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  1. I have upgrade since my last post gentleman! I am slowly but surely making my way to the 3 digit club! Last time I posted I was at 32Tb and was pretty much almost full. Now with this last round of upgrades I am sitting at 70TB. These are all Western Digital Reds. I updated the Parity drive to 12TB and as for the rest of the array 1x 12TB, 1x 10TB, 4x 8TB, and 4x 4TB Drives! My next plan is to move to a real 4U 24 Bay hot swappable server chassis!
  2. Disable your C-State I was having the same issues with my GPU dropping off and after I did this the issue went away.
  3. No, this is just how much RAM the system had. All the parts on my UnRAID server are actually my old system parts since I recently upgraded my personal machine. My old UnRAID server was an Intel 3770K with 16GB of RAM. 😁
  4. Anyone know where to find instructions on how to get this working with the ASRock motherboards? I noticed that it says there needs to be a kernel patch and that is above my knowledge 😄 so if anyone has an easy idiots guide to get this working please let me know. I'd like to get the RGBs on my memory modules, and CPU fan working right.
  5. I am just running Nginx to host my site. With the help of one of my webdev friends we were able to build it, but I mainly use it to host pictures as I am a heavy user on certain car forums with a lot of write ups. I use to use Photobucket but suck really bad now. So I moved all my photos to my site and re-linked them. I wasn't trying to do anything like full frontend photography thing. It was more interested in the backend of things and being able to access them.
  6. I ended up going a whole complete new route! 😄 I transferred my domain off of GoDaddy to CloudFlare and setup the CloudFlare-DDNS docker. Also got NGINX Proxy Manager configured as well as Binhex-Nginx and ended up self hosting my site so I am good to go!
  7. Where are you when you are away from home on WiFi ... sounds like a local WiFi issue maybe they have rules blocking streaming??
  8. Have you tried going back to the old version that was working before? You can see all the releases here so if you remember which one you were on before when it was working you can go back to that version. So lets say that version was the last version that worked with your kernel if you open your container settings you would just put the version you want. If your Synology allows that of course.
  9. So thanks to a helpful tip I was able to see that I had some orphaned images. Once I deleted the images utilization returned back to normal levels. But I am going to increase the size of the image a little bit since I am running a lot more dockers now.
  10. I've been searching for an answer as to why I am getting these warnings. They started cropping up today but I can't pinpoint what cause the utilization to go up. I honestly would not be able to tell you what it was the last few days as it's something I never paid attention to. The only thing different that I did today was install Calibre and Calibre-Web. There are only a handful of e-books in the library as well. I know there has been mention of some download clients holding on to data but my cache drive is pretty much empty. I store my Appdata and download folders on the cache pool. Is there a way to find out which docker is taking up all the space or causing this issue? I found the container size button and this is what I pull up ... is it normal for onlyoffice to be 2.77gb and Krusader to be 1.92gb ??
  11. What is your internal IP Network set to? Because it's supposed to match to what you are using. So if you are not using then it's not going to work.
  12. It's the one right below where it says pia ... the VPN Client is what you are going to change from OPENVPN to Wireguard. You are going to get speeds way faster speeds on wireguard then on OPENVPN. But like I said you are going to want to test different endpoints as well to see which one is going to be the fastest one for you!
  13. This fixed my issue with Sonarr ... I didn't know that there was a V3 for BinHex. Doe anyone know how to change the icon? 😂
  14. It's super EASY ... go to the container settings and edit where it says OPENVPN to Wireguard. You will see a new folder called WireGaurd in the docker folder. Inside you are going to see a wg0 config file open it and add the endpoint you want to use then just save the file and restart the docker. make sure you add the :1337 at the end I would install the speedtest CLI in the container and test diff endpoints to see which one is going to be the best for you open the terminal window from the docker and run the following pacman -S speedtest-cli and then just run speedtest-cli from the prompt to check your speeds.