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  1. I got it working now! i changed it and it started working right away, altough the resolution is buggy, i've discovered this is because of my cable between the GPU and my monitor (DVI to VGA). I will replace this probably. I am now running with: GPU#1: Quadro FX1800 (unraid console) GPU#2: Nvidia GT730 (OVMF GPU) Thanks for the help, i would have never thought about it actually haha
  2. Oh, thanks! I have now got 2 GPU's wich i think do have UEFI support: NVIDIA GT730 and a Readeon 7 240. ill put those in tonight Do i not have to change the bios?
  3. Also something i think might be important to tell: the server itself is on legacy mode. I do not know if changing this will make the server unbootable?
  4. In my system i have the following specs: CPU:FX-8350 RAM:16GB DDR3 @1866 Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming GPU#1: Quadro fx1800 (unraid command line) GPU#2: Quadro fx3800 What i am trying to figure out is: Why do i get a display output when i use SeaBios with my Windows 10 VM, but do i not get this using OVMF? GPU config: I have tried: Using Custom ROM (https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?did=10DE-05FF-10DE-0661) rebooting server Does anyone have an idea how i can fix this? I really need to get OVMF with gou passtrough working because of the XML arguments that i want to use. Greetings, Max