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  1. Is the whole Nextcloud and Onlyoffice integration still currently "Broken"? I've tried to get the internal OnlyOffice to work that's built in to Nextcloud and I know most of you are running a separate docker container just for OnlyOffice to get it to work with Nextcloud. I don't really want to go that route if it is supposed to be built into the NextCloud docker by default. I've tried to install the add-on a few times and it just comes back with this error: App "documentserver_community" cannot be installed because appinfo file cannot be read. I've tried to sto
  2. LoL. Thanks for that. I was just manually entering the IP from the Game menu to join the server. If you can't tell by now, this is uncharted territory for me. I've never even used Steam before this game, much less tried to host a game server..... Any update on that ? I see the Docker update waiting and luckily looked at your post first before updating. Were you able to get it back up and running?
  3. I'll have to Google that a bit. The port is set up as default and that works. Just no idea what the "Game Port+1" means. Thanks though.
  4. Any of you running the Valheim docker, are you able to get a response from the Steam Server Browser? I've added my IP address in there and I just get a not responding even though I can manually connect to the game with no issue.
  5. Yup, I tried just using 2457 but it wouldn't connect. So all the ports need to be forwarded. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that. Just got into this game a little while ago and was hoping there was a Docker for running it. Now I just need some friends that own the game as well. Quick question concerning the ports; you need all of those ports listed to be forwarded? The entire range of 2456-2458 or can you just pick ONE (eg: 2457) and forward it to the UnRaid docker?
  7. I installed that docker briefly a while back. Had NO idea what it was doing or what it was supposed to do but everyone swears by it. I'll have to re-visit that at some other time. Right now, I'm just imply trying to get everything off of SmartThings and onto H.A. without breaking stuff lol The screenshots help though, I might be able to "translate" that into regular H.A. stuff. Thanks, again.
  8. Yes Sir, that is correct. On a whim, I'd figure I'd try it and it worked. Multiple deleting / installing your docker, multiple revoking and enabling network debugging, multiple reboots of the Shield.... all produced those error messages in the Docker Log file but yet, ADB commands work. After getting the ADB commands to recognize, I went ahead and re-added the Shield I was sending ADB commands to back into Home Assistant and EUREKA it showed up with no errors. Weeks of this troubleshooting. It's kind of anti-climatic now at this point now that it's actua
  9. I tried to break apart your post to answer them underneath the quote but I'm not Unraid Forum posting savvy yet apparently. I've removed and re-installed this Docker container a few times now trying to isolate the issue. Initially I had both of my Shield devices in the docker but then removed one just to concentrate on one device only. Apparently removing it form the config didn't actually remove it from the docker because it was still trying to connect to the other device I had removed - strange. It's the same exact error messages across the "board" looking at the Log f
  10. So with both USB and Network enabled: adb I 02-03 19:18:12 8 8 auth.cpp:437] adb_auth_init... adb I 02-03 19:18:12 8 8 auth.cpp:412] adb_auth_inotify_init... adb I 02-03 19:18:22 8 17 transport.cpp:283] read thread spawning adb I 02-03 19:18:22 8 18 transport.cpp:296] write thread spawning adb I 02-03 19:18:22 8 8 transport.cpp:1365] fetching keys for transport adb I 02-03 19:18:22 8 8 auth.cpp:489] Calling send_auth_response adb I 02-03 19:18:22 8 8 auth.cpp:456] Calling send_auth_publickey failed to authenticate to 192.168
  11. Are you suggesting enabling both USB & Network debugging or just USB debugging and leave Network off? At this point, I'll try anything. Too much time of my life has been spent on this lol BTW: Still running your SUI Start Page!
  12. Yes sir. I've tried both the Nvidia Shield Pro and my Nvidia Shield TV with and without the ADB Server info. Without the ADB Server info, I never get the prompt on the device asking to allow the connection and no device/entity shows up in HomeAssistant with the names I gave the devices. With the ADB Server, I get the prompt for the connection but then.... nothing happens after that. Hitting "Yes" and "always trust" does nothing past that. The devices never show up in H.A. and the errors about it not being able to connect using the ADB server or, the device is not connected show up in the
  13. Yes sir, it does indeed say that I also have this bit of confusing information: adb I 02-02 22:27:49 8 17 transport.cpp:283] read thread spawning adb I 02-02 22:27:49 8 18 transport.cpp:296] write thread spawning adb I 02-02 22:27:49 8 8 transport.cpp:1365] fetching keys for transport adb I 02-02 22:27:49 8 8 auth.cpp:489] Calling send_auth_response adb I 02-02 22:27:49 8 8 adb.cpp:114] offline connected to It says "offline" and then right after it it says i
  14. So I've been struggling for a few days now connecting my Nvidia Shield PRO (and also my Nvidia ShieldTV) to HA. Most people I run across just say "I just simply put in my IP address into the Config.yaml file and it connects, I never even need to acknowledge the prompt to allow it to connect" Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I've installed this ADB Docker container. Verified in the shell with adb devices and it returns my Shield TV that's connected. I even got the "Allow this computer to connect" notification on the Shield initially. So
  15. @bashNinja - just an update; I'm running unRaid 6.8.3 and I finally figured it out. There still has to be a PS3ISO folder in the share on the array. I was just dumping everything into the share which is incorrect. Anyway, I'm not having any issue using your docker. It finally scanned the ISO and loaded it without any issue. Well besides the incredibly slow WiFi speeds which caused this particular ISO that had Full Motion Video cut scenes to be unplayable. I will try another ISO without so much F.M.V. and see what happens. But for whatever reason, I'm not having an