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  1. I had this issue too. It was my fault I misconfigured my telegraf.conf. Under the [[inputs.diskio]] section make sure this following line is there and/or uncommented. device_tags = ["ID_SERIAL"] I mistakenly commented it out in my conf file and it was a real PITA to figure it out. Hope that helps.
  2. I am using Seagate ST2000NM0023 drives. They are older and I have a couple newer drives in my test server. I ordered on the way for testing. The drive identity says Available - device has SMART capability. I included a screenshot of the self-test section along with the smart report. ST2000NM0023_Z1X1AD7B_35000c50057a953f7-20210406-1756.txt
  3. It must still be the case. I cant get smart data from SAS drives either. Maybe for 6.9.2 @limetech could be upgraded to a version with bug fixed or downgraded to the version from 6.8.2 that worked. I do get probably 99% of unraid users don't use SAS drives.
  4. The connects your unraid server with the site. It gives you access to download your key auto backup of the USB drive (unencrypted for now) and remote access (requires port forwarding). Also if you have more then one unraid server it makes it easy to switch back and forth between them. I don't think there would be anything to integrate with 1.7 but not positive on that.
  5. Just a little note plugin got updated it works alongside the Unraid API now.
  6. I checked the log no plugin error. That will work, I used to pay for them to use with my Synology when I used that but I couldn't remember where I purchased them from. I don't mind paying I just didnt want to pay an arm and leg for a cert to use myself.
  7. I thought I used the CrushFTP 10 version the first time but I used the link and tried that and it still doesn't show in the plugin list. I even tried removing and removing the appdata directory as well and still not there. I guess when I get some time ill look into the reverse proxy since it will allow for other passthrough as well. Thanks for looking into it.
  8. I'd like to say I'm really liking the CrushFTP container. I have been looking for something like this since I switched to unraid. I would really like to use the LetsEncrypt plugin. I have downloaded it and copied it to my /*/appdata/crushftp/plugins but I can not get it to load, I have tried restarting and stopping and starting the container and nothing. I'm assuming its a java issue since it says it doesn't work with java 9 & 10. Maybe a feature request to add for an update or maybe I'm going something wrong. Thanks
  9. I did know I could changes the names I just haven't yet. I added the growth snapshot back. I did try editing it but the "field (total)" through me off I was looking for specifics like "tv shows" or "shows" that I should change.
  10. I added SSD lifetime Writes, Reads, and Used for both NVME drives in my cache pool and the same for my octane drive as my second cache pool (can't wait foe @limetech to add multi array pools). I don't have a Documentary and Anime directories for Plex so I removed them and added the TV Episodes and Movie Week, Month, and Year panels from 1.5. I also removed the Plex Library Growth snapshot since it showed added TV shows and not episodes since I don't use the *dars to add to my collection.
  11. Here is my inputs.diskio config (I assume that's the plugin) for UUD to get drive info. The telegraf log has a smart error for a drive sitting in server in a precleared state, I dont think that is the issue. Everything seems to work all the smart stuff the array growth works. I haven's checked every panel but from what I've seen it will only mess up the "SSD Writes" panels.
  12. I should have known that was too easy. Yes I know SD* naming can change but they are pretty static unless boot order is changed in BIOS/UEFI or the hardware physically changed like a new bay on a backplane or plugged into a different SATA port. Serial would be better to use 100%. 1.5 also never listed drives for me either.
  13. This wasn't showing up for me either I changed the Query and Regex in all the disk variables. Pic shown but to copy and paste Qurey: SHOW TAG VALUES FROM "diskio" WITH KEY = "name" Regex: (?!sd.1|md|loop|nvme0n\dp.*).*$ The Regex isn't needed is will just remove all the partitions of drives and the array mounted drives, just gives a pit less to choose from. Hope it works for others
  14. I could not find anything about this. I spent the last hour on this, I mirrored my server port in my switch and ran tcpdump. It turns out if you are using the plugin with remote access enabled it disables IP direct connections with a DNS hackery with a random string This blocks the UNRAID-API from connecting to unraid with an IP and UNRAID-API is not capable (from what I can tell) of using a FQDN as a connection. Side note it just doesn't use DNS lookup. Also UNRAID-API or unraid itself seems to have an issue with "Use SSL/TLS" set to auto (or at lease for me) but works
  15. I'm having the same issue as @Flendor UNRAID-API gives no info on Unraid. Occasionally it will give mover info but it refreshes and goes away within seconds of showing up. Anybody discovered a fix to this? Thanks in advanced.