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  1. This happened before I ever got the NVME WD Blue.
  2. Post updated. unraid only boots with GPU (RX580) if IOMMU is disabled in BIOS. Pic shows what happens when IOMMU= Auto or Enabled
  3. I pressed stop array 15 mins ago and it's still not done... " Array Stopping•Retry unmounting disk share(s)." Me deleting /dev/ files might have broke unassigned devices too.... "Fatal error: Uncaught UnexpectedValueException: RecursiveDirectoryIterator::__construct(/dev/disk/by-id/): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php:122 Stack trace: #0 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php(122): RecursiveDirectoryIterator->__construct('/dev/disk/by-id...', 4096) #1 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php(1232): listDir('/dev/disk/by-id...') #2 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php(1294): get_unasigned_disks() #3 /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/UnassignedDevices.php(269): get_all_disks_info() #4 {main} thrown in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php on line 122" Should I just turn the power off?
  4. I was trying to delete some files via the console. Types in /d and tab, enter without reading it until after the action was performed which resulted in /dev/ files being deleted (folders within are still there because I didn't do "rm -r"). Where can I get those files? What should I do?
  5. Thanks, I'll use it as cache then.
  6. GPU: (AMD Radeon RX580) Since Ryzen 3700x has no integrated graphics, I had a GPU plugged in the first time I booted unraid. It started but just kept saying "amd-vi: completion-wait loop timed out." Eventually, I just shut it off, removed the GPU and it booted up fine. IOMMU is enabled in the BIOS and SVI is also enabled. I rebooted again, this time, I checked the BIOS to make sure the m.2 ssd is detected; it is but it's not showing in unraid. UPDATE: System boots and detected the GPU only if IOMMU is disabled. Parts: Crucial 32GB CT2K16G4DFD8266 ECC EVGA 650W Supernova GQ 80+ Gold DELL YT674 PRO/1000 VT PCI-E NIC 4-PORT GIGABIT SERVER ADAPTER EXPI9404VT (AMD Radeon RX580 8GB) WD Blue SN500 500GB NVMe Internal SSD - Gen3 PCIe, M.2 2280, 3D NAND - WDS500G1B0C Model: Custom M/B: ASRock B450M Steel Legend Version BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Version P2.50 (7/25/2019) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core @ 3600 MHz HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled Cache: 512 KiB, 4096 KiB, 32768 KiB Memory: 32 GiB DDR4 (max. installable capacity 128 GiB) Network: bond0: fault-tolerance (active-backup), mtu 1500 eth0: 1000 Mbps, full duplex, mtu 1500 eth1: interface down eth2: interface down eth3: interface down eth4: interface down Kernel: Linux 4.19.56-Unraid x86_64 OpenSSL: 1.1.1c