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  1. I think Miscreated just dropped the ability to run dedicated servers.. any chance of it being added?
  2. Been a while.. but any chance of getting "no one survived" going for a game server?
  3. I am having an issue where my instances show as running.. but when i double click on them they are stopped.. and upon trying to start them they show errors as ports are already in use..I have set my available ports with no instances running.. then started the install of a bunch of the instances.. and they show different ports in the port config options but the game instance still says its got its original ports in the errors...
  4. I feel like an idiot.. I totally looked past that and never checked the docker for the server name.. thank you!
  5. So.. my files in save data and in streaming assets are both the same.. it shows up with the server description.. it shows up that I edited clan size and player count.. but it will not change the name of the server.. I have restarted the server a couple times.. it still shows both files having the proper server name but steam wont show the proper name of my server.. is there a log in the server somewhere that I can check to see if its on my end or just steams not updating the server name or something odd? also.. thank you for catching that in stationeers.. also.. I can update the max connected users and it grabs it instantly on a restart.. what the hell am I missing in the name? { "Name": "Newts V-server", "Description": "Newts playground", "Port": 9876, "QueryPort": 9877, "MaxConnectedUsers": 80, "MaxConnectedAdmins": 4, "ServerFps": 30, "SaveName": "world1", "Password": "######", "Secure": true, "ListOnMasterServer": true, "AutoSaveCount": 50, "AutoSaveInterval": 600, "GameSettingsPreset": "", "AdminOnlyDebugEvents": true, "DisableDebugEvents": false }
  6. I have ran into issues with editing the files hosted in the cache but not the stored files.. and vice versa.. edit it with the docker off.. save it.. run mover.. double check that its actually still saved properly (so make a copy incase your editing the wrong location and it gets wiped) and try again? I am in a similar boat and feel like im missing something.. just working on stationeers
  7. Having a hell of a time getting stationeers to work.. I have a couple physical machines running game servers on them.. and the machine im trying to get stationeers on has 7 days running on it using the 27015 port.. now... 7 days is fine.. my issue is getting access to stationeers.. I have changed the port in the stationeers docker (by adding a new port at the bottom and deleting the old one) I have confirmed that the ports are not in use across any of my machines/servers/network.. ran the game for a while and still cant find it online.. cant even seem to connect to it using my lan ip.. or my external ip.. or even my ddns routing name.. so im 99% sure its server docker related.. I have checked the config file for the server name once its up and running.. but it shows the port still being 27015.. ive changed it and saved it.. restarted the docker.. and still no connection.. Im pulling my hair out.. lol.. the downside with unraid and dockers is that they are too stable and I dont have to mess with stuff often enough to remember everything to look for LOL..... what am I missing? I only have one drive in the machine so I dont have to worry about running the mover incase its keeping old data on it.. I have tried deleting the docker and image.. and starting over and changing the port before even running the docker.. still nothing.. I have double checked that I am forwarding the ports to the right machine.. and I am.. i know im entering the port forwarding correctly cause the other servers I have are up and visable ect.. and I have double checked for spacing or wrong numbers ect.. now its showing up in the list.. but when it asks for the password I have tried my set password.. I have tried the generic one.. nothing.. and the server logs dont show even a failed attempt to connect...
  8. thanks for taking the time to try and work through this with me.. whenever i try and connect it will show the load bar hit the end and then fail to connect.. once it popped up with an authentication issue.. but ive never got it to replicate the issue.. I am setting up another unraid box to test it on..
  9. in game play online.. pve.. when the games are loading i select all up at the top so it shows all the PV types.. i try typing in docker.. (as its how yours shows up and how it says its named in the info about the docker) in the steam server browser.. i punch in my IP address.. my servers ip address.. my routers ip from the modem.. and even try my dynamic ip address name that routs to my modems ip.. none of them show up.. after leaving it run all night it shows up with a game.. but nobody can join it.. not even me.. it crashes every time.. and it always shows 9999 for ping... ive tried changing settings in the game.ini and the serversettings.ini ( everywhere online says this is how you change settings for server name and pass ect) to see if its a naming issue or something.. no change.. its strange how it takes 3+ hours to show up though.. ive even ran my mover to try and see if thats what needs to happen to get it to show up ect..
  10. when you ask... how did i connect.. ive never connected.. how do i connect? to other servers? in game.. i never need to use the steam server browser.. yes i try and join with the port number.. also what question did you ask that I did not answer? please ask it again as im not sure what your referring to.
  11. I havent been able to connect to the server at all !!!!! that is why I am here trying to figure out why I cant.. i can play on other servers just fine.. i use the in game server search and i can find my friends and other servers.. ect.. i cant find my server from within the game search feature or in the steam server browser.. I can enter in my servers ip.. nothing.. i can enter in my dynamic dns name.. nothing.. i can enter in my modems ip.. nothing.. I have the ports forwarded just like the other games I host that show up just fine.. honestly.. I wish I could team viewer with you and have you run through everything so that you can see there is something messed up with this.. you obviously dont believe me that i have not changed any settings.. and you are also telling me that it should work when its not.. I am getting a network error endlessly.. and its obviously an issue.. cause this game is not showing up anywhere.. yet it seems to be running in the background without network settings set up...
  12. bounces between 1.1 and 1.39 % cpu and 4.596GiB/251.9GiB
  13. my appdata is set to yes.. I will change that to prefer and try installing without making any changes.. EDIT: One thing, please always use physical paths to the game files since most games won't work if you use /mnt/user/... (Don't Starve Together, TeamFortress2,...) but keep in mind if you use /mnt/cache/appdata/conanexiles your Use Cache setting is set to "Prefer" or "Only"): i was installing it under mnt user .. good to know for the future as i never knew this! Thank you! how do i find out what docker is using how much of ram/cpu?