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  1. I would also like this. Dual array would probably be enough.
  2. Thanks, this worked fine with my setup (currently running 6.9.0-rc2). Just using the cert didn't work, but the cert + chain + key worked beautifully. I should perhaps add that I created my own CA for local systems (my home LAN), and have then created certs for local boxes using this special CA. Load the CA-cert and all local boxes work fine with HTTPS.
  3. This thread made me try out unRAID on a newly purchased QNAP TS-453D. I hooked up a monitor and keyboard, held down F2 during startup to enter BIOS, changed boot order to make 'UEFI: my usb drive" first and it worked beautifully. As far as I can tell unRAID recognizes all hardware correctly, except for the fan, but that is set to "auto" in BIOS (and it's spinning), so I think it doesn't matter. I'm very pleasantly surprised!
  4. If you have a SQL password containing "&" the sql setup script will fail.
  5. I also have built a system using Asus C60M1-I. It works great! But I would like to monitor MB/CPU temperatures and the sensors command doesn't give much info. I guess the OS can't read all the sensors. Are there drivers to make that possible? The only info I get from sensors is this: root@MEDIA:~# sensors k10temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter temp1: +42.2 C (high = +70.0 C, crit = +100.0 C) root@MEDIA:~#
  6. Mounting two drives from an OS X Lion client with either AFP or SMB and copying a file between the two will crash the system after a couple of minutes. The copy aborts and telnet clients are disconnected and the system cannot be reached via http or telnet. Reset button only way out. Will revert to rc2 and test same copy.
  7. Hello everybody! I have built a system almost exactly as the "MD-1510/LI" from Lime Technology. There are three 5-in-3 drive cages, each with their own fan. The case has two large fans and there is also the CPU fan. Is there a fan control system with drivers for Linux? My ideal setup would be individual control of all fans based on temperature readings. For example, one could use the highest drive temperature for each drive cage to control that cage's fan, and one could use temperature sensors on the motherboard to control the chassis fans. There are many fan controllers with manual control on the market (e.g. Zalman ZM-MFC1), but I'm looking for a programmable system, which can adjust fan speed depending on temperature inputs. I have replaced the stock fans in the drive cages with Noctua NF-R8's which made a huge difference, but one is always looking for the perfect solution...