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  1. Thank you, much appreciated. Btw, worth noting that this also spins down tha fan/s, which was my main concern.
  2. Yes it does. But in order to get the power state 8 once you power off the VM you have to execute the command again. As far as i can tell, the bahaviour is like the win VM sets the graphics card in power state 0 when is shutting down (of course if it wasn't a VM this doesn't matter), and then the host leaves it that way. I don't know if there is a way for QEMU to catch a shutting down machine and automatically set the persistance mode, i haven't researched that far.
  3. I've found that forcing persistance mode does the trick. Open a terminal and "nvidia-smi -pm 1". Why? Dunno but it works in my 1060