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  1. I passed through the extra argument in docker and also set up the extra parameters under custom ffmpeg options, however I'm still unable to utilize quicksync on my intel 9900k: [AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x5598b9761a00] libva: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/ init failed [AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x5598b9761a00] Failed to initialise VAAPI connection: -1 (unknown libva error). Device creation failed: -5. Failed to set value '/dev/dri/renderD128' for option 'vaapi_device': Input/output error Error parsing global options: Input/output error Any ideas?
  2. Yay, finally! If anyone else runs HomeAssistant and unRAID, this is basically a one-way MQTT bridge from unRAID to HA. You can control containers, VMs, USB hotplugging, etc. Please help with testing and feedback!
  3. I can attest to this - I forgot that I turned on DirectIO somewhere along the way.. I turned it off, restarted my array and all my docker containers now start properly even with the path set to /mnt/user/appdata. Turn it back on - none of my containers start - DB errors everywhere. Not saying this is necessarily related to db corruption over time issues that users are having - but in my case this is definitely the culprit. Saw this thread from a while ago with people having similar issues:
  4. Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to make any difference. I verified the extra config file and started/stopped the array twice to double check. Multiple docker containers (plex, sonarr, radarr, nginxproxy, nzbhydra, bitwarden etc.) refuse to start unless I switch back to /mnt/cache/appdata. They all give some variation of "database corrupted" error. What I don't understand is why I didn't have any issues with 6.7.0 (where these first user reports started popping up), and only after I upgraded to 6.7.1. Let me know if there are some other ste
  5. Some background: I was running 6.7.0 and eveyrthing was fine. Upgraded to 6.7.1 - any container that had a .db file stored in the cache drive refused to start. Changed path of the docker containers from /mnt/user/appdata to /mnt/cache/appdata and everything has been running smoothly for almost 3 days now. Just for a test, I upgraded to 6.7.2 and installed a bitwarden container with everything default and the db mapped to /mnt/user/appdata. I keep getting DB errors right away and the container refuses to start. Switching the path to /mnt/cache/appdata resolves the issue
  6. Upgraded to 6.7.1 - got DB corruption issues with a bunch of containers: Plex, Unifi, Sonarr, Radarr, etc. anything with a db file inside appdata. Everything was fine on 6.7.0 Downgraded to 6.7.0 - same issue persists. On docker settings, manually switched the location of appdata from /mnt/user/appdata to /mnt/cache/appdata and suddenly everything works fine. additional details about my cache drives: 2x NVME drives formatted BTRFS running in single mode to maximize available space.