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  1. bingo. that was it. thank you
  2. I seem to have it up and running but it looks like i need to reset up the sharing folders and all the options... essentially it resets back to default every time i restart the container. is there any way for it to retain its settings? what am i doing wrong?
  3. is there a step by step guide for the newbiest of newbs to get soulseek up and running on an unraid docker container?
  4. How do we update to v3 when using the binhex container? will binhex/arch-sonarr:preview work?
  5. Edit: Nevermind. I figured out that I was underpowered using a 550W PSU. Jumped to a 1000W and flawless since. This ever get solved? I've been experiencing similar. Starting to think it's not that I had a bad PSU like I initially thought but that my 550W is maybe underpowered. Or in my case also potentially a bad UPS. Oddly enough I have the same exact UPS as you. I've switched UPSs since last night. It is now sharing the same UPS as my desktop PC for the purposes of trying to isolate the failure point. No reboots since but it's only been about 15 hours. knock on wood. I went ahead and put in an order last night for a 1000w EVGA G+ from B-stock sale to absolutely eliminate underpowering as a possible culprit. New CPU arrives today. I've already replaced 2 motherboards and RMAd the previous EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550w. If none of this helps me solve wtf is going on I'm throwing in the towel and chalking it up to being a walking magnet.
  6. I checked for updates on all my docker containers and updated all before realizing I should have confirmed I wasn’t updating deluge prematurely. Now I’m erroring out everywhere because it’s too new and not whitelisted anywhere. Can I get a step by step guide on how to roll this back?
  7. Is there some version of Deluge that is at "2.0.3-2"? I've got a certain tracker allowing 2.0.3-2 but apparently not 2.0.3 Color me confused.
  8. Sometimes I need to STOP ALL in Docker because I need to do this, that or the other. When I'm done doing what I was doing it'd be nice to have a one button push or at least the option to set the default behavior of the Resume All button to be that it resumes all the containers that were previously running or were toggled to Auto Start as opposed to a blanket ALL. I have certain containers I only start on an as-needed basis but remain stopped as default.
  9. i didnt scour this thread since page one. i can tell you though that the info i posted was not in the video like you claimed.
  10. for people who booted up fine the first time around, decided to give more cores or ram and went back to find the apple logo upper left and weird graphical anomalies try restoring the <os> section of the xml with what was originally there when you first installed. You're welcome. <os> <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-q35-3.1'>hvm</type> <loader readonly='yes' type='pflash'>/mnt/user/domains/MacinaboxCatalina/ovmf/OVMF_CODE.fd</loader> <nvram>/mnt/user/domains/MacinaboxCatalina/ovmf/OVMF_VARS.fd</nvram> </os>
  11. Is it really possible that my motherboard kept rebooting because it's date and time were insanely incorrect? It was not syncing with a time server and it was set to sometime in the early 1900's lol. Perhaps coincidentally since I've corrected the date and time in IPMI I've not had a crash.
  12. I have a Supermicro x9scm-f motherboard and I'm trying to figure out how to get Fan 2 to react to CPU temp. In the IPMI tool I've been able to connect to the ip and have all the sensors read but I'm only getting the Temp sensor option in Fan Control for Auto, System Temp, Peripheral Temp and HDD Temperature. How do I go about getting Fan 2 which is my CPU fan to ramp up based on CPU temp?
  13. The initial install goes great. Editing the VM afterwards to add CPU cores and RAM makes it boot to some display anomaly with distorted loading bars. Looks like some sort of resolution glitch using VNC.