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  1. Very glad to see this and frankly it restores my confidence in unraid (the software and the community as a inseparable whole). Hope this situation ends up making things even better.
  2. This is sad, very sad only. unRAID is a unique product, but it's the community what really makes it shines. As a ordinary user, what really makes me feel safe is not that i'm running a perfect piece of software(it's not, no software will ever be), but having a reliable community always have my back when I'm in trouble, and constantly making things better. I'm not in a place to judge, but I do see some utterly poor communications. This could have been a happy day yet we are seeing the beginning of a crack. Guess who gets hurt? LOYAL USERS! Guess w
  3. I'm getting the same error too. Have you solved it?
  4. Hi, This is my first post, I must say thank you for the great product, I've been using unraid for the past few months and am very happy with it. Yesterday I replaced my cache drive with a bigger capacity one. Followed SpaceInvaderOne's tutorial to do so and it was uneventful. Also I removed a deticated download drive that was attached using unassigned plugin, and moved all downloads back to the cache drive. It all seemed fine. Then after an hour the gui crashed, sshed into the server and found the php upstream was crashed, restarted the php-fpm and gui went