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  1. hey there,im using wireguard now since it was released on unraid. Loving it! Im using it to access my unraid server from anywhere and also so tunnel my connection. Now, I installed a second NIC to aggregate my connection in the future. Problem now is, that im still able to connect to connect to this vpn connection, im also able to access all lan ips but my internet connection is broken. Settings I made are that my old nic is still the number one, and the second one as a slave so actually nothing new to the wireguard settings. Do I miss out something in this case? Regards Tobias.
  2. Im using ip all the time, my internal dns server is a pihole server.
  3. Hey there, im using Wireguard as a always-on vpn on my phone now since a couple of months. Worked as a charme! I used the quick-start manual for setting it up. At least, without any changing I'm getting into troubles as I cannot reach any devices on my local network. I can access the internet though this connection, but not my local devices as pihole etc. For the client side "Peer type of access: Remote tunneled access" is the right one or?
  4. Hey Till, have you tried Tailscale yet? Should be easy to use if ZeroTier isnt working anymore. Tailscale uses Wireguard which is build-in in the latest Unraid Versions. > Regards Tobi
  5. Hey there - nice to see that you still work on this wonderful plugin. Just wanted to know if there is any update about the stats sending by mail?
  6. I have it set to unlimited of course.. Strange
  7. Hey there - dont if this is ever asked before. Is there a quote of 100GB per user as a maximum? Im using now 99,7gb with my user and having trouble with uploading new files.
  8. Hi there, I found your lovely plugin yesterday. Is there a way to implement an email status? Like sending the stats of the last day at 0:01 o'clock?
  9. Thx for helping. As the disk is installed to the LSI Card, its connected with this cable set: bought brand new - so there is no way to change just one cable
  10. Did this, checked all the cables, seemed fine. Don't know what happened, Systems now is doing a data rebuild with this disk?! New Diagnostic attached.
  11. ajjjj sure - forgot these on my first post, sorry for that.
  12. Good Morning, im getting these errors on my normal WD RED (WDC_WD40EFRX-68N32N0_WD-WCC7K7JKSKT0 - 4 TB (sde)) This drive is connected to my LSI2008 I guess (havent looked into the server yet), disabled atm. Im having 4 errors at the moment and im helpless what to do now..
  13. My internet connection changed and I now have a DS-Lite connection, means full ipv6. Is there anyway to add this to duckdns?