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  1. Anybody got any ideas? Just tried to get my "online usv yunto 1200" to work. Autodetect says: [nutdev1] driver = "nutdrv_qx" port = "auto" vendorid = "0665" productid = "5161" product = "USB to Serial" vendor = "INNO TECH" bus = "001" So i switched to manual only mode and put it in ups.conf. When I start NUT it says: Updating permissions... Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller Network UPS Tools - Generic Q* USB/Serial driver 0.39 ( USB communication driver 0.43 Can't claim USB device 0665:5161 (Resource busy). Driver failed to start (exit status=1) Whats the problem? i tried different usb2 and 3 ports. Greetings EDIT: Nevermind, a simple reboot fixed it.
  2. and.. how? i tried it like on every other server and it doenst do anything and i cant find logs.
  3. Hi, can i also use this to connect my unraid server to my already existing wireguard network? (on another not-unraid server). I tried it a little bit but it didnt do something.
  4. Ok, i'll try. In the meantime I just the check filesystem function (no errors) and checked SMART, everything looks fine. Strange.
  5. Hi, good mention, but i forgot to add that this is an m2 (sata) SSD. So cable swapping is not possible.
  6. Hi, just noticed i got plenty of BTRFS Errors and my Server wasnt properly functioning.. But, why? I checked Smart and it didnt look bad, checked logs but cant see anything bad. Maybe somebody else can tell me whats the problem? Even after a reboot i keep getting errors. Greetings unraid-diagnostics-20191203-2113.zip
  7. Hi, a few days ago my server started spinning up disk AGAIN, just randomly at random time. I already killed all vms, all dockers (except a Minecraft Server for friends, which only runs on SSD). Checked all plugins. Nobody is accessing the disk via smb. But every few hours one or two disks spin up just to read few bytes. why is that? I already installed iotop to check what its actually doing but i only see: shfs /mnt/user -disks 7 2048000000 -o noatime,big_writes,allow_other -o remember=330 with about 30kb/s of reading. what can i do?
  8. k, thanks. just tried switching to papermc because it seems like the worldsave was causing lag in spigot.
  9. Hi! When more than 2 players are playing im getting these overload errors: [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 5736ms or 114 ticks behind But, why? Im using Spigot 1.14.4 (latest), XMS & XMX are at 4096MBs (and not even fully used, its at 2,3GBs). The Docker can use all of my 4 Core i3-8100 Cores and its nothing more on the server active.
  10. This is my monitoring based on the TIG Stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana). I use it to monitor my servers and vps.
  11. ah yes, just as i thought thanks for confirming!
  12. Hi, I noticed, that the parity sync gets slower and slower over time, starting with about 180MB/s and ending about.. 120MB/s? Why is that? I think its because the outer tracks on a hdd disk are maybe slower and its syncing from the inner to the outer tracks? Can somebody explain or is this just my system? greetings
  13. Hi, a few days ago, my server startet killing processes because its running out of memory. i got 16gb of ram. i didnt change much and i dont think i have too many things open but i cant find out whats the problem. If i check with dynamics system stats i can see that i actually need 1 to 2 gig of RAM with about 5 dockers running. and then 10gb are cached, so fine so good. when i start my windows 10 vm( 10gb ram assigned) and i let it backup using the internal windows backup it seems like its running out of memory, tonight it even killed the whole vm, started the backup before going to bed and woke up with a killed vm and some messages in my syslog. the most suspicious application was jd2/java with about 1gb of ram use. so, whats wrong? i really dont think 16gb ram with just a few dockers and a windows vm with 10gb ram assigned is too much of a problem. unraid-diagnostics-20190717-0926.zip
  14. Danny08

    new intel cpu

    Really? Afaik the i5 8400 or 9400 should be more than enough power, but ill check the prices then ill decide
  15. Danny08

