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  1. It said catalina with mine too, but was Big Sur.
  2. Had the same problem -- you have to rm -r the /custom_ovmf/ folder and start over. Worked for me.
  3. I likely have a similar issue; following for (moral) support.
  4. Thanks! This helped me too!
  5. Now reporting in that ssh and web GUI times out. Server unresponsive. I will have to hard reset. vms are stopped.
  6. Well it seems that macinabox was the culprit. Loads went down to normal after stopping, though I had to force stop the VM. Started the windows VM and no issues with CPU. I am noticing slow speeds on docker update checks. All containers show update though updater indicates latest image. Perhaps this needs another thread, but thought I would note it.
  7. Looking at 75% of cores hitting 100% under non load and unavailable from anything other than local lan due to response times. Temp spikes into 70C.