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  1. So if you limit the ram to only use 4gb, it will delete once it reaches that limit and keep going. The alternative would be once the movie stops playing, it deletes it all at once. Does this sound correct?
  2. I've done this. I'm only getting the spikes when I install gpu stats. I notice it's only when the dashboard is open as well.
  3. On the latest update with unraid 6.9.30beta35 I'm getting cpu spikes. Once I uninstall the plugin they go away. Nvidia-smi showing a high percentage in top. No issues with the older version. Any ideas?
  4. Ever since upgraded to the new version of the Nvidia driver I'm getting crazy cpu spikes. Any ideas? I had zero issues with this until I just upgraded. In top I see Nvidia-smi as using the most. If I uninstall, I level back down to almost zero cpu usage. This is all while idling. Can I roll back or what can I do?
  5. It switches yes to p0. I've talked to someone else and they said they ran the Nvidia persistent command to idle 'properly'. I just wanted to make sure there isn't an issue or if I need to try and get it to not throttle on idle. I hear it's normal then that it's not.
  6. Everything works and I appreciate the hard work. I do have a couple questions. Is it normal for it to idle throttled? And also my clock speeds are extremely low. Thanks
  7. I'm showing idle on gpu throttle. When it has a season its no, only in idle. Any ideas?
  8. I'm on 6.9.0-beta25 and when I try spinning down the drive after the plugin is installed, it stays green and doesn't spin down. I've tried reinstalling but same thing. Disk log information shows a continues attempt to try and spin down the drive.
  9. I rebooted my server, then tried to install the plug in and it now shows installed. Thanks
  10. I'm the notes it says fixed spin down issues. Are SAS drives still not able to spin down?
  11. I removed my SAS drives because of the spin down issue. I was going to try to install this plug-in before putting them back in my server. It says run failed. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I plan on running 12 disk not including the cache. Does the mid tier license work for this or does 12+ cache put me at 13 so I'd need unlimited? Thanks