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  1. We can close this later I tried on my phone and it worked so I think it was something on my main pc. I rebooted that today and everything seems to be working now. Sorry about that guys.
  2. Here is the requested file.
  3. Everything was working fine today and then all of a sudden I cant get to the unraid web interface or any of my docker web interfaces. The only one working is the plex server. Can someone please help me on this issue? I can ssh to the box and did a reboot that way but that did not fix the issue.
  4. All my tests were from the WAN. If I goto the IP:8082 like I have setup in the configuration from the LAN it works just fine. Maybe I just need to have people come in via port 8082 and not try to redirect port 80 outside to port 8082 inside.
  5. I searched but could not find anything but im not 100% sure its the dockers issue or not. I have a simple php page that will list out files and directories onto a page with links. I set the port on the docker to be 8082 and i have my sophos firewall forwarding all port 80 traffic to the unraid server ip port 8082. The issue is the links on my page look like they would be going to website/directory but it is for some reason trying to goto website:8082/directory. If i let it break and clear out the port it works. Any ideas why i would be seeing this? Sorry this is my first time dealing wit
  6. Looks like I am all fixed just did a reboot after upgrading to RC7 and it came back up no problem. That is the first time that has ever happened since i got this thing running. Thanks for all the help guys.
  7. Well i think with everything i did this weekend I might have fixed my issue with networking. I plan on updating my server to RC6 tomorrow and will update the thread then.
  8. Really not trying to play dumb but i dont see Network Rules anywhere. I think i just found it
  9. Is that done in the network-rules.cfg?
  10. So question for you guys on this. I have a new switch and a dual port 10g network card coming this weekend. Is it as easy as just shutting down removing the 2 cards i have now and installing the new card or do i have to do a reload of unraid to get it working? My plan is just to do a active/passive with the two 10g links as i will never need more then that lol
  11. My goal in the end is to have 4-1gb ports into one interface which is why i did the bond. I might start looking for a 10gb card since my new switch has 4 10gb ports on it.
  12. I have a cisco WS-C2960S-48FPD-L and i know that i have 4 ports that are configured in a port channel but not sure the settings on that had a buddy configure it for me. I also cant get into the enable to view the configuration now for some reason which is why I am in the process of configuring a Cisco 3850 switch to replace this one.
  13. Using my firewall which is pfSense right now getting ready to move over to a Sophos XG 210. Everything is configured correctly like i said i have many things on my network and have not had any issues with them getting an address.
  14. So I watch it boot up and it shows me it has the 169 IP. Sometimes I wait and see if the web comes up but if it does not then I will log into the console to see what is going on. I think it has something to do with the bond but not sure how to prove that or get rid of the bond totally.
  15. Ok here is the diag from the console.