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  1. Quick question about how to move hardlinked files. I want to move a folder full of hard linked files to another drive. My question is will unbalance move the links or the original files leaving the links or will i end up with duplicate files? Looking at the share it also seems to take up 600gb more space than it should, how do i work out whats going on there?
  2. In case anyone finds this thread like i did looking for a solution. There is a round about way to do this,
  3. Ah i missed that you had already tried to trim, in the thread you posted the HBA cards aint able to trim I guess your ssd is plugged into motherboard though. I wonder what a straight benchmark of the SSD would show? Maybe trim the drives in another system and see how they go after?
  4. Sorry i posted in your thread about our similar issues (it was moved), solved mine with a trim of ssd, for reference.
  5. I was abit slow in taking the screenshot, it dipped down to 60MB/s. Sorry, reading the other post the issues were exactly the same. I think i have worked it out though, trimmed the ssd with fstrim -a and hit it with 260mbps of writes for 10mins now. The wait column (i don't know what that measures) hasn't gone above 20. Krusader stayed response the whole time. Ya. Maybe mover should run a trim command whenever it finishes?
  6. Hi, new to unraid. I wonder if anyone can explain this behaviour. I'm using krusader to move files onto the array, with a cache drive, sdb. For whatever reason it is slowing the write speed down to cache disk (ssd), it can do this an cause no slowdown of the source read but it will also chug enough to slow down the hdd. The ssd is capable of ~380mbs it looks like. Nothing else running on unraid, latest version (trial) I hit it from the network and you can see the wait time spike, i guess that's it how do i fix?