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  1. I know, I was just reacting to acpi_enforce_resources=lax working for someone on 5.9 with X570 and not for me. I stated that NerdPack is not working as a possible related cause. By installing this beta I was hoping to get full sensor support on my Asus TUF X570, but this seems not to be as easy as I thought.
  2. Unfortunately, that did not work on my Asus TUF X570... output of sensors is still : k10temp-pci-00c3 Adapter: PCI adapter MB Temp: +44.5°C (high = +70.0°C) CPU Temp: +54.5°C But I also have a problem with the NerdPack Plugin endlessly "retrieving plugin information ..." and perl seems to be missing (sensors-detect gives the error -bash: /usr/sbin/sensors-detect: /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directoryrelated) so this is mayby why. And for now I have no clue on how to get the NerdPack back on working.
  3. I've just did the procedure (successfully) on a Catalina VM with APFS formated vdisk.img sitting on a SSD (nVme). But, is this command (sudo trimforce enable) still relevant in this situation ? I'm reading confusing things about this and because its a VM, I'm even more clueless.
  4. So, just to answer myself (and maybe help some other lost people), i solved my problem with this comment : I had a look at my syslog (yeah, I know : "look there first") and I saw : kernel: vfio-pci 0000:09:00.0: BAR 3: can't reserve [mem 0xe0000000-0xe1ffffff 64bit pref] as I was trying to GT 710... So I search, and found the comment above. And voilà ! (still do not know what I'm doing)
  5. Hi ! I would recommend this read :
  6. Hi guys ! And welcome to another question... I've read all this topic and all I could find elsewhere. I watched multiple time many of Spaceinvaderone's video and in a last resort I'm turning to the community for help. So. I have : Ryzen7, X570, GT710 slot1, GTX780 slot2. My W10 vm runs fine with either of the two GPU passed through (for the GT710 I load the ROM I found (and trimmed) on TechPowerUp). For both card, I use the HDMI output. After installing CATALINA thanks to @SpaceInvaderOne I have a running OSX. I could even passthrough my GTX 780 without any tweaks
  7. Soo... i'm digging up this topic because I do too face the same problem. I would like that my running VM's are put to hibernate before Unraid goes to sleep (either via pressing the button or the Dynamix S3 Sleep plugin). I'm searching the forum for a solution but with no luck.