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  1. Well Kavita cannot reacht the mail docker. in the logg the mail docker says this : info: Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime[14] Now listening on: http://[::]:5003 So i think there is something wrong with the hosting of the mail docker? Also, i had the Kavita app on my custom docker network. If i put it on "host" then the standard Kavita mail works.
  2. Hia Kizaing, thanks for this awesome work. I am trying to setup the new email container for use with a Gmail account. But i can't get this to work. Also the standard kavita mail never worked for me, always bringing back a 400 error.
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering, i have share with aprox 300GB of important data. i got an offsite backup, zfs snapshots etc. but i would like to also back it up on an external HDD like once a month. But the external HDD has to be always connected to the machine because i cant be botherd to plug it in and out (it is at my business location). i was wondering if i stub the USB controller and passed it through to a windows VM. When the windows VM is off, can this USB drive still be affected from ransomeware etc. from the array? of other VM's etc?
  4. No on the Asrock Phantom Gaming the 5700G didn't work at all. I tried all the bios updates and all the tricks but it turned out i was not the only one with a lower tier Asrock board who did not get the Cezanne chips working on it. So i purchased the Asus board and it worked (after the latest bios update). Only the igpu passthrough is not working for me at the moment. not even with the rom file from Tola5.
  5. I got the Asus TUF X570 Plus so that should be a decent board for it... but perhaps thats the reason? Though i had the Asrock Phantom Gaming 4 and with none of the Bios updates the 5700G worked.. With Windows RDP i can remote into the VM but the VM has only acces to the RDP videocontroller. There is no other controller so the 5700G igpu is still not working.
  6. I am using Hdmi, could use DVI but atm i am using HDMI. and honestly i am using mostly headless with hdmi dummy plugs and parsec.
  7. ?I have the displayport only not the monitor. but still if the displayport works i should be able to Teamviewer in right? But also in teamviewer i got no signal. as if it doesnt boot with the igpu passed through
  8. also tried that one.. Also tried binding them through Vfio.. no luck.
  9. Yes i did. The same as you did the AMD Family 17H
  10. Wondering what i am doing wrong because i have everything the same but i have no picture over HDMI. I have no immage over teamviewer either. added the video=efifb:off am on seabios on VNC the VM works perfect. anything i am missing?
  11. Asside from Plex transcoding. Any chance of passing the igou through to a Windows vm? and asside from the the igpu support. How is the buying advice regarding alder lake as a whole vs the ryzen 5000 series?
  12. Anyone got the Ryzen 7 5700G working allready? am trying to get it passed through a VM without succes still.
  13. My dear sweet Hoopster this did the trick... i feel stupid for overlooking this setting but unbelievable happy you set me on the right path! Thank you so much!!! Ok so now both the RX580 and the IGPU of the 5700G show up in Unraid. i can now make 2 separate VMs with their own passthroug Gpu.. I use them over Parsec remote desktop and my dear god this is awesome. this gives me headroom to run 2 normal pc's, 2 nvme drives a 2.5gbe card a 12 disk hdd array and 6 cache ssd's on this x570 platform! absolutely amazing. Thank you Hoopster! you made my life great again!
  14. Hey Guys, I got an R7 5700G with the iGPU and i was hoping to using it along side my rx580 to pass through a VM. But for some reason it won't show up in my system device list. If i pull out my rx580 it shows up just fine. if i put in another gpu alongside my rx580 they both shop up just fine (so no pcie lane issue) for clarification 1 vm with the rx580 and another vm with the igpu. the error i get is : Loading config from /boot/config/vfio-pci.cfg BIND=0000:0a:00.0|10de:1c82 0000:0a:00.1|10de:0fb9 --- Processing 0000:0a:00.0 10de:1c82 Error: Vendor:Device 10de:1c82 not found at 0000:0a:00.0, unable to bind device --- Processing 0000:0a:00.1 10de:0fb9 Error: Device 0000:0a:00.1 does not exist, unable to bind device --- vfio-pci binding complete Devices listed in /sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci: anyone any ideas where to look for?
  15. well i got 3 new disks but they work with the p410i raid controller. Only thing is all my data is on the old 1 disk. i would like to acces that data