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  1. No worries my dude. i had that problem when i got started with handbrake on unraid. just thought logically about it. glad you got it working again.
  2. Stop the docker. Delete failed_conversions and then turn it back on. It’s failed once so moving it out and in won’t do anything because it’s already failed so it won’t try it.
  3. tried port 9012 tpc and udp same thing. so on to my isp now. joy. also the videos ive seen of setting up acc server wants a https fort foward. does this one not need it?
  4. i will try running some different ports for the docker and see what happens. surely not every port is blocked.
  5. Ye. the docker container is using port 9201 so thats been port fowarded internal and external. on tpc and udp. so im not sure what the problem is.
  6. Ive port fowarded 9201 tpc and udp. as thats the port the docker is using. and here the log and the error. thank you.
  7. Hey I wonder if anyone can help. Trying to set up an acc server (Assetto Corsa Competizione) getting a tcp error and something about connecting to server. What did I do wrong?
  8. Hey Dude. on the apps tab on unraid, click on settings and turn Hide Deprecated Applications and Hide Incompatible Applications: to no. then search for nvidia. it will come up. but you do need to run Unraid v6.9.0-beta31
  9. Hey. i have 2 handbrake containers. one of them are hardly on. updated and ive turn it on. connected to webui i had the same code 1006 until F5 the window and it connects. so i guess try that and see what happens.
  10. Hey pretty simple this. on the webui click on file and then prefernces and uncheck use ipod/itunes friendly .m4v
  11. Hey. I could be wrong. Output Directory: is where the files go. if you are using automatioc encoding with the watch folder and changed Automatic Video Converter: Output directory: to /OUTPUT then the files would not have gone anywhere. the directory you add in Output Directory: is /output "This is the default output folder for converted videos. Also used by the automatic video converter. Container path: /output" so inside the docker any auto encodes was looking for /output not /OUTPUT.
  12. Hey. when you mean it freezes. Does it scan. preview 1 of ...... and then get to like preview 3 and top. with the bar stops moving? i think i might have the same problem as you. but its only happening with one video. also mine is .mkv. im gonna assume the codex of the videos handbrake is not liking.
  13. right i cant see anything about a film in the log you sent. check the failed_conversions in the handbrake app data folder.
  14. Hey did you rip the disk or is it a download? Also what film? What happens if you add only the main film .m2ts file into handbrake does it freeze then?