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  1. I upgraded a week ago 6.8.3 from 6.8.2 and have been having network timeout errors when copying large files. This happens most often when my Ubuntu desktop tries to copy or move large mp4 or MKV files to the server. Sizes range from 6GB to 35GB. My W10 laptop has also experienced some time outs but not as many as the desktop. All devices are wired through a switch. Both the server and Ubuntu machine have been restarted over the last week and the issue persists. The W10 laptop is restarted every day or two. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20200329-1604.zip
  2. Unraid 6.8.3 and Emby Both have been flawless for a year. My latest MKV rip "Direct Plays" to my Roku TV where all of my other MKVs (1080p H264 & VC1) transcode and the server stays ahead of it easily. This "Direct Playing" MKV will start but then stop anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in. Any ideas?
  3. I've been on 6.8.3 for nearly a week. Suddenly I'm having issues copying (or moving) large files from an Ubuntu machine to the Unraid server. Sizes are 6GB to 35GB. The error given in Ubuntu is "Connection Timed Out". Connection is wired. Ubuntu machine and Unraid server have both been restarted and issue persists. I am also suddenly having problems with an MKV file trying to play through Emby. The movie is an H264 MKV but attempts to "Direct Play" and does not transcode. All other H254 MKV's I have transcode (I have no idea why but it works fine) to my Roku TV. Anyone have ideas?
  4. I have my Firefox about:config settings tweaked to resist fingerprinting resulting in the browser time being UTC instead of US Pacific. Unraid is set to Pacific and works fine. However, System Statistics must use the browser time resulting in the graphs being off by 8 hours. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. I wanted to bump this to see if anyone has this working. I'd love to offload my Don Melton transcoding to my Unraid server overnight. I have attempted to make my own Docker but cannot seem to make it work. It downloads the Docker, but I know my folders are not right and probably missing something.
  6. I have looked and even searched again given the context of what you are saying but cannot find any information. Can you give me any more details or point me in the right direction? Thanks
  7. I am trying to track down higher than normal API calls on B2 with Rclone. I have been in the official Rclone forums and they told me what to log. However, when I add a --log-file to the script I get a log but am unable to open it. When I try to open it from my W10 pc I get the following: You do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission. The log file is saved to "/mnt/user/Folder/log.txt" where "Folder" is a normal folder I access files with from the pc. It's there, I can see it, but it won't let me open. I've searched but I've given up!
  8. THANK YOU! I couldn't figure the terminal thing out!
  9. I am backing up 820GB (150k files) nightly to B2 and keep exceeding the free 2500 Class C Transaction limit. I bumped this limit big time on my initial upload and added the --fast-list flag to my command and it made a huge difference but for whatever reason I am going over my daily limit still. My cron job runs nightly and the stats show 20-30% cpu usage for 60+ minutes to complete the sync. I am updating very little each night but do want to make sure everything stays synced. How can I reduce the Class C transactions, specifically list_file_names?
  10. I have successfully set up an Rclone backup of important folders on my Unraid server. Everything is encrypted before leaving using the Crypt feature in Rclone. We backup iPhone photos to Nextcloud and I would also like to back them up to the cloud as well using Rclone. I have the Nextcloud instance encrypted on the server. If I backup the Nextcloud folder in Unraid using Rclone I can sent it out encrypted and recover it and unencrypt. How would I then install the still encrypted Nextcloud folder and be able to recover the files? I am looking to plan against a disaster event where my Unraid server is destroyed (fire, flood, etc.).
  11. This seems to have worked itself out. 1. I manually started the Rclone script when I had it ready and then it appears to have started again when the cron job in User Scripts triggered on top of itself resulting in multiple copies of many files and the extreme data usage. After killing the processes and then allowing it to fire up again with User Scripts it resolved itself and completed. 2. Backblaze took 24hrs to fully remove the duplicate files to then get correct data amounts (at least I think so!). The Backblaze total does not match the "rclone size" total or the Windows Explorer total. Same amount of files and the GB's are close enough that it's got to be the difference in GB measuring.
  12. I started my initial sync last night of ~150 GB and was surprised to see it still running when I got home tonight. I ended up killing the process to stop the sync as I was unsure of when it might stop and I am limited to a data cap with my ISP. An "rclone size" command reveals 106 GB but Backblaze B2 says the bucket has 172 GB in it. The bucket was created exclusively for Rclone, is my only bucket, as was empty when I started the sync. I tested multiple folders with small (< 10 GB) data amounts prior going all in on Rclone and everything went fine. Backblaze wanted to retain files after deletion but I changed the settings in both Rclone and the bucket to only keep the last version and everything seemed correct. What could I be missing to have such different totals?
  13. I found it. Thank you!
  14. I had the issue other have had over the last few days. I think it is back working but my Rclone version is 1.50.1, is that correct or should it be 1.50.2? How do I backup my config file? I would like to use it on a different computer at work to pull down and sync.
  15. FWIW I was able to make this happen. I knew it was possible just surprised myself in actually making it work. I am not looking to mount the drive or use it in real time as a sync folder, just wanted to be able to download my B2 backup should my Unraid server die or get destroyed. I did NOT want to have a B2 encrypted backup with no way to pull it down other than a new Unraid server and it looks like I am setup to go with B2 as a backup solution. ETA: I am having trouble getting multiple folders to sync. Does everything need to be under one folder or can I pick and choose multiple folders to sync from different locations or shares?