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  1. thanks for taking the time to try and work through this with me.. whenever i try and connect it will show the load bar hit the end and then fail to connect.. once it popped up with an authentication issue.. but ive never got it to replicate the issue.. I am setting up another unraid box to test it on..
  2. in game play online.. pve.. when the games are loading i select all up at the top so it shows all the PV types.. i try typing in docker.. (as its how yours shows up and how it says its named in the info about the docker) in the steam server browser.. i punch in my IP address.. my servers ip address.. my routers ip from the modem.. and even try my dynamic ip address name that routs to my modems ip.. none of them show up.. after leaving it run all night it shows up with a game.. but nobody can join it.. not even me.. it crashes every time.. and it always shows 9999 fo
  3. when you ask... how did i connect.. ive never connected.. how do i connect? to other servers? in game.. i never need to use the steam server browser.. yes i try and join with the port number.. also what question did you ask that I did not answer? please ask it again as im not sure what your referring to.
  4. I havent been able to connect to the server at all !!!!! that is why I am here trying to figure out why I cant.. i can play on other servers just fine.. i use the in game server search and i can find my friends and other servers.. ect.. i cant find my server from within the game search feature or in the steam server browser.. I can enter in my servers ip.. nothing.. i can enter in my dynamic dns name.. nothing.. i can enter in my modems ip.. nothing.. I have the ports forwarded just like the other games I host that show up just fine.. honestly.. I wish I could team v
  5. bounces between 1.1 and 1.39 % cpu and 4.596GiB/251.9GiB
  6. same issue.. same kds passphrase issue..
  7. my appdata is set to yes.. I will change that to prefer and try installing without making any changes.. EDIT: One thing, please always use physical paths to the game files since most games won't work if you use /mnt/user/... (Don't Starve Together, TeamFortress2,...) but keep in mind if you use /mnt/cache/appdata/conanexiles your Use Cache setting is set to "Prefer" or "Only"): i was installing it under mnt user .. good to know for the future as i never knew this! Thank you! how do i find out what docker is using how much of ram/cpu?
  8. so.. if i leave the install folder as is its on a cache drive... that does not work due to wine... if i move the game install folder to a non cache drive it wont work.. if i move the steam cmd folder and the game folder it wont work.. same folder or different folders.. tried both ways.. I have not and am not changing ANYTHING else.. its nice that yours works.. but that does not help me figure out why mine wont.. I am not turning my appdata cache off.... cant.. too many things use it.. but for the sake of making a point i might just turn everything off.. turn off the ca
  9. seems to have been an issue in the past that im having.. ??
  10. so the ONLY change i have made was the installation directory so it installed into a share that is NOT on a cache drive.. is the errors im getting... i changed the pre set installation folder from a cache share to a non cache share.. /mnt/user/No cachish/Conan/ for steam CMD /mnt/user/No cachish/Conan/ for server data
  11. I only edited the game.ini and the serversettings.ini as there is where every website tells you to edit your server name and password.. as well as all the settings for admin password ect its also where you change your settings for all the multipliers for experience and life ect I only changed those settings after the thing would not load up.. I come here as a last resort.. i will delete everything and start over..
  12. cant find it in the game.. in steams browser or on lan.. its not showing up.. is there anyone in here who has a conan server up and running? ive copied and pasted the game and server settings from a website.. maybe i missed something or maybe between the docker and the settings file something is doubled up and causing the issue?
  13. hey.. next conan issue... there is my log.. i tossed it on a non cache share.. edited the game file with settings.txt
  14. Conan issues... wine: cannot find '/serverdata/serverfiles/ConanSandboxServer.exe Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK ---Update Server--- Redirecting stderr to '/serverdata/Steam/logs/stderr.txt' [ 0%] Checking for available updates... [----] Verifying installation... Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation -- type 'quit' to exit -- Loading Steam API...OK. "@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType" = "windows" [0m Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK Waiting for user info...OK Success! App '443030' alre