC etc audio files. After running this docker, I had a LOT of duplicate songs in my Google Music Library (pre-Beets tagging and post-Beets tagging). So, if you've got files in your Google Music Library and you've made changes to your audio files locally, expect duplicates. I just erased my entire Google Music Library and started uploading everything all over again (all 7k+ files) to get rid of the duplicates. Well hope this little tutorial helps some people out using this Docker.
  3. I just wiped and reinstalled this a few days ago. I'll try to write something up in the next few days. Be forewarned; I've never attempted a write up of anything unRaid related..... so don't get your hopes up too high. LoL
  4. Just switched back to your repo. my.hdhomerun.com reports I'm using Version 20190417 with a big red X next to it. Somehow I also lost the ports switching repos.... anyone know what the ports were?
  5. Just changed to your repo. So far everything appears to be in working order. My.hdhomerun.com is reporting that the DVR is currently using Version 20190715beta1 Hopefully it records now Thanks for stepping up.
  6. Silicondust pushed out a firmware update to the DVR record engine last week I believe. Until the OP updates his docker with the new firmware, I think that's the issue currently.
  7. Just got back from Traveling for work before I head off to Paris tomorrow for more work. Pulled down your update. Navigated to my.hdhomerun.com it now shows an active DVR subscription with Version 20190417! Thanks!
  8. @Switchblade I'm traveling for work right now so can't post up screenshots. But the thing you can an "advertisement" for the DVR service is there because Silicon Dust can't detect your DVR due to the change in the docker. If it was detected, you'd have the version number listed of your DVR. I've emailed S.D. about the issue and they aren't able to detect my DVR service/subscription due to the change in the docker. I think if you were to delete a recording rule and/or try to record something you're watching live TV , you'll notice the record bottom is missing off the GUI of the official HDHomerun App. And the user "Italy#####" also mentioned he is having an issue and had to roll back his docker. So I'm not the only user with the problem. I tend to think you also have an issue but just don't realize it....?
  9. Well it was working before..... not sure if I'm the only one with the issue? No one else has chimed in...
  10. Spoke to soon. When I go back to my.hdhomerun.com it says I have no DVR detected again. I didn't change a thing in the Docker.
  11. So far, no issues. Really appreciate you keeping this alive!
  12. Thanks for the reply! Fixed, changed the docker to "Host" - that was my fault. In my mass panic to try and figure out why it wasn't updating I messed with the docker, removing and re-installing over and over again. I've still got a big fat red X when I navigate to my.hdhomerun.com - it shows the DVR out of date as Version 20180817. I'm guessing there is an even newer binary than this version now? Edit: Just got a update to the Docker and all is well..
  13. For whatever reason, my DVR service is not showing up any longer. This WAS working fine.... now it just stopped working. I just checked and my record engine has an IP of but my Tuner is reporting (which is on my actual LAN - the 172 is not) Not sure how to fix this? I installed the miniDLNA docker to try and "work around" whatever issue is happening. I set up my docker from the screenshot that @Switchblade provided, pointing it to my HDHomeRun directory and share on my Array. Hit apply, no errors, but after that... I've got nothing. Checking the log files of the docker shows these entries over and over (not sure if this info helps?) HDHomeRun RECORD already running 2019-05-10 18:47:44,365 INFO exited: hdhomerun_dvr (exit status 0; not expected) 2019-05-10 18:47:45,367 INFO gave up: hdhomerun_dvr entered FATAL state, too many start retries too quickly
  14. UPDATE: pulled the power plug since no one was replying and hoped for the best. Server came back online. However, Plex docker just straight up disappeared off the system. Rebuilding Plex now.... I was told in this post to change my docker to plexinc/pms-docker:public due to the Plex docker not updating. So, it pulled down whatever data it needed to and then the docker became stuck(?) at the Please Wait... after it was finished. I let it sit overnight on that screen. Still the same. I've tried to reboot the server from the GUI, no joy. I went into the CLI and typed "Powerdown - r" and was told the system would restart... still nothing. I can't access the Dashboard Tab or the Main tab. Well I can partly access it... it just never loads up the array information or the running dockers on the Main tab. My only recourse now is to yank the power cord on the server... because I don't know what else to do. Anyone have any suggestions? Besides stop messing with the Plex docker ....
  15. Have you taken a look at Jellyfin instead of EMBY? No paywall / subscription required.