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  1. To do list: Method of attack 1 : copy your program you are about to edit so you can revert if it goes wrong Method of attack 2: use a good text editor when editing and saving your program files. if you notice that in the program that you are editoring it differs i.e the colour differences in the text from the tutorail examples you have already watched, it can give some indicators where you have entered the incorrect syntax command information. Text editors if you have not already source them are; textmate(Mac) and notepad++(Windows) B
  2. Hi Noob User here, I am currently using lets encrypt as a docker within my unraid server, for the most part it is working fine. The current issue is read from my logs, I believe it is a note letting me know that I can add a GeoIP2 license if I add an environment variable. “Starting 2019/12/30, GeoIP2 databases require personal license key to download. Please retrieve a free license key from MaxMind, and add a new env variable “MAXMINDDB_LICENSE_KEY”, set to your license key.” I would like to utilize the feature, so I have signed up to Maxmind a
  3. Hi for the purpose of understanding, I have been trying to get just the streaming server working, I am not using MariaDB, WordPress, nor nextcloud, I just need to run the Rmtp to stream from OBS. I have followed your tutorial, not bad by the way, however I keep getting errors in the docker log show below, also my settings. I can only assume it is the nginx.conf, plus the docker does not start any hints on what i may be doing wrong any help is very welcome I am losing the will to live
  4. Hi, I see your requesting to stream using OBS, the reason I am jumping on this thread, I am also trying the same project, so far I have found a docker called nginx rtmp docker by dvdgiessen, unfortunately I have not been able to get it working after multiple tries, as it needs the skills of setting up in the docker manually, by mapping volumes and containers, I am new to Unraid and I am trying to get out of my comfort zone by having a go, not very successfully. The relevance of the RTMP is it allows the transfer of data by encoding from and to OBS, with the bandwidth permittin
  5. it would seem this is not as easy as one would think - Just to introduce myself, I am currently trying the same task above, I am by no means a Linux guru nor amazingly tech savvy, however I can follow good instructions haven built my own server and compiled the Unraid server, mounting and running various dockers just following YouTube Vids and forums a like. I would really like more clarity on this, from my limited understanding, I managed to configure the folders in the editable setup of the rtmp-nginx docker with the assigned port 1935, also creating the nginx.conf file with the