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  1. Hi, I justed started to begin my testings with the latest unRAID 6.9 beta and I wonder if the MakeMKV docker is compatible with it? I have added my optical drive within the extra parameters section: " --device /dev/sr0" The Docker container starts without any errors but MakeMKV do not regognize any optical drive. I have also tested it with " --device /dev/sr0 --device /dev/sg0", but no luck. I can remember that it worked over a year ago with my first tests with unRAID 6.8 but as this caused many bugs with my X570 board and Ryzen 3900X unRAID 6.8 is no option
  2. Hi! Am I blind or where can I download the beta version of unRAID 6.9? I want to test it out if with version 6.9 my unsolved bugs which I had with version 6.8.x in the past. Sorry for the retard question but until last year the beta releases could be downloaded direct on the website and/ or the USB creator application? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! No problem. Thank you very much, anyway. Plugging in the mouse is not possible because its only Wireless mouse with batteries - so no way otherwise I would have tried this out.
  4. Hi! So I tested it with the direct passthrough of the mouse but it seems to be even worse. Sadly with this limitation unRAID does not fit my needs...
  5. Ok I will test it soon. Just thought about it could be a driver issue or something else (?) But I already reinstalled the G-Hub..
  6. Hi thanks for your reply. So far I did not tested it by passing through the mouse itself because this is often mentioned to cause problems.... So I just discard this option for me. On the desktop everything works fine, the problem occurs just in games.
  7. Hi! Last year I already planned to build my 2-in-1 system to get my NAS (with Plex etc.) and my gaming machine in one case... Due lack of compatibility to the new Ryzen 3rd generation (R9 3900X) and the X570 chipset of my Asus Strix E-Gaming I gave up the idea to use unRAID for my usecase.... In the last weeks I tried it again and everything seems to work except for the mouse behaviour in games. I have the same FPS like on a baremetal Windows but my wireless Logitech G603 seems to be not as responsive like on a baremetal Windows. It is very frustrating and I tense up in my elbow
  8. Hi @amstel: Actually I have the same problem with my Logitech G603 (using the USB-dongle). The lag appears just in games which is really annoying. Did you fixed it? As I know that this thread is very old, I appreciate if anyone else has a fix/ solution which worked for him/her
  9. Hi! I also tested the Macinabox Docker on my system (unRAID v6.8.3). Because of my Nvidia card I set up a VM with High Sierra. But I actually have the known weird graphic issues: three little duplicated screens and the Apple logo on the top left.. I tested all the mentioned possible solutions and it still does not work. Can anyone help me please? Below my XML-File: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <domain type='kvm' id='15' xmlns:qemu=''> <name>MacinaboxHighSierra</name> <uuid>61ae6c41-3443-4e64-
  10. Final Update: I just tested Battlefield V the last days and here everything seems to work.. But yesterday and today I tested CPU intensive games like Hunt and PUBG . Regardless if the VM was in Standby/ hibernate or just restarted, the overhead has a massive impact. The mouse is slow and laggy and the CPU is a bottleneck, so the graphics card can not fully boost... So I am done with unRAID there are too much uncertainties with this. I will now run everything within Windows. Anyway thanks for the support in this forum!
  11. Hi! I just installed the OpenVPN-AS Docker and it seems to be not installed completely (?) The log is spammed with: ./run: line 3: /usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts/openvpnas: No such file or directory and of course I cannot access the Web UI for initial setup. The "bin" folder is also missing... I tried to reinstall it for severeal times but no luck. Is the repo actual broken or what is going wrong here? EDIT: Fixed it! I just uninstalled the Docker and then also deleted the folder in /mnt/user/appdata which seems not be automatically deleted when selecting "also remove im
  12. Ok, I switched to the AMD high performance mode but it did not change the behaviour after standby. And yes I know that the server is everytime running but I thought I can save some energy when the Windows KVM is in standby when I am acutally not sitting in front of the PC. Especially when 3/4 of the amount of cores and the graphics card are "switched off" in standby. But actually I did not measured if it make a big difference, yet. EDIT: As a workaround I can just use the hibernate mode instead of "normal" standby. Because of the lack of Windows to keep application windows etc
  13. Okay.. Then I keep an eye on this and hope that the lag does not appear anymore. EDIT: Now I know how to reproduce the lag. Everytime after the VM was in sleep mode I got the lag. Really annoying -.- Is there a chance that this will be fixed by sooner updates of unRAID? Otherwise the VM has to run the whole time and then I just can switch to baremetal Windows and run everything from this...
