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  1. I still have FTP access.. is there a way to grab it that way?
  2. trying to but the whole thing is locked up now
  3. Nov 29 14:55:04 Tower kernel: ACPI Error: AE_AML_BUFFER_LIMIT, Evaluating _PMM (20180810/power_meter-338) Nov 29 14:57:04 Tower nginx: 2020/11/29 14:57:04 [error] 62155#62155: *493416 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /webGui/include/DashboardApps.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "", referrer: "" Nov 29 14:57:05 Tower nginx: 2020/11/29 14:57:05 [error] 62155#62155: *493413 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed ou
  4. having the same bloody issue.. before i would just wipe and re make the drive.. usually 2 or 3 times later it would boot fine.. but now nothing.. it keeps hitting the same error saying it cant mount to unknown..
  5. Current face is the 8 sff drives and the cd rom drive
  6. 380P and 380E are different cases.. the E comes with a bay in the rear for 2 more drives..
  7. so.. I am a canadian and have been searching for a solution for storage.. im finding a hard time getting anything decent for under the $1000 mark by the time its at my door.. I have a bunch of seagate 8tb drives and a bunch of smaller ones from various companies.. I need something to put all my drives in I have a HP DL380P Gen8 with dual E5-2697 V2 cpus and 256gb of DDR3 ram.. I use this box for running game servers for me and friends to play on and for media that i host at home and for friends.. I have been looking at buying the 12 bay LFF front face and swapping it out
  8. oh.. find the manual... its got the part numbers for the options these things came with
  9. I have this same server.. 8 bays.. they make add in boxes or slots for another 8 bays.. or you can pull the face off and go with either 25 sff or 15 lff bays .. i think 15.. might just be 12.. Ive read that the controller is the limiting factor in drive size.. in one of my servers i have 8tb drives hooked into an h200 i think it is.. im not sure but in my 380p g8 i had to buy an aftermarket card.. Im in canada and my search for a lff face to my server turned up with it costing about 200.. i paid 650 for the server.. so im hesitant about the swap..
  10. any chance to get a "road to eden" docker?
  11. so after all the fighting with this thing.. I bought a card and still had issues.. i ended up ripping all the hard drives out of the machine and all of a sudden it worked.. added a drive at a time and found I had a drive that was faulty and it was causing the entire thing to crash.. who knew.. but my G8 DL380p boots with unraid on the 420i or my (i think its a h220) card soooooo much forehead meets keyboard bashing over something stupid.. I gotta say.. unraid has been a blessing and a curse lol.. its opened the doors to a whole new hobby thats frustrating as all
  12. LOL remember some time ago when I suggested making a list of games that wont work? lol....
  13. So i upgraded my server and am left holding my head in my hands realizing that I have a bunch of 8tb drives that I cant use... (3.5" drives 2.5" server bays) I found a HP StoreServ M6720 used locally and am wondering if anyone knows anything about them??? can i hook one into a DL360P ? and can i use unraid to access each drive individually? or will I end up with just a raid box showing up as a single drive in unraid? HELP! im still new to all this stuff....
  14. can you look up what versions of firmware your running on every aspect of your machine? I am not joking when I say every aspect of my server is inconsistent and it seems like every time I reboot things change.. I am pulling my hair out and am considering just stuffing winblows on this thing till covid blows over and i can send my box off to get someone to fix it or tell me its now a paper weight
  15. I honestly am questioning if my server has some hardware issues going on.. i have stripped everything out of it.. (almost everything the onboard fiber channel card is still in it) and it seems every 3 or 4 boots it lets me in to configure any cards.. I have gotten the thing to boot into the intelligent provisioning but half the time it locks up.. when I get into it I can see both controller cards (or one or the other depending on what i have in or disabled) and it will show both cards is HBA mode.. it shows the drives.. i can pop them in and out and it will show accordingly.. i have
  16. I dont think I will ever buy an HP server again.. im not paying a fee to get out dated drivers... and google has not left me with anything from searches.. I am honestly wondering if i will get my moneys worth of enjoyment out of smashing this thing with a hammer.....
  17. trying this now.. as the above didnt work.. the newest version does not work.. now im going to try this one once i can find it.. do you install it with the USB tool?
  18. so after a couple boots and re-attempts it finally booted and ran this file.. it was saying it was corrupted and would not load.. now that it loaded its showing just an absolute bunch of jibberish on the screen but still seems to be running through the install.. I have this card in a G8 DL380 machine and that may be the issue.. but its listed as compatible in some places?? I am hoping this file works.. as i have updated everything.. i have a 24 core 48 thread paperweight with 256 gigs of ram right now.. and it sucks..
  19. any chance for an "outlaws of the old west" docker?
  20. I never remembered to thank you.. but this helped a lot! as far as the game servers go.. i just rented them out to good friends.. thankfully trustworthy friends cause they ended up with full access to my server LOL.. so now im looking for something that allows me to narrow down user access to folders.. do you know if there is a way to create user accounts that have limited access to just specific dockers? id like to be able to give my friends limited access to stop, start and restart gave server dockers without giving away full access and praying they dont "accidenta
  21. Its built into the mobo on my machine... Whats the max drive size for s h240 card?
  22. that command did not work! however after a bunch of browsing around i found a thread in another place that said to try ./hpssacli controller slot=0 hbamode=on forced and that actually popped up saying i didnt have permission.. so i typed in the sudo part i think it was first.. and it finally did a thing.. now.. it shows the raid controller as disabled in nvram or something of the sort in the boot process.. and once fired up and logged in unraid does not detect my drives.. so i guess hba is toast or i killed the 420i controller card.. but if i hit the F8 key to setup my ser
  23. im new to all the commands and code.. but grew up with dos.. so some of the stuff i can catch on to and pick up.. but i am having an issue getting this to work.. i booted into mint.. no issue I downloaded the file and installed it.. no issue I opened up the command prompt and just types in cd ect as directed.. no issue (so i think) but this is where i need some help.. for me is shows up with the whole mint info before the ability to type stuff.. so on that screen it shows => and I am not seeing that.. and all of the commands that are typed in dont work.. help?!?