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  1. I did remember that but thank you for the reminder as that isn't very intuitive/obvious!
  2. Putty it is then. Thanks for your help, as always!
  3. I actually forgot that was adjustable. 😫 I put the container last to buy more time, but I haven't tried increasing the delay. Duh... I'll try that next.
  4. Very true, and I can certainly do that. It is just to tantalizingly easy to click the terminal button when in the interface, though. To your point - putty is a fine workaround if it can't be changed.
  5. I thought it might be that.... If I remember correctly I created it on the console of the unraid server, than I added this to my container as a post argument: "; docker network connect --ip br3 avahi" I need the docker to talk to 2 networks (the whole point of the mDNS reflector), and couldn't figure out any other way to bind the container to 2 networks.
  6. I guess I'm getting old... I simply can not easily read some of the text on the unraid console when I get in there. The green background highlighting with blue text messes with my eyes. Is there any way to change that? Example, see the text on the directory listing:
  7. I have one docker container that will not start after a reboot. Every time, I have to go into the container, edit it, change something (anything) and hit Apply, then it starts and runs just fine. It is the only container I have that does that, and I'm struggling to understand why. It isn't the end of the world, since a simple edit/apply fixes it until next reboot, but it is just weird. The container in question is named "avahi". As you may guess, it runs the avahi mDNS reflector service. unraid-diagnostics-20191231-1720.zip
  8. Well, the plugin says to post questions here, so I did.... 🤷‍♂️ Attached. Thanks! unraid-diagnostics-20191231-1720.zip
  9. Every reboot I get the following warning in FCP. I then do Apply Fix, it says 'fix applied successfully', and I go on my merry way. Next reboot same warning message. Is there any way to stop this permanently?
  10. Understood, and that's what I did - no issues. Thanks for maintaining these great plugins!
  11. Awesome, and thanks. I use this container for a bazillion things, and very much appreciate you maintaining it!
  12. Stupid question @cmccambridge.... The community apps version of the container is 1.5.8... But I see the current version on your github is 1.6.x. EDIT: Never mind. It looks like when it installed originally the repository was listed as "cmccambridge/mosquitto-unraid:1.5.8". I changed it to "cmccambridge/mosquitto-unraid:latest" and all is good.