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  1. +1 I would love to figure this out. What more can we do?
  2. Nearly everyday my docker image size (20gb total) goes from ~60% usage to 70%+ usage and the alarms start going off (70%). The image size continues to fluctuate (69%, 72%, etc.) so a ton of alarms go off. I believe the "Container" and "Writeable" are growing quickly due to Plex traffic but am not sure that is the only problem and want to understand all my applications a bit more. I am not interested in increasing the docker image size or changing when the alarms go off, I want to understand which applications are consuming the space and why. I have analyzed all my active docker containers and added a max log setting where applicable, when the log became large (>50mb), so I don't believe runaway logs are the problem: --log-opt max-size=50m --log-opt max-file=1 I know I can get a current snapshot of my docker usage by clicking the "Container Size" button on the /Docker page but that is only a current snapshot and it isn't fast enough or historical. I was thinking about collecting this data and placing it into a time series DB (InfluxDB or Prometheus) and graphing it (Grafana). I am most familiar with Prometheus but am not sure how to collect the data from: /mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img Any tips? Is this the best way to get this information/solve this problem? Has this been done before? Thanks!
  3. Following up on my previous post. First thing I did was to plug the flash drive into a Windows 10 PC, I ran chkdsk d: /f /r /x and it resulted in 0 errors. Next, I had an idea, try formatting the flash drive using the Windows 10 machine. I figured there could be an issue isolated with macOS. Downloaded Unraid USB Creator Win32 and reset the drive. I did not add my /config folder back. It booted up quickly to `Tower login:`. I was able to browse to my server IP via another computers web browser and saw it as an unregistered copy of unraid. So far so good! I have eliminated physical problems with the machine and the USB flash drive. Next I wanted to add the /config folder back to the drive but via the Windows 10 PC. Unraid booted up fine, it got past the rsyslogd.pid step. So I am still a bit confused as to the root cause. Potential culprits: - macOS formatting might have an issue - Copying /config from a macOS might have an issue - Other? I never did a memtest but will kick one off later this week.
  4. Tonight I will try: Get a windows 10 PC and run chkdsk on the flash drive This will determine if something is wrong physically or logically with the flash drive Try a brand new flash drive and clean copy of unraid (without my existing /config file) This will determine if something is wrong with the server's hardware (mobo, cpu, ram, usb port, etc.) Install a clean/new copy of unraid on a new flash drive and then move my /config folder over (I will need to move my license if this works, nbd) Also, LMK if I should start a new thread for this, not trying to hijack and existing thread but it is the same issue.
  5. Yes, I am using a USB2 port. It is the existing motherboard, flash drive, and same exact port as before (last 18 months).
  6. I am experiencing this now and I am unsure how to progress past the suggestions in this post (reformat usb flash). Details: - Sever was running fine for the last 18 months - Did a hardware upgrade (new cpus, case w/backplane) this last weekend and ran into this issue once but a reboot fixed it - Since then every time I reboot it has this issue. I have left it for 1 hour + with no change Steps I tried: - First I backed up my flash drive to my macOS desktop (verified it looked good, size was correct, etc) - I used the `Unraid USB Creator` on macOS. - Selected Stable, Unraid 6.8.1 (212 mb) - Clicked Customize - Checked Allow UEFI Boot - Selected my flash drive and Clicked Write - Replaced the /config folder from my desktop backup - Tried to boot into unRaid, boot screen shows, tried normal (headless), with GUI, and Safe mode. All had the same result. I have attached a 2 second video of the hanging. I have attached a screenshot of the hanging (same as video, just not live). Also, when I hit Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard it tried to Reboot (SIGTERM), it never actually reboots, it hangs also. I uploaded a pic of that. Thank you in advance, this is a super bummer for me as I have always had a really clean experience with unraid. IMG_6713.MOV IMG_6713.MOV
  7. Wow that actually worked! What was the logic behind that suggestion?
  8. I am trying to add a brand new 10tb drive to my array and am getting the above error when I start the array (see image). When I try to format the drive I get the error: I have found other posts suggesting xfs_repair but am not familiar with this command and not 100% sure it applies to my situation. Thanks in advance! unraid-diagnostics-20190517-0452.zip
  9. I got this working by buying a second SSD and putting my downloads on that. TBH, it was the single best thing I did after I got unRAID setup. I am in the process of building a second box now and will definitely have two SSDs. I know it sounds insane and nagged at me (I wasn't able to figure it out) but $40 down for a 512GB was worth it. Everything is great now.
  10. CPU pinning had no effect. Continued research looks like there are many people with this issue, here is essentially the same problem and he explains the problem very well -- why is there a problem running unRAID/docker but the same hardware on Windows is fine (download/unpack/UI responsive-ness). I have ordered another SSD and bet it will fix my problem. Shame so many people are having this issue and no one has solved it yet.
  11. After researching a bit more: I am trying CPU Pinning, will update when I have results:
  12. Also, I believe it to be linked to cpu iowait. Here is a screenshot from the Glances docker:
  13. @trurlLooks like I have 9, doesn't seem too crazy?
  14. Hi, I am relatively new to unRAID (~6 months) and started noticing degraded service (usability, lag) in my unRAID media server. Things worked fine for a few months but now Plex is hanging every day, it takes 30+ seconds to view my Main page (unRAID UI). I have tried restarting multiple times and it temporarily fixes it but not for long. At this point I think it might be SSD (a bit old) where my appdata lives. I have attached my diagnostics from today. I appreciate any help/direction. unraid-diagnostics-20181226-1636.zip