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  1. Ok, I go test with 8 core. Another question, I search the a Qcowe2 with OpenCore, anyone can upload ?
  2. Hi, i don t understand how topology work. I "add" the patch (recopy to Clover") but i get black screen on reboot after clover boot. I don t expose topology for now (10 Processor show on MacOS). Expose with 5 Core - 2 Thread increase performance or juste cosmetic ? Thank
  3. Speed transfert don t get the speed of the cache With my W10-Vm I can get 550-600Mb for data transfert and 80Mb with my MacOS
  4. Where I can find the info.plist file ? Another question, it s possible to use only one Nic from X540-AT2 and the second for Unraid ?
  5. I show. He can be my player (IIna :D), i go try with plex It s my player : all work ! Now, I w8 my pci-e card for wifi / bt and a better network driver (or a new network card :D)
  6. Yep but same with old Lilu. I don t have a X4000, it s a RX480 and HEVC decode doesn't work (I think :D)
  7. Black screen with your whatevergreen (no the beta, the old)
  8. @ghost82 : I try Lilu 1.3.9 and WhatEverGreen update but my system freeze after login, normal ?
  9. Hi, With this new kernel my Ryzen Pinning Association (core / HT) is different. In official kernel I get Core 0 / HT 1 Core 2 / HT 3 .. Ect With this kernel I get : Core 0 / HT 8 Core 1 / HT 9 Where is the true ? Thank
  10. Hi, i need help (again ..) I can t get working my new bcm94360cs2. I can passtrough the BT USB (but he doesn t work, he don t show device) but the wifi pci-e doesn t work. My log : vfio-pci 0000:08:00.0: not ready 65535ms after FLR; giving up I try vfio-pci ids args on boot but do nothing ... I don t how i can passtrough correctely my card (it s a M2 - M adaptator to Apple Card with USB cable to CM. Thank again EDIT : Finally, i think it s my M2 Card. Return to seller
  11. Thank a lot, i try tonight I've a Ryzen 2700x with Clover and Ivy-Bridge args, i can get more performance with OpenCore ?
  12. @ghost82 Hum ok, i understand. In ioreg, he show X4000 but I use a RX480. Clover don t propose 1.39, I can add it manually ? Thank and sorry, it's my first Hackintosh
  13. I don t know too In system preference, I use the apple graphics drivers for my RX480, vanilla support but how .. I passthrough my gpu and the ROM file too.
  14. Thank a lot for AppleMCERrporterDisabler.kext -> its work For Lilu, my RX480 work with metal, I don t understand why I need 1.39 (I use 1.38)
  15. Hi, iMacPro1,1 work for you ? I get kernel panic if I switch Edit : Second question, customize Ram Slot can improve performance ? I passthrough a RX480, Lilu 1,39 is needed ?
  16. Thank a lot for your thread ! My Catalina work very very well (now with sound, thank again !) Now, I only need a better network card support for iCloud and nice down/upload to unraid (I try vmxnet3, iCloud work but 300Mb down for 120up ...) I waiting my AirPort and M,2 connector too for a real Mac alternative
  17. Hi all, My Macinabox Catalina work very well but the network speed is little slow to unraid. How i can get 10gb+ link to my unraid storage (it s work in W10 VM) ? I use the intel e1000em for iCloud. I can add a second network card ? Thank a lot