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  1. Thank you. I thought I did search there. Not sure how I missed it. Appreciate it!
  2. Hi, I’m new to Unraid. does anyone know if there’s a plug-in or docker or something so I can run my own internal DHCP server? thank you.
  3. Thank you very much for the response. That was exactly what I needed.
  4. Hi, I'm running unraid via trial key at the moment to test it. I have it in an older Dell PowerEdge T410 and while it's working great I think I will build a new computer for this in the future for better Plex transcoding. But as I play with this I have a couple of questions regarding the Array and Shares. Currently I have 2 3TB drives in the server. 1. I have both drivers in the Array. There is no parity. It looks like its writing to Disk 1 first and I guess would eventually use Disk 2. I tried to remove Disk 2 from the array and wanted to make that a parity disk and it would not let me. Is it possible to do that or must I start from scratch with everything? 2. When I reboot Unraid the Array doesn't seem to start automatically. I have to manually start it. I'm not seeing an option to Auto Start the array. Am i missing something? Thanks for any advice or help.