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  1. This is a bit of a side question, but since you can only see the web UI in this form of QB, I'm having an issue. I can't find torrents with tracker status 'not registered with this tracker' (i.e. deleted from site) easily. I need to click every torrent and check manually. Does anyone know of a better way to do this?
  2. You're very welcome! Perhaps this is a bit of hillbilly tech, but if you have your entire library in your torrent client and in your plex server and they should be hardlinked, you could just delete your whole Plex library. If the files are hardlinked, there should be no change in the drive space indication in unraid.
  3. I left /data and /config alone, deleted /media and created /mnt ( = /mnt) for Sonarr, Radarr and qBitTorrentvpn.
  4. I'll have a go at that. No clue why one server would work and the other would not if the port forwarding api was down. Unless servers have their own api. E: current-gen Vancouver works like a charm. So either the error is untrue (no hate) or there are multiple port forward apis.
  5. Doubt it. On august 25th PIA said 'Next Generation servers do not currently offer port-forwarding outside of the application'. Without port forwarding, I can't get any traffic going at all, neither in nor out.
  6. Getting this now: '[warn] PIA VPN port assignment API currently down, terminating OpenVPN process to force retry for incoming port...' Will wait a bit but maybe this is the end of QBVPN until the migration to next gen is complete?
  7. Switched to this endpoint on the legacy network. Working for now. Not ideal, because trackers expect me on a different ip (range), but it'll do for now. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the info. What would your alternative be? I'm impressed. If I hadn't donated already, this would get me to.
  9. Thank you very much for this. I had to turn my server off for some maintenance and I thought that was the problem, but it was this. Next-gen config files work for me, but no actual torrent client activity until port forwarding is supported. Any ideas when that will be?
  10. Pardon my noobiness, but is there a way to downgrade to the previous version? I'm not connectable since 4.2. I downloaded through CA.
  11. All of a sudden I can't access the webui via ip:port, but I can via hostname:port. What gives? Edit: reinstalled with new /appdata/, copied over resume data. Working again. Whatever.
  12. Alright, so basically I need to point dupeGuru to drives and not shares, then? Noted. Thank you!
  13. On QB, I solved it by enabling only TCP under the connections tab in the settings. Bally12345 and I discuss a fix for Deluge here, but it's less effective than the QB fix:
  14. You're right. When checking out the two files with stat in an unRaid terminal, the system returns the same inode. Strange that Krusader returns something different. I suppose I'll believe unRaid over Krusader, though. Doubly so because deleting one of the two hardlinks yields no extra free drive space, as one would expect from working hardlinks. Here's my next puzzle, then. When I 'unleash' dupeGuru on my cache drive, where there currently resides a downloaded file and a hardlink to that same data in another folder, dupeGuru says there are no dupes. So far, so good. Now when I have