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  1. Login with default admin account (admin:adminadmin), go to options, Web UI tab, and put your desired password in the Authentication section of the tab. Restart the docker and its done. You can also use the option "Bypass authentication for clients in whitelisted IP subnets" adding the IP of your Sonarr docker to unban sonarr from qbittorrent.
  2. Thank you, much appreciated. Btw, worth noting that this also spins down tha fan/s, which was my main concern.
  3. Yes it does. But in order to get the power state 8 once you power off the VM you have to execute the command again. As far as i can tell, the bahaviour is like the win VM sets the graphics card in power state 0 when is shutting down (of course if it wasn't a VM this doesn't matter), and then the host leaves it that way. I don't know if there is a way for QEMU to catch a shutting down machine and automatically set the persistance mode, i haven't researched that far.
  4. I've found that forcing persistance mode does the trick. Open a terminal and "nvidia-smi -pm 1". Why? Dunno but it works in my 1060