    new intel cpu

    hi, right now i have an intel i3 8100 and a gtx1060, before unraid this was just my budget gaming pc. but it seems like to game AND have unraid/docker in the background, the i3 is too weak/has too few cores/threads. im not a fan of putting 20+ C/T into a pc but i guess now i have to change something. im experiencing freezes and stutters once the cpu reaches 95% or more workload, under 95 it seems fine. maybe it interferes with unraid? so: what cpu should i switch to? i think the i5 8400 should be fine, right? so i could assign 1 or 2 cores to unraid and then isolate 4 cores for windows. opinions? greetings
  16. hi, occasionally docker downloads are extremly slow, like 10 or more minutes for a 300mb pull. is this normal/intended? i recreated my docker image and now its downloading for ages. for example i need image id f5490867ccf2 which is 36mb big and it took like 12min. my network and internet works fine, its just the docker pulls which are (sometimes) extremely slow. why is that? greetings
  17. hi, netdata tells me that my network interfaces br0 is dropping 10% of all packets. what can i do to find out whats wrong? i already checked settings>but i cant see the interface there. here are my diagnostics: unraid-diagnostics-20190413-1959.zip i appreciate your help. greetings
  18. hi, my unraid server kinda crashed a few minutes ago, all my usershares disappeared and nothing could be accessed anymore. but i was able to pull my diagnostics before i rebooted (the reboot did fix everything i guess, its working properly). but im interested what maybe caused the problem, can anybody tell me? all i can see is all the getxattr errors, and unraid wasnt able to stop the array. unraid-diagnostics-20190208-2037.zip thanks and greetings
  19. hi, so i encountered this "bug" several times. just adding a vdisk breaks my windows vm partially. what i tried: i have a win10 gaming vm and i need more space, so i added a 1tb vdisk, assigned it to my disk2 (hdd) and started the vm. the first boot fails, after seeing the loading circle it just disappears and nothing happens. if i force stop and reboot, the vm will probably boot but without my gpu. my gpu is still assigned to the vm, but isnt seen from windows. i tried this 2 times and ran into this problem 2 times. what am i doing wrong or is this a bug? greetings
  20. Hi, i was just cleaning up my vms and i deleted a second windows10 machine in which i was using the USB3 option from unraid. unfortunately i deleted it WITH the vdisk, and the vdisk i was using was my main win10 vdisk (ofcourse without an backup, im dumb). i havent done anything yet, is there an option to recover it? my vdisk was on my btrfs formatted ssd (only got one). greetings
  21. hi, whats the "best" method to copy music to my unraid server? we're talking about 10k music files, some covers -> my whole itunes folder. (many, small files) i looked at some cloud dockers but there are "to much" in my opinion, i just want to one-way-synchronize my itunes folder to my server. no, just copying my itunes folder via finder is not an option... any solutions? greetings
  22. but that should not take up to 12hours. i dont have that much on my server.
  23. Hi, so like 2 days ago my disk spinup/down happens to be there again. last time, some docker stuff went to from cache to hdd, so that was the problem, but now i checked everything out and i cant find the error. all i see (again) is something like this: Jan 4 13:38:53 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (566): spindown 0 Jan 4 13:38:54 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (567): spindown 2 Jan 4 14:08:35 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (568): spindown 0 Jan 4 14:08:36 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (569): spindown 2 Jan 4 14:38:48 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (570): spindown 0 Jan 4 14:38:49 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (571): spindown 2 Jan 4 15:08:30 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (572): spindown 0 Jan 4 15:08:31 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (573): spindown 2 Jan 4 15:38:43 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (574): spindown 0 Jan 4 15:38:43 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (575): spindown 2 Jan 4 16:08:25 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (576): spindown 0 Jan 4 16:08:26 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (577): spindown 2 Jan 4 16:38:37 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (578): spindown 0 Jan 4 16:38:37 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (579): spindown 2 Jan 4 17:08:20 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (580): spindown 0 Jan 4 17:08:21 unRAID kernel: mdcmd (581): spindown 2 for hours! i guess it has something to do with the ca backup plugin, because after backing up and restarting everything it gets crazy, every day a 5am. heres my diagnostics: unraid-diagnostics-20190104-1716.zip can something please tell me whats wrong? greetings
  24. Yeah, that could be a reason. yesterday i recreated my docker image. i will give it a try! EDIT: i guess that was the problem. but why is the newly created docker image on disk1 and not the cache? it is set to "prefer". oh, i think i know whats the problem. a night or two ago i was getting the message that my cache is 99% full, and after a minute or so it was solved by itself. can anybody see this in my diagnostics? i was kinda curious but as i woke up everything was normal. it was about 3.55am. EDIT: i probably found it by myself. i assigned windows10 a additional 500gb vdisk and its trying to move it to my ssd cache, which is also 500gb. so he will try to move it, it will fail, and it stays on disk1.