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  1. Well I have solved the issue - didn't happen last night. I only changed a couple of things on the server and my network infrastructure - not sure what solved it. This is what I did before the appointed hour: 1. Updated some backend software on the Unraid Server 2. I stopped my Netdata docker because of how it was running it was highly suspect. 3. I removed an old router from my infrastructure that has caused problems in the past: dropping internet unexpectedly; certain ports messed up access; the reason I moved to PF Sense as speeds were extremely slow over fibre internet (getting 50 mbps when I should be getting at least 500mbps); when used as main router it would glitch out regularly. I think it is option 3 but not prepared to test it ..... I will however offer it up to the God of Routers and burn it on the alter of internet speeds mwahahaha. Sorry I digress. Lesson learned: Don't just expect that it is a software problem .... it might be hardware! Cheers
  2. Ok thanks muchly. I have set up a syslog server on my windows PC and await 11:10 pm. I figure that is the best way to receive and process the entries. Good catch - I had no idea this was possible. Thanks Cheers
  3. All, This is bizarre and not really sure how to approach this.... Every evening at exactly 11:10 pm the entire server "freezes". I can't get into the server, internet is down - there is no way to communicate with the server. I just dies - I have never seen that before. There were a few updates a few days ago and that is the only thing that has changed. The only solution is to reboot the server but I have to use the power switch to get it to shutdown ..... last night it triggered a parity check (previous 2 nights it did not). This has been going on for 3 straight nights with no end in site. Equipment: Dell R710 2U rackmount server Onboard 4 port NIC 23 HT’s and 46G memory Unraid server with various dockers such as Nextcloud, NZBGet, Sonarr and Bitwarden Server is stable and functioning as expected. PF Sense running on a VM using 2 of the 4 internal NIC's It has been really stable for the past 6 to 8 weeks. No sign of trouble. I did look at all the logs for the dockers, all cron jobs and found nothing except: Duckdns Docker Log at approx. the same time as the "outage" Something went wrong, please check your settings Sun May 17 23:10:05 EDT 2020 [s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6/etc...exited 0. [s6-init] ensuring user provided files have correct perms...exited 0. [fix-attrs.d] applying ownership & permissions fixes... [fix-attrs.d] done. [cont-init.d] executing container initialization scripts... [cont-init.d] 01-envfile: executing... [cont-init.d] 01-envfile: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: executing... usermod: no changes Only thing I have found remotely close to the same time. I am out of ideas as to what is happening and am looking for some direction on where to look next. I will peruse the jobs that Sonarr and Radarr launch but no expecting much. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  4. Just saw this and I was stuck for a long time. The solution was to follow the instructions found in this forum - All hail CHBMB! 😉 The problem is that a lot of folks don't use the container from linuxserver.io method of installing Nextcloud - therefore most trying to help assume it is a manual docker install or some other method and provide fixes based on that. Especially if you are using some other forum (ie Nextcloud forum). It's important to make sure when asking a question in any forum with regards to this container is to state what and how you have installed. This method has worked for me every time - on Nextcloud latest. Be careful, some of the commands don't work if you copy and paste from the forum. If you copy and paste a command and it doesn't work - enter it in manually. Or, enter them all manually. Hope this helps.
  5. trurl, Well I went ahead and did the search and found what the problem was. You were exactly right! 👍 The docker.img file was totally on the array, and libvert.img was on the array and the cache. I have now moved both to cache and have seen the disk utilization of the cache go up by the requisite amount. I actually shutdown the dockers and vm and manually copied the files elsewhere, deleted and copied it back. Nice to know there is a better way to do this using the mover app! I'm gonna put your rules in a frame and mount it on the wall! You explained it perfectly. 😁. You may want to "sticky" these rules! I have left the system share, along with appdata and domains as cache-only which I'm hoping will keep things right. Well, a lot of lessons learned and a much more stable system thanks to you - you are the man! 😎 By the way - system is floating between 2% - 5% cpu usage - I'm sure the server has a happy face 😉 Thanks again Cheers
  6. Also, I ran fix common problems and I get this message: "Share system set to cache-only, but files / folders exist on the array You should change the share's settings appropriately or use the dolphin / krusader docker applications to move the offending files accordingly. Note that there are some valid use cases for a set up like this. In particular: THIS" How to find the offending files? and/or will mover move these out of the array? I am doing some research on this and it seems a fairly common problem .... Ill chase this down. Cheers
  7. trurl, I hope I understood what you were asking. I changed the deluge docker to debug and the following was the output from the run command: Let me know if this is what you were looking for and/or do you need something else??? Oh I made the changes to the shares as you suggested. Thanks again Cheers Deluge_log.txt
  8. Yes, noticed it when I looked to see how the server utilization was. It was much higher than normal. I only have 1 vm - Pf sense. This is the binhex container with vpn. I will try this tomorrow as it is quite late. Thanks for your feedback and I'll report back after I give this a go. Cheers
  9. Ok as requested. Thankyou Cheers tower-diagnostics-20200326-2053.zip
  10. All, I am having the same problem. I just installed Deluge and got it working. I am getting these warnings: I did a docker container size and got this: Did I mess up the setup? I did as was suggested that I use the cache drive and mover. The disk utilization looks to come from writeable/container = 72% I have to admit since I just starting using it I really don't know that much about it .... Any tips on a direction would be useful. Thanks in Advance Cheers
  11. All, Thanks to everyone who responded. Well as it turns out I had the configuration of the NAT rules correct. But, because I am on a fibre network, had to do some stuff with the modem and service. That is what was preventing me from having this work. The modem has to be bypassed because it has its own firewall etc. I am in Canada and use Bell Fibe. Bell uses their "3000" fibre modem. For anyone who wants to know, the information on the changes can be found at : www.dslreports.com The PF Sense is working correctly and I have external access to my server. 😊 Thanks all Cheers
  12. Well I tried forwarding to the server at .... is that what you mean?
  13. I have posted both here and on PF Sense forums I hope general was the place to put this.
  14. All, Well I have been at this for well over a week and seem no closer to resolution. Objective is to configure PF Sense to allow traffic through from reverse proxy to specific unraid dockers. Local access works no problem. I can access all of my dockers locally. I use duckdns to provide my reverse proxy. Equipment: Dell R710 2U rackmount server Onboard 4 port NIC 23 HT’s and 46G memory Unraid server with various dockers such as Nextcloud, NZBGet, Sonarr and Bitwarden Server is stable and functioning as expected. PF Sense running on a VM using 2 of the 4 internal NIC's local http and https access to dockers is working. Needed: Set of rules and configurations to access from unraid dockers externally through reverse proxy at duckdns.org Can someone point me in the direction of a possible solution. I have tried a bunch of different methods to set up rules in PF Sense with no joy so far. PF Sense is blocking access. Very happy with PF Sense so far - except this. It is a deal breaker for me. Searched this and the PF Sense forum and have not found much. Thanks in advance... Cheers
  15. Thanks to you for getting this going with your tip on versions. Very happy camper here with much better internet throughput.😊😊 2x my speeds.... I will update first post with the solution.👍 Cheers