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  1. Ya, I'm not sure of what my issue was. Unfortunately I was without power for a week and internet for about a month during the Oregon storms. When I started it back up it was the Plex permissions changes and Nvidia changes. Not sure if either of those caused an issue, or I got some corruption somewhere. I did update things but it was crashing quite a bit. I did try and do some database restores, but they didn't work on this last pass. I did install binhex plex and it is working fine, so I migrated over to that. This was before I knew that you could copy all your meta dat
  2. Same - this has been happening to me once or twice a day. Restarting fixes this until today, where about a few minutes ago I can't access the webgui at all. Tryed updating the container etc. All other binhex dockers (sonar, radar, sabvpn, delug, etc work fine) I check logs, nothing seems unusual. Looks like it starts but no webgui
  3. Just a note, after the latest forced update everything is working well again.
  4. Having trouble connecting to Mullvad this morning and the webui. Looks like it is getting a soft connection reset. Force updated to the latest image (was working yesterday). Edit: I can connect to mullvad on other computers. Couldn't find any errors in the sup log file. Sup file attached supervisord.log
  5. Ah makes sense - annoying. I see it now and missed it when looking through the log. Thanks for looking at this! I really appreciate it!
  6. Done and attached - could it be something to do with the fact that I have remote as IP addresses and not names? I read that it does an nslookup on all remote supervisord.log
  7. I haven't been able to connect since after the updated it just hangs on trying to make a connection to mullvad vpn. Was working yesterday. Tried restarting multiple times and waited for it to connect for 15+ minutes. Connection works from other computers fine. I can telnet to the IP over port 443 from the unraid server Any help would be appreciated 2020-09-21 10:42:55,790 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: Mon Sep 21 10:42:55 2020 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET] Mon Sep 21 10:42:55 2020 Socket Buffers: R=[87380->1
  8. 4 SSD's in raid 10 for cache pool. I have 8x 10tb shucked WD whites for spinners/array with 2 parity drives of those. I haven't noticed the error on my esxi cluster, might not have the smart notifications setup right on that, or it is because it is on a dell h710 controller doing hardware raid in a dell r720xd and that error may not be noticed on the h710 The other 4 mx500's I have are on a ESXI cluster. (I have way too many servers about ~200 TB total, ESXI, Unraid, Freenas, Synology)
  9. Yep, going to do that, just not ideal as I'd like to monitor it
  10. Chock this up for another person with the issue. Will open a ticket with crucial as well as this is annoying. I have 8 of 1tb mx500's, all bought at different times over the past few years. The 4 I have in unraid all periodically report "current pending sector is 1" and then clear. Immediately after reporting field 197 of smart shows 0, so it must resolve very quickly.
  11. Solved, bitdefender was detecting update.php as an exploit in online threat protection when trying to set some unraid settings
  12. Hello, I'm having an issue with notifications. I tried searching but most of the threads I found were fairly old and it seems that some of the notification problems were fixed in newer versions. I am on version 6.6.7 Pro, with a fresh install. The only things I have done is install, parity and format disks. My next step was to setup notifications I enabled notifications for both browser and agents, and when enabling the notifications it does look like it is enabling them - below is a tail of syslog when I hit "apply" under the notifications settings.