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  1. @peter_sm Thanks for the thought of modifying the actual openvpn server file you want to use. Before I tried that I took a closer look at the connection log, via your plug-in, and did see this line... Sat Oct 26 07:36:18 2019 PUSH: Received control message: 'PUSH_REPLY,redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp,dhcp-option DNS,dhcp-option DNS,rcvbuf 493216,sndbuf 493216,explicit-exit-notify 5,comp-lzo no,route-gateway,topology subnet,ping 20,ping-restart 40,ifconfig,peer-id 0,cipher AES-256-GCM' ...so it seems that pi
  2. @peter_sm Someone asked me via chat about this... Hey David - Have you seen this? I haven't been able to try it out - https://forums.openvpn.net/viewtopic.php?t=8062 It is in regards to OpenVPN and reconnecting using "keepalive" and "ping-restart" options etc...From the above post... "...if the connection is already established and the tunnel goes down then openvpn will try to reconnect as long as things like 'keepalive' or 'ping-restart' are set, as well as 'persist-key' and authentication caching." So...There is a openvpnclient.cfg file
  3. @peter_sm - Not really looking for a KILL SWITCH. Looking for something that sees the network is down and restarts it. Right now if this OPENVPN Client looses internet, everything stops. POOF. No way to know it unless you look as to why things you expect to happen are not. @almulder - Thanks...But I can't run a VM on my box and the second one reads SERVER. This is is CLINET connection.
  4. Thank you, I will need to see if @binhex has anything that does a OpenVPN client for server. All I need is what this one did...Just let the dockers go though the VPN I have told the server to go through. (Client mode needed more or less.) Update...Does not look like it. But he does have things that have VPN built in. This one does it for all of the server.
  5. Kind of surprised that there has been no reply. So I am guessing this plugin is not really supported any longer which is a shame it was was imple to setup and it just worked. (Unless, as I mentioned, you loose internet then it all goes down. ) I am surprised that not one has mentioned this or has not suggested a fix or work around. Is there something else that people are using to send the Docket traffic through a VPN provider? Thanks
  6. As I mentioned, I only KNOW when I happen to notice a TV show I expected to come down has not. "hummm....Where is X show? It was on 3 nights ago." So I go and look at Sonnar and see that it was missed along with everything else from X point in time. At that point you realize nothing running on the UnRAID server can reach the internet as the Plug-in has crashed. You can make it happen. Just go unplug your router for about 15 mins. (Not sure on how much time it needs to fail though.) Then plug it back in. Your phones and computers have Internet just fine...But check the UnRAID
  7. The VPN Client Plug-in GUI under SETTINGS/Network 90% of the time when it has this issue you can't get into it to stop and restart it. You need to stop the array and then start it again. (Assuming you have the setting to stop the VPN when the ARRAY is stopped.)
  8. Nope...I am looking for this VPN Plugin to either check the connection and restart itself if there is no connection in hopes it then reconnects, if not, rinse and repeat. OR I am looking for something that I can use that would stop this VPN plugin and restart it ever X number of minutes as a "just in case" thing. When this VPN Plugin fails...it fails. No more traffic. POOF! Dead! Nadda! Nothing running on the UnRIAD server then can use the Internet until you restart or turn off the VPN. (Which sometimes you can't get into via the GUI.)
  9. You misunderstood the post. I did not say it was not working, I was saying, as another has point out, that it can STOP working if your internet service goes down and then comes back up. If the internet goes down, this plugin seems to just stop and does not reconnect after the internet is restored.
  10. Is this plugin supported any longer or is there another client like it that people have moved to. I love using this for it protects my dockers that are running by putting all internet traffic over the OpenVPN server of my provider. However when the internet goes down, and then comes back up, it will just outright stop working and I need to stop and start my array again. (Can't even get into the GUI of this plugin when it happens.) I usually only notice the issue has happen when I know a show should have come down and I go and look in Sonnar and sure enough there are a lot things in the wait
  11. Understood. I had mine on a 1TB SSD that was also used for cache just for speed. I have now moved it to a drive so I am MV'ing the backups over and then connecting TM to it and doming aback up to set it in place.
  12. Ah...Ok, that is what I thought you meant. I was able to get to see the share, now I am working on moving my current backups to the new share and running a backup to lock it in.
  13. Hi..."remap the share" I have never needed to map anything in the past. Or maybe I have. What are you referring to when mapping? Thanks
  14. Oh, that would be a good reason. 😀 Ugh...Now I need to see if I can make SMB work as AFP as been. Lots and lots of reading I have done and it does not seem to really be cut and dry with many people getting it to work in different ways.
  15. Hi ya.... Question...I have been using TM for a long time with Unraid using AFP. Why would one want to move to SMB? Speed? Just wondering. Just asking before I try to use SMB. (Seems like it can be a pain when one would think it should be easy.) Thanks!