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  1. i think my Rocket 750 is dying or is dead. when I pulled it out, it booted up faster than it has in a while
  2. what did you end up going with? pretty sure my storinator's R750 just died, and it isn't supported in unraid 6.9 either, so I guess it's time to change directions. i've noticed that 45Drives uses a custom SATA + power cable to each drive, which has the SFF-8087 end. did this restrict your choices?
  3. might be getting somewhere. I created a new usb key with the creator, and unraid will boot (didn't add my config folder). I ran diagnostics from the webUI when it did boot. Then I powered it down, and it froze during shutdown. It automatically created a diagnostic file during shutdown. I have included the diagnostic after it booted. Two pictures of the screen during shutdown. And the diagnostic file that was on the usb drive after I had to kill the power. It hung on "/boot: target is busy" tower-diagnostics-20210103-1319 (booted fresh flash).zip 20210103_192229684_iOS.h
  4. the server has been acting up a bit lately. I assumed it was because of some plugins I installed, so I removed them. It crashed last night and now I'm at the point where it won't boot. It freezes on "starting rsyslogd daemon". I'll attach a picture. I've tried formatting the USB drive and copying my "config" folder back onto the formatted drive. Saw that mentioned somewhere in the forum, but it didn't work for me. I did grab a diagnostic yesterday, but I'm not sure if that will do anyone any good. I haven't changed any parts. and I've just tried a different USB flash driv
  5. figured it would be something that would make me look stupid. oh well. thanks!
  6. Just noticed a problem and it’s possible it’s related to the new plugin. Haven’t totally narrowed it down yet. But Plex can’t see my UD NAS drive anymore. I have it set as a RW Slave. I can see the contents of the NAS drive in UnRAID and Krusader. But Plex can’t see it.
  7. I have contacted Highpoint about creating a driver that works with the latest version of linux for the Rocket 750. so far, no luck. I'll keep bugging them. but hopefully a solution can be found, otherwise I'm stuck on 6.8
  8. 2.21.0-2-01 works. latest doesn't load for me.
  9. any chance you'll add a v3 preview tag to grab the latest beta version?