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  1. Hi Jonathanm, this did the trick. thanks a lot for your help. Great 😄
  2. Hi Jonathanm, thanks for your answer. So it looks good to me so the file is there: So the 256GB Drive is still in the server as unassigned device: So there is also the libvirt on it. But could this the issue that I don't see my vm's?
  3. Hi All, after I have changed my cache drive from a 256GB SSD to an 1TB NVMe Drive, my 3 old VM's will not shown anymore, but all data is still on the drives. So I followed this steps to achieve the change: https://wiki.unraid.net/Replace_A_Cache_Drive Any chance to get them back?
  4. Unfortunately not yet. I am a little bit busy at the moment so I haven't found the time to do some research 😞
  5. Ah thanks for that peace of information. Didn't noticed it at all, but my system is really quiet
  6. Hi Octa, so it seems that it helps to save some watts in idle without passthrough the gpu to vm. So I try to find a possibility to script the command after shutting down the vm. When I am succesful with that, I let you know.
  7. Hi Octa, thanks for that tipp. So have you also a Windows VM with GPU passthrough? If yes, did the vm work with this setting active?
  8. Hi scorcho99, i am facing the exact same issue with my build. I am running a nvidia 1080 for my daily driver and gaming windows 10 vm. I have also loaded the "unraid nvidia" plugin, which provides the nvidia driver so the card can be used in docker containers as well. So I can issue the nvidia-smi command on the unraid cli. So there i can see, that the card alone hast an power draw of about 40-45 watt because they sit at Power State 0 (P0), which is the performance powerstate). So the card alone makes 50% of the hole power consumption of the entire system. When i run my windows vm and i issue the same command in the windows cli i can see that the card is in Power State 8 and draws only 12-14 watt, which is not good but okish with two monitors plugged in. Unfurtunaltely i haven't found a way to bring the nvidia card to power state 8 during idling without running a windows vm. So this is really unsatisfing. So any hints / tipps are really desirable.
  9. Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot for this great tipp.
  10. Hi Djoss, me again So is there a possibility to have multiple instances of this docker? Why i am asking? So I would provide a firefox instance for my girlfriend and me, but with only one instance the other person which is connection, will see my session, my bookmarks etc. Anything I can do to achieve this?
  11. Hi Djoss, thank you for this nice container. I really enjoy using it. So I have a question regarding the keyboard layout. Any possiblities to change them to another then the englisch one? Edit: Oh I see that the problem i had, was not firefox / container specific. I opened a tab with guacamole running to open a rdp connection to one of my systems. So I have to set the keyboard layout within the connection profile in guacamole. So sorry for my dump question 😞