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  1. I'm very proud of this community. You all are awesome Did anyone ever figure out how to get the AX1500i to work?
  2. I am not here just for storage. VM - Docker - Community Driven Development - A real OS made by real people - Creative Solutions - Help for one off problems - people looking to solve new problems in new ways - constant evolution. I looked at other NAS systems, other OS, other boxed units and settled on Unraid after a few weeks of research. I'm VERY happy I did. I'm glad to be here. I don't want to see it turn into anything else, except, a further evolving product. I paid for a PRO license, and, I am very appreciative to have this software available to me. I was a user of the Nvidia optio
  3. For anyone who finds this - I ended up having to manually add the config file by pulling the generic config from githup and manually creating it. There was nowhere I could find the config that was being used. I copied that into a text editor and saved it into the root influx appdata dir.
  4. For sale is a used Asus WS C246 Pro Motherboard. This retails for ~$250 before shipping - For sale for $150 USD shipping included to USA Note the #2 PCIe 1X slot is physically damaged and has been sealed over. All other functions are OK. Please see the photos to ensure you don't need that slot. We can combine shipping with the processor I have for sale if you like. They are compatible and ran my unraid system very well together. I will consider partial value trade ($65 credit) in trade for a LSI SAS9300-8i. I have this currently listed
  5. This is clean and from home use. Non-smoking. No defects. Factory reset. Free USPS Priority Shipping to USA - Global shipments pay shipping fee for USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box. Unifi Cloud Key Gen 2 UCK-G2 $130 USD - Insured shipping to USA. I will consider partial value trade ($65 credit) in trade for a LSI SAS9300-8i. I have this currently listed on Ebay. We can exchange a message through there, if you like, to verify my 800+ positive feedback rating and to confirm this is legit. Enjoy! Payment via Paypal or Venmo OK.
  6. For sale is a 9 month used Intel Xeon E-2176G LGA 1151 processor. CPU only. Removed from service 12/2019. Photos taken after removal. No issues. $310USD - Free insured USPS priority shipping to USA. I will beat the lowest publicly advertised in stock price you can find. Please feel free to send me a link and an offer. Thanks for looking! I have this currently listed on Ebay. We can exchange a message through there, if you like, to verif
  7. @matthope I hope you wouldn't mind shedding a bit of your wisdom on this subject. My target is to passthrough my iGPU HDMI with HDMI audio to a Debian Buster VM. I can pass through the HDMI - a lspci and alsa testing shows no sound options if only the 00:02 is passed through. It needs the other piece. Which HDMI output are you using? My real goal is multichannel/highres HDMI audio for that VM. I read this whole thread you helped in, and this one - Various postings seem to imply I should be successful. I must be missing something I've tried in UEF
  8. As an aside note - on the Unraid Dashboard my eth1 shows only 60Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up. That is all CCTV traffic. I'll happily take guidance on the best network setup for my use case
  9. 16 hours of Memtest on 64GB of ECC - 1.32x passes and 0 errors. Memtest is satisfied. CPU was at 46-47 degrees the whole time. I don't know 😭what to test next. During the prior crashes the only things running were Plex Official docker and ShinobiCCTV docker. Plex I have had for a year. Shinobi has been 3-4 months - there is slight correlation in timing. Shinobi shows very low resource utilization. Question on Network simplification. I have eth0 and eht1 - separated, each is allowed to bridge. eth0 is my primary server interface and a
  10. @ testdasi I'll add that to my experiments list Thank you for the idea. I finished more reading today about the way the xml can be setup to plug devices into the guest PCIe bus in different manners/topology. I'll report back if I find any good solutions or have a new clue.
  11. @jonathanm I'm sorry if it was confusing. I've been working on this since November. I'm not the ask for help first type.... Volumio is a custom Debian image. It is a great piece of software. They offer it as a .img file for running on dedicated hardware and small processors such as Rpi and others. They offer an x86 version, but it is intended to boot from flash and be the only thing running. I have Nvidia GPU passthrough working on my windows VM in my unraid machine - it works spendidly. No issues. Both of my currently installed video cards pass throu
  12. I've spent a few hundred on hardware, a good 30+ hours on troubleshooting and reloading this VM over and over with various configurations and iterations. I've tried installing headers, installing legacy and modern Nvidia drivers and changing config files. My linux knowledge is limited, but I'm good at research and variable based testing to solve problems. I'm stumped. I would bet that some of you would enjoy hifi bitperfect audio via HDMI out of your Unraid machine. What could I be missing? Would you be interested in helping to get this running stable as a VM? W