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  1. Understood. I had mine on a 1TB SSD that was also used for cache just for speed. I have now moved it to a drive so I am MV'ing the backups over and then connecting TM to it and doming aback up to set it in place.
  2. Ah...Ok, that is what I thought you meant. I was able to get to see the share, now I am working on moving my current backups to the new share and running a backup to lock it in.
  3. Hi..."remap the share" I have never needed to map anything in the past. Or maybe I have. What are you referring to when mapping? Thanks
  4. Oh, that would be a good reason. 😀 Ugh...Now I need to see if I can make SMB work as AFP as been. Lots and lots of reading I have done and it does not seem to really be cut and dry with many people getting it to work in different ways.
  5. Hi ya.... Question...I have been using TM for a long time with Unraid using AFP. Why would one want to move to SMB? Speed? Just wondering. Just asking before I try to use SMB. (Seems like it can be a pain when one would think it should be easy.) Thanks!
  6. Ok, I disabled piHole and made it so it would not restart. I then ran the upgrade and restarted. I seem to be good. SpeedTest does not work, but I see that is an issue and I need to upgrade python. I turned piHole back on and all is still well. Very pondering to say the least!!!!!! Thank you kindly for the thought! I would not have expected it.
  7. Interesting....But not sure why it would have an issue with it in 6.7.X and no issue with it in 6.6.7. And it is not all of the functions. I can download updates just fine etc, but then Speed Disk, which is not a docker, does not work nor do any of the dockers. I can try disabling it and then upgrading and see what happens. Be right back.
  8. First off.... Ha! Yes, as a docker. ????? Interesting. Where is your thought on this one?
  9. Actually, just an FYI, unRAID never recreated a network config file. It is not in the CONFIG directory. Here is what WAS in it however on ver 6.6.7.... # Generated settings: USE_DHCP="yes" IPADDR="" NETMASK="" GATEWAY="" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="no" DNS_SERVER1="" DNS_SERVER2="" DNS_SERVER3="" BONDING="no" BONDING_MODE="1" BRIDGING="no" BRNAME="br0" BRSTP="yes" BRFD="0"
  10. As I wrote above...."I have tried deleting the network config file so it would be forced to make a new one. Rebooted the server, still same issue.:"
  11. Hi... Some of the services on unRAID in 6.7.X do not seem to have access to the Internet. For example, "Community Applications" works and pulls things down, yet the simple SpeedDisk Tool nor any of my dockers have access. The server itself seems fine as it will download the UnRAID version upgrade and seems well. Had seen a "similar issue" reported in another thread that really did not have a resolve. I even asked if it was resolved in 6.7.1 and then seen there was a 6.7.1 and tried that, same issue. Now I see 6.7.2 and I was thinking that maybe now it is resolved, Nope. Below is the thread. Someone mentioned it was the USB drive. To me, that makes no logical sense. They also mention to check the BIOS settings, which I have not done yet as I need to pull the server to move it so I can plug it in to see the screen. But why would a BIOS change make a difference seeing all is well in 6.6.7 not not in 6.7.X? (I don't even know if the BIOS has an "IOMMU" setting. Whatever that is. ) I have tried deleting the network config file so it would be forced to make a new one. Rebooted the server, still same issue. Downgrading back to 6.6.7 and everything works just fine. Thoughts please. I would like to be current of course. Thank you all.
  12. Actually I see there is a 6.7.1...Sorry to say however that the issue is still in that. ????????
  13. I also just had to revet back to 6.6.7. It really makes no sense it would be a USB drive issue seeing that 6.6.7 boots just fine and so do 6.7.0, it is just that the server has limited access. For example, I found it interesting I could update my dockers, but the dockers themselves could not reach the Internet. So this seems to be a Docker integration issue. I am kind of surprised that we have not heard anything from unRAID on this nor has a 6.7.1 come out to fix it as it yet. (Unless I totally missed something post by unRAID on it and how to actually fix it.)
  14. This is the thread that I posted about it on Emby...They just locked it with 19K views in 10 days and the thread was blowing up. It seems others were affected and it also came out that they new about this IN BETA yet still released it!!!! https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/70869-emby-just-deleted-all-of-my-movies/ The last thing posted in the thread before they locked it was... The hot fix is now available, anyone concerned you can update now. If you want to see better delete handling please comment in the following feature request: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/70967-better-delete-handling/ The current idea is to have a confirmation prompt listing the files that will be deleted.