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  1. Any possibilities to get a working realtime GUI for the plugin? I want to monitor the current transfers etc.. Also i want the ability to manage users and close connections / file transfers. What possibilties are available?
  2. upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.8.0. No issues until now. GJ!
  3. so uhm... where do i find the config file? id like to set the ftp and its users to read only.
  4. Hello there, i tried multiple times to setup my plex server (with different docker versions) and come to the same error at the end. The Installation is working fine. The problem starts when i want to login in the webUI. i login with my Plex Account and get the error that i dont have access to the server and i should ensure that i logged in with the right user that has the previliges to do so. I put up an reddit Post here where i go deeper into the detail with screenshots and logs. Youre my only hope. I tried the official Plex docker and now im sitting at the binhex one. Send hel
  5. Hi guys, im pretty new with unraid. So i installed the docker, and so on. Everythings worked fine, but then, when i go to the web UI, i can login with my plex account. After that, i get the message: Access denied! the server denies access. please make sure that you are logged in as a user with access rights to this server. I'm not able to configure the server itself, nor to claim it. I feel lost here, and could use a hand.