  14. Hmm. But when I check the graphs in the WebUI over time, I have constantly load on the first core from about 20% and on the second about 15%. And 3-5% on the other threads. And this during Windows is in idle - just chatting or watching Netflix. And of course when the VM is shutdown or in sleep mode the load is gone, so its connected to the VM and nothing else..
  15. Is this not the right term to describe this? The core utilization is higher than the Windows VM actually need. I know the refresh intervall of the task manager and the CPU load overview in unRAIDs WebUI is not perfectly syncronized but a difference up to 30% seems quite high and it get noticeable in games.
  16. @metathiasOk, I updated the CPU Pinning, see the screenshot. Now nothing "blocks" Core 0 and his HT twin. But the Overhead is still there. As you can see: I also tested it with just 6 cores. My idea was because of the Ryzen 3900X which is actually 2 x 6 cores on two dies, maybe thats has an impact. But it doesn't matter, with just 6 cores/ 12 threads the overhead is also present. After the restarts of the VM I also recognized that the impact of the overhead seems to be variable, because after the restart and testing in a game, the lag was not noticeable but t
  17. @bastl There was no overlapping and I thought isolating means the cores are permanently reserved for this specific VM (?) But anyway I pinned the Dockers to specific cores/ threads and it didn't changed anything. Even a restart of the whole server did not help. Yesterday there were also Dockers running in the background like Krusader, Plex, Makemkv.. I don't know what changed overnight. Just the fact, that the file transfer is completed.
  18. Hi! Ok everything seemed to work so far, until today... Yesterday the file transfer was running and gaming in the Windows KVM was no issue. Today I set up some Docker-Apps and recognized an overhead in the Windows KVM. I just tested Battelfield V and moving the mouse was lagging as hell... It is no GPU issue, I have constantly about 90-100 fps in this game, as I had before on the baremetal system. Yesterday I already set up the CPU isolation for the gaming VM and also used the "MSI tool". Actually I have no idea why the overhead is now present or rather so intense. Should I try to
  19. Hi! I scanned my music folder and it missed some songs. How can I figure out which files are corrupted or not readable? Actual it left out three songs. When I connect to iTunes it seems to be that seven songs are missing.
  20. Ah ok. So I got you right. Thats the way I have done it the whole time. EDIT: Ok sometimes solutions are that easy that you cant see them at first sight.🙈 I have higher quality active speakers which I normally plugged in via optical cable. Besides that they have normal AUX and USB! So I just use them via USB now and have sound in my VM! For now I let the machine running and let unRAID finish the Parity-Sync and hope that everything runs stable. After that I can kick on the big media file transfer..
  21. Sorry I don't get it. What do you mean? For the USB controllers I used the XML view. And for the soundcard I used the Web UI. So you think I should try it here also with the XML view? Anyway I will check out soundcards these days...
  22. Yes I need them. I want to use hot plug with USB devices and I have a dedicated Ethernet for the VM and for the unRAID Server. And with the USB controller I had no problems so far.
  23. Thats an argument . But well the problem with the onboard sound is more important to fix and if I buy an PCI Soundcard then I first have to find a card that fits my needs.
  24. I want everything in one case and I just need it for Makemkv. Yeah I know there are some Docker versions of Makemkv but I also "cross-read" about some weird problems.