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  1. This is what I can't remember. I currently have it on /mnt/cache/emby and it seems to work. Is that an ok spot?
  2. Emby has been great on my low power J4105 system for two years but has become very slow on transcoding lately. I'm not sure if it's due to upgrading to 6.9.x or what. So I signed up for Premiere to use Intel Quicksync. I had to switch to the Beta version but so far so good. I did try to set my transcode directory to /dev/shm/ and that worked fine until it got full. So now I need to switch it back to the cache drive but cannot remember what it was. What does the docker need to be to use the cache drive? Also what is the container path for Emby? I swear I've looked
  3. Any reason the rclone plugin would not be updating? The Unrain plugin, not rclone itself. I'm on 2020.09.19 and the update to 2020.09.29 hangs and never downloads. Several other plugins updated just fine.
  4. I have an uncommon issue and wanted to ask for help. I run Backup & Restore every day at 3AM. Works great. However, I have recently begun using a Docker for Don Melton Video Transcoding scripts on some media to reduce sizes and convert to MP4. This Docker doesn't run like normal and is initiated by a command line command, but it works fine. I only utilize 1-2 cores to not overload my small server since the time to transcode doesn't matter to me. But this is where I keep having the problem. At 3:00 AM when Backup & Restore runs it stops the Docker and transc
  5. THANK YOU! This worked. Took a roundabout way but I think I figured out what had happened. Back in September my server crashed and I had to go back to an older CA Backup & Restore backup of everything. While that saved everything, I remember now Nextcloud was being finicky about updating back then and must have been halfway through the process when it crashed. Also an older tar.gz file had never been cleared out and I had to delete it this time to make it all work when I used the command line occ upgrade steps. I'm now on 20.0.4.
  6. I hate to bump this so soon but do not know what to try next.
  7. Attempting to update from 19.0.3 to 19.0.6 (what the GUI says is available). Have tried GUI method a few times over the last month and it always fails. Tried the manual method today and it continues to fail. Below is the error it gives. I'm also unable to now login to the GUI. Slightly concerned but am sure someone here can point the way. Attached is a screenshot of the GUI. Clicking "start update" give the same error listed below copied from the command line. Also added a screenshot after running the repair & updater commands from a few pages back.
  8. It's !@#$%&* FIXED! It took 3 pours of single barrel Four Roses but I finally stumbled on this Reddit post: I had saved my last CA Backup & Restore before it rolled off to my pc and was able to copy over the Nextcloud folder in full. From there I used the command line update procedure in the first post of this thread. Drink more everyone.
  9. Some progress everyone. Any idea where to go from here?
  10. I had to rebuild my Unraid from a flash backup and have just now figured out how to recover and reinstall Dockers. I have mariadb and Nextcloud dockers installed but am having issues. Nextcloud is unavailable via webGUI. I get a blank white page with "Update in progress." in the top left. Some searching led me to try to update via command line. Typing "docker exec -it nextcloud occ maintenance:mode --on" (the first step) yields "sh: docker: not found". This is the command line selected from the docker. From the main Unraid command line the same command
  11. Bumping this. Any ideas? If I recreate the docker using the exact same user, share, passwords, etc. will it all work?
  12. My Unraid OS crashed this week and I have limped it back to live with no data loss. However, I have lost some plugins and dockers. Plugins are not the end of the world, but is there a way to restore the Nextcloud docker (and MariaDB docker) to get it back like it was? I have a current flash backup file.
  13. IT WORKS It looks like all the data is intact. Two drives are throwing UDMA CRC errors (1 & 3) so I'm not sure that's a big deal. So how greedy is it to ask if there is a way to get my plugins and settings back? And specifically the Nextcloud docker? It's not worth my data to risk it but if there's an easy way I'm interested. Thank you for the help!
  14. Ok got a monitor on it and turned it on. It is booting to the motherboard UEFI. I can't make it boot into Unraid from the newly formatted (but original) flash drive. It sees the flash drive but for some reason won't go past the bios. ETA: Shut it down and tried again. Went to boot select this time. I can pick the flash drive and hit enter but it just goes right back to the selection. Will not take it and run. Have run down the usual suspects. Same USB flash drive as before. Same USB2 slot. Made with the creator tool. ETA: Ok took a bit
  15. Used same flashdrive, new 6.8.3 from creator and copied over super.dat and Basic.key. It turns on, fans running, but no led for network connectivity or blue led on power button. Let it run for ~20 minutes with no change. Hard shutdown and tried again, same result. Can't reach via Firefox or Putty. My router has it set on a static IP (which I assume would've stayed the same) and it isn't coming up as online. Bad motherboard? Try new flashdrive? Take is apart and reseat all connections?