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  1. Hi, I'm working on moving Plex Server from running on my Mac Pro to run on an unraid docket (linuxserver/Plex). I think I have it running ok at the moment but I'm not sure how to upgrade the Plex code. I thought since it was in a docker you just needed to restart the docker but that's not doing it. How do you update the plex code in my Docker? Thank you
  2. That was wonderful information! Thank you so much. I had to go in and add another path to the Docker. Cool stuff!! Thanks!!
  3. I'm not sure if I'm following you or missing something. If I want to add series that are on the synology. In unraid from the console I can navigate to this directory : /mnt/disks/Diskstation_Media But in Sonarr if I want to add a series thats on the synology and add something from the sonology if I navigate to "/mnt" I don't see anything underneath that directory. I'm not sure what I'm missing.
  4. Hi, In my unraid server I've used the Unassigned Devices plugin to create a share to my Synology server. In Unraid I see this as "/mnt/disks/Diskstation_Media". but id I try to add that to a Sonarr docker container it does now appear. I can find /mnt but nothing under it. I see this fine from my OSX finder but how can I publish this so docker containers can see it. Thank you
  5. Thank you. I thought I did search there. Not sure how I missed it. Appreciate it!
  6. Hi, I’m new to Unraid. does anyone know if there’s a plug-in or docker or something so I can run my own internal DHCP server? thank you.
  7. Thank you very much for the response. That was exactly what I needed.
  8. Hi, I'm running unraid via trial key at the moment to test it. I have it in an older Dell PowerEdge T410 and while it's working great I think I will build a new computer for this in the future for better Plex transcoding. But as I play with this I have a couple of questions regarding the Array and Shares. Currently I have 2 3TB drives in the server. 1. I have both drivers in the Array. There is no parity. It looks like its writing to Disk 1 first and I guess would eventually use Disk 2. I tried to remove Disk 2 from the array and wanted to make that a parity disk and it would not let me. Is it possible to do that or must I start from scratch with everything? 2. When I reboot Unraid the Array doesn't seem to start automatically. I have to manually start it. I'm not seeing an option to Auto Start the array. Am i missing something? Thanks for any advice or help.