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  1. is it safe to update? Last time all torrents were gone
  2. WTF After update to 4.3.3 all my torrents are gone
  3. Umm i add torrent but it does not work. It worked perfectly fine before
  4. Why my all torrents from one tracker became stalled and tracker status is not working but on windows 10 with 4.2.1 it works fine? What could have caused this?
  5. how can i launch terraria server with mods?
  6. Is it possible to give more cores to the minecraft server?
  7. OK. when I do screen -xS Minecraft i get -bash: screen: command not found
  8. well it works now, probably good old "have you tried turning it off and on again?" helped...
  9. How do I delete everything and start over?
  10. I checked the folder, it is inside. Did not change name.
  11. what do i do? Cannot exec '/serverdata/serverfiles/runtime/jre1.8.0_211/bin/java': No such file or directory on minecraft
  12. Hello, where can i see temperature? Its not displayed on main page? Edit: nvm, found it. so small... lol