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  1. The restart did fix it, but this has been happening more and more often. The issue usually starts with the mongodb docker first. Then any others that get updated will act in the same way. The dockers work until updated or restarted.
  2. After i updated my dockers this morning, they all became unresponisve and would not start. They were also unresponisve if i triedto restart them after the update. Ive attached the diagnostics that i took before i restarted the server.
  3. Im running unraid on a dell server with 128gb of ram. Recently ive been getting out of memory errors almost nightly. I cant track down the issue.
  4. And do you think that’s what’s causing the lockups and the need to restart
  5. My server has been locking up a lot now. It would completely freeze and i would lose complete access from the webgui. When i try accessing the server directly i get broken links on all my dockers and all the user shares arent accessible. I am still able to see the shares but the dockers can not see them. Its gotten to the point where im almost restarting the server every day.
  6. I started getting these errors whenever i use grafana. Anyone else experience this?
  7. Fixed the IPMI issue, increasing the interval and timeout time to 60s and 30s worked. Still having issues with the docker images though.
  8. i dont have the option to open in a new tab, also my ipmi stats arent showing up on the dashboard but the ipmi tool that i downloaded from CA shows the stats, not sure wheres the broken link.
  9. i unseated both ssds and seated them agian. and im still having a lot of issues.
  10. i have two sata ssds attached to a pci-e card. ill reseat both of them and see. thank you.
  11. Sorry i was hoping you can give me any insight to what is happening. The update did not help.
  12. i was able to upgrade to 6.9.1 I am still having the issue where the dockers stops working. It is stuck on the loading and the homepage dosent display anything. Also the only way i found to fix the issue is to stop the array and start it again. Unfortunatly this for some reason also takes over an hour to do when it starts acting this way.
  13. i will look for the link and try to 6.9.1 and see how that goes. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  14. Hello, Sorry i had thought that 6.9.0-rc2 was the newest release. when i look for any new updates to the os, stable or next, it shows me 6.9.0 or 6.9.0rc2 respectivily.
  15. Sorry, i added the diagnostics now. I will add another file once it crashes again. i just rebooted so its working for now.
  16. I upgraded last week to 6.9, and I’ve been having issues with docker. After a few hours it become unresponsive and slows down the whole server. Tried to upgrade to 6.9 rc2 and still having the same issue. I went back to 6.9 official. The docker works after a restart for a few hours then they all disappear from the main page and the docker app just loads and dosent go anywhere. Was hoping there’s an easy fix or something simple I screwed up during the upgrade
  17. Thank you everyone for all your contribution. Cant wait for 1.6. I just had a question. Im running on a dell r710 with ipmi enabled. Accessing my idrac i can see all my system stats, on the dashboard the stats show up but the system temp and system power are only displaying a single variable. Not sure if anyones seen this before or has any experience on adjusting it. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Just seeing if there’s been any updates on this issue?
  19. i have two domain controllers that im trying on, windows server 2016 and windows server 2019. Previous configuration was unraid 6.7.0 and windows server 2016.
  21. I had my unraid server 6.7.0 connected to my domain and it was working fine until i updated to 6.7.2. I even got a new domain controller and it still wont join. I can ping the name and the ip just wont join.