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  1. Thanks for the reply. Unraid itself is using both connections. My pfsense is on a different machine (not on my unraid machine) and the load balancing is happening there. All docker except delugevpn can take advantage of both DSL connections.
  2. I searched for it and can not find an answer. Maybe someone has a hint how this can be done: i have two DSL Internet connections at home which I load balanced with pfsense. When I download from other pages or via ftp I get the speed of both connections. Only delugevpn is using only one of these connections. Is there a way to get this to work?
  3. I have a 1080 ti passed through and using trident z neo 3600 32gb as RAM.
  4. Just an update: I just installed my new Ryzen 3900x on x370 Taichi with AGESA and passthrough works fine. But I had to enable PCIe ACS Override setting.
  5. Apparently a new AGESA update (AGESA fixes the passthrough problem. AMD does recommend this only for Ryzen 3000 Series. Could someone check if it will work with Ryzen 3000 Series?
  6. That't strange because it did work for me: I used AFUWIN via the command prompt with the command "AFUWINx64.exe X370TC5.10 /CAPSULE /B /P /N" Although I had windows installed with "Primary vDisk Location" set to manual and windows installed on a separate SSD which let me boot into windows without starting unraid.
  7. It looks like it is AGESA which is causing the problem and it affects all mobo's. I read couple posts that the last AGESA version which works with passthrough is AGESA Hopefully AMD can fix this problem fast, until then we can not use the new Ryzen CPU's with GPU passthrough. Regarding your mobo, you should be fine with bios version 4207 (like you said before march 2019).
  8. I had the same issue. MOBO: Asrock x370 Taichi Graphicscard: Asus DUAL-GTX1070-O8G Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Unraid 6.7.2 Bios version which broke passthrough: P5.60. Reverted back to 5.10 (didn't try P5.50 as I skipped this version) For people who have Asrock MOBO's: I booted straight into Windows 10, used AFUWIN Tool to downgrade BIOS ( with the command: AFUWINx64.exe X370TC5.10 /CAPSULE /B /P /N
  9. I had a lot of problems to connect too until I changed the name of the share. I used "TimeMachine" as the name of the share and I got errors back from timemachine (Permission denied (error 13) even the username/password were correct) until I changed the name of the share to something else. Then suddenly it connected without problems.