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  1. Thank You, should I expect the change will take effect in the next beta?
  2. Yes, i'm aware Still, all these available formats lack multiple language-specific glyphs, including polish. Would You be so kind as to update the files, or direct me towards a person that is responsible for it, please?
  3. @bonienl would it be possible to update WOFF fonts to include glyps from other languages than presently available? In my case i have a mix of clear-sans and times new roman which looks quite ugly That's just the main navbar, but it;'s the same everywhere. Apparently according to FontDrop, the Clear Sans version unRaid is using does support only 15 languages, not including polish: Whereas the TTF font available for download here: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/clear-sans supports 36 languages including polish. It seems that even if I locally install this TTF version, my browsers (Chrome and Firefox) default to the woff fonts that do not include polish characters
  4. I think the language switch icon, might have been working, but other pages were mostly empty. The problem was caused by wrong format of line ends (CRLF) instead of (LF). Restarting solved that fortunately - unRaid had only English after reboot. Still, out of curiosity - is there any path accessible to the user via ssh, where the config is located?
  5. Is there any possibility of defining national date format? I unRaid the default is for example "Thursday, 2019 Aprlil 4". In polish it makes no sense, because we are used to a different format like "Thursday, 4 April 2019" which translates to "Czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2019".
  6. Testing first two files after translation. Per instruction i've zipped whole folder, uploaded and switched to Polish. then parts of GUI work ok, but crucially the forms for reverting to english or reuploading the zip file do not work at all. I know that restarting reverts to english, but how do i change the GUI language back to english via the terminal, to avoid restarting?
  7. That is wonderful, already put to good use, thank You!
  8. Good Sir, would it be possible to create an icon for Microserver Gen8?
  9. Same problem here. Temporary solution that I came up with is to edit the docker settings and change repository to an older version: "linuxserver/duplicati:v2.0.4.23-"
  10. The list is as follows: CA Backup / Restore Appdata Community Applications Dynamix SSD TRIM Dynamix System Information Dynamix System Statistics Dynamix System Temperature File Activity Fix Common Problems Nerd Tools Open Files OpenVPN Client OpenVPN Server TUN mode rclone Unassigned Devices unBALANCE User Scripts Wake On Lan support Strange thing... does the screenshot look similar to what a curl would output?
  11. Hi there! Noticed some "table" appearing at the very end of boot process, after starting samba daemons in console, what is it, and what are the speeds in the table about if anybody knows? Also - can I change something in config files to clear the screen after boot, so only login prompt is visible?
  12. OK, so if that does that, then is it normal that afterwards the files get permissions depending on the username that put them there instead of nobody?
  13. All my shares use only SMB. Just found out, I can use the "Docker Safe New Permissions", running it now, will report the results. Still the question remains, why so vast differences in the state of folder permissions in the first place. EDIT: Permissions in old folders and files seem to be fixed, but any newly created folder gains again different settings, is that how it's supposed to be? Does not make any sense to me drwxrwxrwx 1 he users 0 Jun 18 19:58 New\ folder/ drwxrwsrwx 1 nobody users 226 Feb 11 12:54 Old\ Folder/
  14. I have two users set up in unRaid, let's call them "he" and "she" There is a share called "common" with access set in unRaid as Read/Write to both "he" and "she" users. There is a folder on that share that "he" can open and write to, but "she" cannot. When I check via terminal the underlying permissions they are set to: drwxrwx--- 1 he 2000 0 Jun 18 18:38 Folder/ What is stranger, there are other folders in the same share with totally different permissions: drwxrws--- 1 he 2000 100 Oct 7 2017 Folder2/ drwxr-xr-x 1 he 2000 4096 Apr 17 08:53 Folder3/ drwxrwxrwx 1 he users 8192 Jun 12 13:24 Folder4/ Why are the permissions so vastly different? It appears "she" can access only these folders, which have a group set to "users" instead of 2000. How do I safely repair the permissions? Do i simply use chmod, or is there some setting in the GUI?