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  1. Optional extra parameters to be added to the extra parameters section of the container's options page: --servePath Used to specify the server path, the default value is window.location.hostname+":6806". For example, when you need to access through a domain name, please set the value to yourdomain.com. Leave the port blank to indicate that the protocol default port is used, and the NGINX reverse proxy needs to be requested to port 6806. --resident After specifying with --resident=true, the kernel will be resident in memory, the default is true. After set to false, the list of active sessions will be checked every 30 seconds, and the kernel process will be exited if there are no active sessions. --readonly After specifying with --readonly=true, the kernel will run in read-only mode and all write operations will be prohibited. --accessAuthCode Used to specify the browser access authentication password, which will overwrite the authCode in conf.json after setting. --ssl After using --ssl=true, https and wss protocols will be used for serving.
  2. Morning all, Ref ChangeDetection.io, How do I go about getting the WebDriver working for sites that require JavaScript? I've tried enabling and adding environment variables but to no avail. I appreciate any and all help offered. Jay
  3. Hey Binhex, Not sure if you're still taking recommendations but having tried to reverse engineer your gui based dockers (and failing badly) I'd love to see a knowledge managemet application ( https://obsidian.md/) ported into Unraid Docker. As an aside, thank you for all your work, it is much appreciated. Regards, Jay
  4. Also interested in this although note this is a post from some time ago. @guruleenyc did you get an reply on this?
  5. Afternoon all, I'm looking to de-clutter my server, having searched around the forums two scripts jumped out: 1. Itimpi's script Here 2. Joe L's script which was located Here Two questions if I may? 1. Does anyone have access to Joe L's script as the link is now dead? 2. Are these still the best two options for finding duplicate files across the server? Regards, TW
  6. Have done some playing and still no closer to the answer, nothing I can see in BIOS causing this issue.
  7. the only thing that might have changed the equation is the use of an APC UPS, but I fail to see how this would effect the shutdown. does the log file i posted shed any light?
  8. I've not changed anything in BIOS to cause the issue as far as I'm aware.
  9. Morning all, A strange issue has started to plague me, for some reason when I issue a restart the server appears to shutdown correctly but wont ever power back up again. Power is still applied to the server and if I hard reset it the server comes back up no problem with no discernible errors. Log file from shut down is attached. Any ideas?
  10. Morning all, I have the container working perfectly through my VPN. I can access the GUI, download torrents and all whislt the container tunnels the traffic. I can also set machines on the local LAN to use Privoxy and browse the web securely. Infact I need this as one of my private trackers requires that I download the torrent file from the same IP as I then use in the download client. My issue occurs when trying to access Privoxy through a WireGuard VPN connection to my home network. I can still access all docker containers GUIs over this WireGuard connection and surf through my home internet whilst remote, but all attemps to route through Privoxy fail. What am I missing here? I have WireGuard set to use NAT but have also set-up a static route on my Router pointing to my UNRAID server as the gateway to the WireGuard network just in case. Regards, Jay
  11. Sorry all I've been away for awhile, Because I did not buy a wildcard cert I reverted to using the LE docker and the wildcard cert from that. @J-J It sounds like the cert bundle generated by your authority differers from mine as all of mine came in .pem files. Assuming that they are in the correct format and you placed them in the same file then yes you should be able to access your server @ https://*YourDomain* if this is not the case then I can only think that your certs are in a different format or that you failed to stack them exactly as described. @H2O_King89 I believe so? Did you ever get the LE docker cert to work via copy / simlink?
  12. Fixed it, For those that are interested, the zip file i received from my domain registrar for the ssl certificate came with the ssl cert in a .pem file and the key chain (all the higher level certificates that have signed and thus assured my certificate) in another .pem file. Unraid's web server requires all of these certificates in a single file. To that end your certificate has to be the first one with the unaltered chain immediately after (in effect you have to cat the key chain onto your certificate). Once that is done you have to include the private key you received when you generated the CSR for your domain onto the end of the file also. So the end result should be a .pem file containing: - your certificate - the chain of certificates that assures yours - your private key once you have that you need to upload it to the flash drive (boot drive) and name it server-name_unraid_bundle.pem obviously replacing the server-name with the name of your server as set in the settings - identification - server name of your Unraid server. reboot and you should be able to access your server via https:// using your own SSL certificate. I'm now using this with Cloudflare acting as my DNS (blocking all connection attempts from certain countries) and the Cloudflare-DDNS container by oznu running to automatically update my dns when needed. So far this works perfectly. If anyone has any questions or needs some help please let me know Night all
  13. Afternoon all, I've done a quick search of the forums but have been unable to sort my problem. I have provisioned the ssl cert for the server but now wish to use my own domain which has its own certificate. moved the certificate_bundle.pem from the /config/ssl/certs folder and replaced it with the bundle for my domain renamed to certificate_bundle.pem however when I rebooted the server I was unable to access the web interface at all. Once i replaced the original file everything worked as expected again. So in essence the question is, how do I use the certificate for my domain in Unraid? Thanks Jay