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  1. Mono issues are creeping in again. @binhex please can you update Sonarr's version of Mono from 6.4.0 to latest stable, it's missing various root certs and is causing issues.
  2. Ok I think I know what was wrong... Since I'm using binhex/arch-delugevpn, I've re-downloaded all of the PIA OpenVPN certificates and ensured I had France in it to ensure port forwarding is enabled (I had France originally, so their certs might have changed, somehow). Suddenly everything is working! For those who also have this issue, flush your certs, re-download and try again. Make sure you restart all of your containers as well if you fiddle with Deluge. I've also just enabled privoxy on the deluge container, not sure if that made any difference.
  3. Thanks, just did that. The mono version doesn't appear to have changed, it's still on 6.4.0? Still fails 😕 I've checked the docker image digest and they are exactly correct to the latest version published a day ago: root@NAS:~# docker inspect --format='{{index .RepoDigests 0}}' 32e9325565e binhex/arch-sonarr@sha256:0638d6841fa26c130b0d41d5042f4efa2f5c0e8606857f6188f171c3f22f9856
  4. Hello, I've been attempting to fix this issue but it's causing me significant pain. It appears that NZBGeek (who use Cloudflare) has (rightfully) increased their TLS version to 1.2, and it appears the docker image has an older version of Mono which makes it incompatible. I'm using binhex-delugeVPN and using PIA as the VPN source. I'm getting this error when attempting to use the indexer, and/or when I perform a test, been getting this since error: System.Net.WebException: Error: ServerProtocolViolation: '' ---> Sy