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  1. Nope no action in browser console. Perhaps we could hop in a Discord screen share tomorrow?
  2. Still no luck, even if it seems like the items stay in place for a refresh or two, a few folders will disappear and after a couple refreshes they'll show up again and the folder order will be randomized.
  3. Yeah that's the problem, when you reload or come back to the page it does not stay. Do I need to find this userprefs.cfg file and organize it in there?
  4. I have a couple of folders that have docker containers that are not started. It seems to be a coin flip for each of these folders as to whether they'll show up on the Docker page or not. Also I don't seem to have any control over the order the folders are in on the page, every time I reload they either reset or change to some other random order.
  5. Oh alright I suppose that'll be good. The only thing I had seen them say about Linux dedicated servers was in the discord server right after the DS update. I asked a Dev about linux support and they shrugged it off pretty fast like they don't know anything about linux at all and when asked later they later referred to a user who had successfully gotten it working with wine... So I thought they weren't going to mess with linux
  6. Any chance of an Astroneer container now that the Astro Server steamCMD dedicated server is available? I think it might involve have to involve mono/wine? I would love to have it in a container
  7. Looks like CSS isn't making it through the HTTPS. Check what the web browser's console (In Dev tools - F12?) says when you try to load the page, could be trying to reference some HTTP thing somewhere.
  8. I've never had much luck with NginxProxyManager... I've got bookstack reverse proxying fine with the LetsEncrypt docker container.
  9. With the help of GilbN on Discord (the guy who wrote the guide I was following) the container is now working. The current theory is that in /appdata/bookstack/www/.env the wrong database credentials were stored. After deleting the entirety of the bookstack appdata folder and running the container again it regenerated it all with the proper database credentials stored this time and the container worked immediately. So if anyone sees this and ran into this same problem before its fixed - check your .env file and see whats in there. Just update that file with the right vals or delete it and have it regen. Shout out again to GilbN.
  10. I'm having basically exactly this same problem, except I'm using bridge not br0... I can't get Bookstack to connect to mariaDB i just keep getting this same error: My run command: I know this has the port in the DB_HOST field but I've also tried it without the port there and that doesn't work either... I'm able to log into the user cli and the user has % in the host permissions table. Haven't had much luck getting help on the linuxserver #docker-support discord channel as of yet